survey data

  1. E

    How many surveys needed to reach the target percentage?

    EMPLOYEE NAME SURVEYS POSITIVE SURVEYS NEGATIVE SURVEYS CURRENT PERCENTAGE TARGET PERCENTAGE POSITIVE SURVEYS NEEDED E1 42 50% 75% If positive surveys vs negative surveys count as 9 positive surveys is equal to or gets canceled by 1 negative survey. With the given data above, how many...
  2. Z

    Weighted Average

    Hi, I have survey data that have 3 questions for each manager, and what I need is to get the weighted average of Favorable Percent for all of these 3 question for each manager. Can you tell me how can I accomplish that? Below is a sample table of the data, knowing that some employees they...
  3. R

    Correlation Meaning of Survey Data

    Hey, So I calculated a survey average based off of 10 questions asked scored 1-10. I have 2,000 surveys and took the correlation of each individual score vs the total average scores. What does this tell me? What do the results mean? Is this a way to measure impact? Example: Total Score...
  4. S

    Transfer of likert-scale survey results into new worksheet (master list)

    Hello Community, I am familiar with basic EXCEL functions but a totally newbie when it comes to VBA or macros. However, I'd like to prepare the following data collection tool for a study project. Introduction: I'd like to prepare an organizational survey with EXCEL. Since managers have chronic...
  5. D

    Making fractions across survey data

    Hello Community, I am making a report displaying survey data. There are scalar questions, multi questions, and categorical questions. I'd like to make fractions across these questions in one table using DAX measures. I'd like to know the percentage of replies on both categorical and multi...
  6. E

    Survey Data. Is this a pivot or a subtotal?

    I have looked at this data for too long. :eeek: Here is my survey data: Team Name Q1 Q2 Q3 Alpha Yes Yes Yes Alpha Yes No Yes Beta Yes Yes Yes Beta Yes No Yes Beta No No No I'd like to total the number of Yes/No responses for each team for each question...
  7. C

    Extract from Survey Data

    Hi everyone, I have a huge question survey data and I was told to summarize the survey and give useful information. However, there is to many column (question)(from column T to RTG) with participants of 49. I hope you guys can guide me the best way to get the information. A million thanks...
  8. S

    Survey data organizing and analysis

    Hello all, I have a bunch of 360° survey data from Google Forms in the following format: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 Timestamp Name of the survey subject Your relationship to the survey subject Works quickly when faced with difficult problems Analyzes issues and reduces them to...
  9. D

    Data summary using Index or countif

    I have a survey questionairre which asked for one or multiple answers. Now I need to summarize the date and facing the belwo issue: The question was asked to select one or more of the below options: <tbody> Options <tbody> AMER </tbody> <tbody> APAC </tbody> <tbody>...
  10. H

    Cross Tabulating Multi Response Survey Data In Excel (Data Structure)

    I have some survey data in excel that I am trying to cross tabulate, and I am having trouble making this work. Below is a sample of the data, both in text and numerical form. I’m not sure how to structure the data so that I can pivot the questions and corresponding answers. The biggest issue...
  11. T

    Using checkbox responses to generate a new tab with data referenced from a second tab-macro?

    Hi, ***I WANTED TO ATTACH A SPREADSHEET TO THIS POST BUT COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW? THIS WILL BE NEEDED FOR YOU KIND FOLK TO HELP WITH THE POST :-) thanks!! I have a spreadsheet (couldn't figure out how to attach it?) where the user takes a survey (see "Prioritize" tab) to generate results (see...
  12. B

    Countif based on range in other column

    I'm writing an electronic survey on excel as per my employer's request. If the respondent clicks "fail", I don't want to count any of the "pass" responses for a particular section. I'm currently counting the repsonses as so: =COUNTIF(E33:E42,"x") That section of the survey looks like this...
  13. M

    Pivot Table Excel 07 - change value field/formula for group of rows

    Hello - I am working with a set of survey data (503 responses to 237 questions) and creating cross-tabs in excel. Rather than using "sum" to look at the totals, I actually want the average of the data and in some cases, the count. It is incredibly time consuming to change each row inidividually...

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