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    Counting the repeating values and displaying with alphanumeric symbols

    Hello, I am not sure if this can be done with a formula, but if it is, I would appreciate the help. I have a set of data some of which can be repeated several times in the same row. And if the values are repeated, I'd like them to be displayed with alphanumeric symbols. For example, If data...
  2. D

    Complex lookup (newest and oldest data points)

    In column A on sheet Calcs I have a distinct list of ticker symbols. On another tab "SQL Dump" I have a much larger data set with all the same ticker symbols but multiple occurances of the symbols (5yrs of monthly data points for each symbol). The formula I want to build starting on the Calcs...
  3. E

    Text to column formula

    Hello, I am looking for a way to extract a number from a string or text, symbols and numbers. For example I have the following in A1 {Low:”100″,medium:”300″,high:”5000″} I would like to take the low number in A2, the medium number in A3 and the high number in A4. I have tried a series of...
  4. M

    Insert Greek letter alphabet Symbols

    Hi, I am using excel 2010. When I go to "insert -> symbols" I have the option of "fonts" but I don't have the drop-down to the right called "subset". How can this be added? I think I need this to insert Greek letters like gamma. Thanks
  5. P

    Remove symbols

    Hi all, I would like to remove symbols ~-* in col. "A" using VBA as my below extract. Sch. 1 shows the original data and sch. 2 is the expected result. Thanking you in advance <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:10678;width:219pt" width="292"> </colgroup><tbody>...
  6. M

    Replace symbols from text string

    I have a column of text strings which some contain the ˜ ™ € Â and/or â symbols. I though using the Chr function within VBA would work but it doesn;t seem to. Can anyone help with what I need to do replace these characters/symbols from the text strings? TIA
  7. S

    Loop through symbols at

    Hi, I'm trying to do a loop though all found symbols at when using an ISIN code as key. I'm doing it as a web scrape and my code looks like this: Sub ScrapeYahoo() Dim IE As MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 Dim HTMLdoc As MSHTML.HTMLDocument Dim Databag As Object Set IE = New...
  8. J

    Trend Arrows

    Hi All I'm creating a dashboard for reporting the sites performance and I would like to add a trend Arrow (Up, Down or Flat) What I want to do is trend the previous collected data points performance and visually see if there is an improvement: i:e Data points could be Months of the yr completed...
  9. T

    Symbol alignment in mulitple cells

    I use an excel sheet to track the development of personal during training. I used multi colored triangles to track progress day to day and month to month. I have always had trouble aligning the triangles in each cell so that it appears to be in the middle of the cells. Is there an alignment tool...
  10. H

    trying to add a new symbol for command but don't like my choices

    I am just now learning macros and creating my own tabs and commands in tabs. I saw that when I rename a custom command, I can issue a symbol, but I would like to create a symbol and use them instead of the generic list. Is that an option or am I trying too hard? Thank you for your help. I...
  11. D

    Auto correct and special characters

    Under Excel Options, Proofing, Auto Correct Options, I cannot enter the special character for the small triangle used to denote "delta". Any ideas? I getting tired of selecting symbols all the time. Thanks Tom
  12. V

    How to remove symbols( positive and negative) from alphanumeric numbers?

    How to remove symbols( positive and negative) from alphanumeric numbers?
  13. L

    Explanation of Excel Vocab and Symbols / Wild Cards - $ ~ ' etc

    Does someone have a good resource on learning Excel Vocabulary, symbols, wild cards, etc? I have learned many of them in passing, but I would like to have a reference of everything Excel uses as far as arbitrary characters and words (e.g. Concatenate, really? is that a real word?)
  14. F

    Changing Currency Symbol based on cell value - unicode symbols

    Depending on the 3 digit currency code entered in cell K9 I need to be able to format a range of cells (F18:L25) to reflect the currency used. For currencies such as USD or EUR, where there is a key on the keyboard to use I have no problems. Nor is it a problem for currencies that use western...
  15. K

    Syntax for 'Any Number'. Replace with "/". VBA

    Hi, I have a list of data with a mix of text, numbers and symbols in excel, such as: 'Quick Turn 15, 18, 20, 200 Dual Turn 20 8 Station, 8 Position QT Nexus 150/200/250/300/350 SQT 200, 250 12 Station, 12 Position QT Smart 150S / 300 / 350' (note this is an example of what is contained in a...
  16. J

    Symbols for Macro Buttons - Ribbon Customization

    Dear All, Is it possible to edit and/or add extra symbols for the macro buttons? I mean to extended what the pallet offers Cutomsie Ribbon > Rename (As it is used to be before ribbon age with the ultra primitive built in symbol editor) Many thanks in advance,
  17. S

    Inserting a symbol in a cell using VBA

    So I have a pop up form and there is a check box that person filling in the information has to check or leave unchecked if the pressure vessel is active or not. And if it is active I want it to insert the symbol below <TABLE style="WIDTH: 48pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0...
  18. D

    Insert symbols to buttons

    Does anyone know how to insert a special character or symbol to a caption button? In the character map of the Windows System Tools, I want to insert a triangle. The code, I think, is U+25B2. How do I convert this map code so it can be displayed on a toggle or button?
  19. M

    Saving Autocorrect settings between sessions?

    I like to define keyboard shortcuts for several symbols I often use. My computer is currently running both Excel 2003 and 2007. I was able to save my list of shortcuts in the 2007 version, such that each time I open a new workbook all the shortcuts were in place, but I can't seem to save...
  20. W

    Data Validation for symbols

    I have a spreadsheet that creates a named file using data entered into a field. For a hypothetical example, people can put their favorite car in A2 and, when the macro is run, it will SAVE AS the spreadsheet and name it with the value of A2. Problem is, some folks don't follow instructions and...

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