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    Tick and cross symbols in same cell based on formula

    In cell A1 I have a formula which comes up with either 0 or a number greater than 0. In cell B1 I want: 1. A tick symbol to appear if A1=0 2. A cross symbol to appear if A1 >0 Not sure how to do it or what formual would allow this as I have never dealt with symbols in formulas? Can this be done?
  2. D

    What do the @ symbols do in formulas

    What do the @ symbols do in excel formulas? The names are table column headers =[@Rate]*([@MinHours]+[@AddHour]) What would happen if the @ symbols were not included?
  3. A

    Creating Variables with VBA, maybe?!

    Hi All, I have a macro that takes a download from our asset manager and sorts & processes into our report form but I hit a wall with reinvestment's. I can sort them to a space but I'm not sure how to do sumif or something else to sum the reinvestment's per symbol in each account, e.g., no...
  4. M

    number plus alpha character plus symbol custom format

    I need to create a custom cell format as follows: Example: 17a > This custom format would only require me to enter for example 6c OR 23d OR 3f OR 17a OR whatever #a OR whatever #b OR whatever #c etc. etc. etc. Do you get the picture? Before the need for an alpha character this was simple...
  5. C

    How to add more IPA symbols along with their position in a Graph in an existing template

    Hi I have two questions: 1. How can I add more IPA symbols to this existing temple along with their plotting. 2. How can I add more speakers data in the same template. The supporting video link is as under: I wrote many times to the Author/ creator of...
  6. E

    Typing Statistical Symbols like X̅ in Excel

    How to a write statistical symbols like X-bar, X̅, in Excel. I also want to write Y-bar and d-bar. I am using Excel 16.29 on a Mac. eddiev10025
  7. D

    What's the fast way to do this?

    Whats the fastest way to remove all the symbols in a column of data in access? I only want the numbers and letters to be in my data. My database is about 4 million records and one of the fields in the records is a catalog number and I want to remove all the symbols in the catalog number in...
  8. M

    Special symbols/font in data validation

    I have a specialist font for garment care symbols (Medium iron, do no wash, dry clean only, etc) which I need to show in a drop down. The font I have installed shows the actual symbols in the cell but when the drop down is clicked it shows the alphanumeric characters (t, f, x ,!, etc). Is...
  9. D

    Transfer of data divided into chunks from one file to multiple files.

    Hello everyone, I have multiple destination workbooks each one with a list of 100 symbols (one symbol per cell) in column A starting from cell A25. I have also file "Source.csv" with a list of 2000+ symbols in column B starting from B2. To copy and paste all 2000+ symbols in the column of a...
  10. D

    Easiest way to recreate all named ranges / copy them to a new file

    Over a couple years, I think a large file that I've created has become corrupt or bloated, and I'm recreating it from scratch in a new .xlsm document. I don't want any vestiges of the old file to remain (since I want the 'cleanest' new file possible). 1) I first Find/Replaced all of the '='...
  11. H

    Using conditional formatting to identify if a cell contains any symbols

    Hi, Hoping someone can help. Does anyone know if I can use conditional formatting to flag a cell that contains any symbols that are not alpha or numeric. For example if cell A1 = ABC,123 I want it to fill the cell in red Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
  12. R

    How to sum up the values of the working schedule symbols from a range that matching the value legend for these characters

    I have a shift schedule with symbol and legend with duration value of each shift symbol. I want to summarize the value corresponding to the symbols for each employee. Now I use: =COUNTIF($D5:$AH5;$A$13)*($N$13*24)+COUNTIF(D5:AH5;$A$14)*($N$14*24)+COUNTIF(D5:AH5;$A$15)*($N$15*24) where D5:AH5 is...
  13. K

    Excel Time Conversion Process Question

    Hello, I know how to convert time say ET to MT but my question is on the process on WHY Excel does what it does. Example: A1 you have ET and B1 you have the MT formula conversion. Using this simple formula will work, but not for all time frames: =A1-"02:00" It can do AM to AM and PM to AM: IE...
  14. S

    Getting Custom Icons into Excel

    Can anyone help me get custom symbols into Excel without using a third party software? I want to add a macro to the ribbon with a custom symbol. When you add it, you have the option of renaming it which pops up a symbol box that can be assigned to the macro. Should I just save the image in a...
  15. D

    How to produce concatenated cell drawing from a changing source range

    See image below. I have several groupings of stock symbols -- the group they belong to changes on a daily basis, so the GROUP value in column A will change regularly. I want a formula that will produce the values in cells E2, E3, and other words, I want all of the symbols in "Group 1"...
  16. P

    macro delete first three symbols

    <tbody> 51U Black Cloth Headliner 731 Burl Walnut Wood Trim P17 Keyless-Go </tbody> Hi, I couldn't find good macros to delete firs three symbols from cell (51U, 731, ).. its not always the same symbols... I was trying a lot off different macros and always something is wrong :( any...
  17. A


    i'm having trouble with Json.count,,, heres my sub: Sub chart() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False If Worksheets("chart").ChartObjects.Count > 0 Then Worksheets("chart").ChartObjects.Delete End If Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Dim...
  18. J

    Icon Sets

    Can someone help me with this? I need results to be a green down arrow when A is smaller that C A&C are equal... a yellow sideways arrow A is bigger than C ... a red up arrow <tbody> A B C 50 result would be a green down arrow 100 100 result would be a yellow side ways arrow 100 100...
  19. C

    countifs, match and index with variable criteria

    Hi, I have the following formula which works fine (refers to pic below) =COUNTIFS(INDEX(B4:H25,0,MATCH(J8,B3:H3,0)),K8,INDEX(B4:H25,0,MATCH(J9,B3:H3,0)),K9) In its current format the formula reads cells K8 & K9 as fixed values but I want to be able to use > >= < etc. on these values. The best...
  20. D

    Can you smart people make my query do more than one symbol at a time?

    I made this query to remove symbols from my data but it only removes one symbol at a time - is there a way to make it remove two or three symbols at a time? (Not a string - but "& or % or #" kind of thing). Replace([PDW]![NOSYMCAT],"+","") Where the plus sign is in the formula above - that;s...

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