1. gravanoc

    Formula bar cow vs. sheet cow dilemma

    I would like my cow symbol to look like it does in the formula bar, and not the way it looks on the sheet. Ex. 1: Cow in yellow highlight desirable, unhighlighted cow is trash. I do not know why the cow symbol is deceptive, but it is not the only one. Behold. Ex. 2: House with garden Now...
  2. S

    Tick and cross symbols in same cell based on formula

    In cell A1 I have a formula which comes up with either 0 or a number greater than 0. In cell B1 I want: 1. A tick symbol to appear if A1=0 2. A cross symbol to appear if A1 >0 Not sure how to do it or what formual would allow this as I have never dealt with symbols in formulas? Can this be done?
  3. D

    What do the @ symbols do in formulas

    What do the @ symbols do in excel formulas? The names are table column headers =[@Rate]*([@MinHours]+[@AddHour]) What would happen if the @ symbols were not included?
  4. A

    Creating Variables with VBA, maybe?!

    Hi All, I have a macro that takes a download from our asset manager and sorts & processes into our report form but I hit a wall with reinvestment's. I can sort them to a space but I'm not sure how to do sumif or something else to sum the reinvestment's per symbol in each account, e.g., no...
  5. MrDB4Excel

    number plus alpha character plus symbol custom format

    I need to create a custom cell format as follows: Example: 17a > This custom format would only require me to enter for example 6c OR 23d OR 3f OR 17a OR whatever #a OR whatever #b OR whatever #c etc. etc. etc. Do you get the picture? Before the need for an alpha character this was simple...
  6. C

    How to add more IPA symbols along with their position in a Graph in an existing template

    Hi I have two questions: 1. How can I add more IPA symbols to this existing temple along with their plotting. 2. How can I add more speakers data in the same template. The supporting video link is as under: I wrote many times to the Author/ creator of...
  7. E

    Typing Statistical Symbols like X̅ in Excel

    How to a write statistical symbols like X-bar, X̅, in Excel. I also want to write Y-bar and d-bar. I am using Excel 16.29 on a Mac. eddiev10025
  8. D

    What's the fast way to do this?

    Whats the fastest way to remove all the symbols in a column of data in access? I only want the numbers and letters to be in my data. My database is about 4 million records and one of the fields in the records is a catalog number and I want to remove all the symbols in the catalog number in...
  9. M

    Special symbols/font in data validation

    I have a specialist font for garment care symbols (Medium iron, do no wash, dry clean only, etc) which I need to show in a drop down. The font I have installed shows the actual symbols in the cell but when the drop down is clicked it shows the alphanumeric characters (t, f, x ,!, etc). Is...
  10. D

    Transfer of data divided into chunks from one file to multiple files.

    Hello everyone, I have multiple destination workbooks each one with a list of 100 symbols (one symbol per cell) in column A starting from cell A25. I have also file "Source.csv" with a list of 2000+ symbols in column B starting from B2. To copy and paste all 2000+ symbols in the column of a...
  11. D

    Easiest way to recreate all named ranges / copy them to a new file

    Over a couple years, I think a large file that I've created has become corrupt or bloated, and I'm recreating it from scratch in a new .xlsm document. I don't want any vestiges of the old file to remain (since I want the 'cleanest' new file possible). 1) I first Find/Replaced all of the '='...
  12. H

    Using conditional formatting to identify if a cell contains any symbols

    Hi, Hoping someone can help. Does anyone know if I can use conditional formatting to flag a cell that contains any symbols that are not alpha or numeric. For example if cell A1 = ABC,123 I want it to fill the cell in red Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
  13. R

    How to sum up the values of the working schedule symbols from a range that matching the value legend for these characters

    I have a shift schedule with symbol and legend with duration value of each shift symbol. I want to summarize the value corresponding to the symbols for each employee. Now I use: =COUNTIF($D5:$AH5;$A$13)*($N$13*24)+COUNTIF(D5:AH5;$A$14)*($N$14*24)+COUNTIF(D5:AH5;$A$15)*($N$15*24) where D5:AH5 is...
  14. K

    Excel Time Conversion Process Question

    Hello, I know how to convert time say ET to MT but my question is on the process on WHY Excel does what it does. Example: A1 you have ET and B1 you have the MT formula conversion. Using this simple formula will work, but not for all time frames: =A1-"02:00" It can do AM to AM and PM to AM: IE...
  15. S

    Getting Custom Icons into Excel

    Can anyone help me get custom symbols into Excel without using a third party software? I want to add a macro to the ribbon with a custom symbol. When you add it, you have the option of renaming it which pops up a symbol box that can be assigned to the macro. Should I just save the image in a...
  16. D

    How to produce concatenated cell drawing from a changing source range

    See image below. I have several groupings of stock symbols -- the group they belong to changes on a daily basis, so the GROUP value in column A will change regularly. I want a formula that will produce the values in cells E2, E3, and other words, I want all of the symbols in "Group 1"...
  17. P

    macro delete first three symbols

    <tbody> 51U Black Cloth Headliner 731 Burl Walnut Wood Trim P17 Keyless-Go </tbody> Hi, I couldn't find good macros to delete firs three symbols from cell (51U, 731, ).. its not always the same symbols... I was trying a lot off different macros and always something is wrong :( any...
  18. A


    i'm having trouble with Json.count,,, heres my sub: Sub chart() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False If Worksheets("chart").ChartObjects.Count > 0 Then Worksheets("chart").ChartObjects.Delete End If Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet Dim...
  19. J

    Icon Sets

    Can someone help me with this? I need results to be a green down arrow when A is smaller that C A&C are equal... a yellow sideways arrow A is bigger than C ... a red up arrow <tbody> A B C 50 result would be a green down arrow 100 100 result would be a yellow side ways arrow 100 100...
  20. C

    countifs, match and index with variable criteria

    Hi, I have the following formula which works fine (refers to pic below) =COUNTIFS(INDEX(B4:H25,0,MATCH(J8,B3:H3,0)),K8,INDEX(B4:H25,0,MATCH(J9,B3:H3,0)),K9) In its current format the formula reads cells K8 & K9 as fixed values but I want to be able to use > >= < etc. on these values. The best...

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