tab key

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    TabKey to CommandBox

    I'm sure its in one of these threads somewhere, but I couldn't find a working answer. Here's what I got... Active cell is G8. User will enter a name and press "Tab". Target Cell is A10. But I want it to automatically select a commandBox (Cmnd1) or open a userform (PRForm1) instead of selecting...
  2. R

    Tab Key entering tab value into textbox Instead of tabbing to next field

    I have this strange intermittent problem where the tab key starts putting tabs into the text in the textbox instead of moving the focus to the next field. I can't find a way to reproduce the problem so it has ben very difficult to track down. It seems to have a mind of it's own. Has anyone else...
  3. C

    TabKey (Tabbing within a field instead of next text box) HELP!! PLease

    Hello All I have a user form with txtboxes and combox boxes in excel . I am having issues with the tab key function sometimes it tabs to the next box as its supposed to but then sometimes it tabs within a txtbox instead of going on over to the next box?? Its driving me crazy I am not sure whats...
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    How to tab from Cells to Buttons on Protected Sheet

    I basically have a lookup form/sheet. You enter a ZIP Code in the designated cell then click a "go" button and it gives a bunch of info from the ZIP entered. (Sidenote that may or may not matter: the entire sheet is Protected except for the 1 cell to enter a ZIP Code) My issue is that after...
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    Navigate to an Option button using Tab key

    I have created an Excel file with a Protected sheet. The Sheet contains an 'Option button'. I want to move to an 'Option' using Tab key from a cell. How to navigate (select) to an Option button from another cell (unlocked) when the sheet is protected.
  6. H

    2 Combo Boxes, using TAB to change active

    I'm currently using 2 combo boxes setup from this website In column B, I'm using it to pull from a list of names. I'm looking to be able to TAB from column B, to column C were I have a list of positions. I've tried inserting more code under the...
  7. 0

    ENTER or TAB key to trigger event in UserForm

    This code is working perfectly when the ENTER key is used. My user would like to use the TAB key most times since she uses the tab key on her primary program and it has become a habit. I have multiple folks using this program and some want the ENTER key and some the TAB key. Can this code be...
  8. V

    Tab Key usage

    I have always been able to use the tab key to go right to the next cell. However, at this new job, new computer, same Excel 2007, the tab key goes from column A to column V. Is there a way to change this? Thank you, I am desperate!
  9. W

    Tab movement

    I do not know what I did, but now, when I press the Tab key on my keyboard while using Excel, the cursor moves ten cells over instead of the usual one cell. Please help.

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