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  1. M

    Assign title and subtitle number VBA

    Hi, I would like to run a code that runs through all cells in column C (Title/Subtitle), Looks for the word "Title" and assigns the correct number in column A (Title), the number being integers (1, 2, 3 , 4.....). Then I would like to do the same thing but look for subtitle in cell C and assign...
  2. T

    Automate: Hyperlink at top of Sheet that links to each section of sheet for multiple workbooks

    Scenario: I have multiple workbooks(20+). They all have a worksheet with the same name (ABC). Sheet ABC has 3 sections and these sections begin with the title of the section e.g. Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 Issue: There are many rows (2000+) separating each section. Issue 2: Each...
  3. S

    Tabs within tabs - table of contents

    I have a file that i need to create an interactive table of contents. However i need page numbers and subcategories. Each tab has multiple subcategories. For example: Juvenile department programs JDP1 JDP2 JDP3 Shelter programs SP1 SP2 SP3 I then have tabs that have no subcategories. I...
  4. B

    Hyperlinked Directory Table of Contents

    I have found plenty of macros to create a Table of Contents to list worksheets, however I am looking to create a hyperlinked table of contents using subfolders and files from a user selected directory in this format:!AtBqEnIwxcu4gtxk2Xa1pTaPWxkuoQ Only the files should be...
  5. B

    How can I add a dynamic contents page using VBA?

    I have a spreadsheet which contain data across 15 sheets and each sheets holds specific data and charts for all organisations within the company. That is used for creating a report and I currently have a macro that loops through all the organisations within the company, selects the relevant...
  6. Roderick_E

    Table of Contents Maker

    This requires 2 macros, one to make the TOC and another to create the link back to the TOC/Main Menu. On screen prompts help user. Will only consider visible tabs. Hide tabs to exclude. It's assumed you would use these macros from a QAT or a form. This concept has been incorporated into the...
  7. V

    Add hyperlinks to the table of contents using formulas

    Hello! I am referring to this great thread posted here a while ago. Formulas work beautifully, but I would like to ask for help on how to add automatic hyperlinks to the names of sheets that appear in...
  8. J

    Can I lock a tab on the tab bar?

    I have an Excel sheet that has approx. 25 tabs/sheets in it. I want to lock just the one tab/sheet to the scrolling tab bar, so when I scroll through the other tabs/sheets, that one main tab is always visible for easy access. . . . I have kind of a "table of contents" tab/sheet with hyperlinks...
  9. C

    Search Cells, Create TOC, and Hyperlink

    Hey All, I have a file with 5k+ lines in it. I need to be able to search through the sheet for all "headings" (cells merged A:J) and create a table of contents with the associated heading with a hyperlink from the TOC to that particular cell on the sheet. The data for this file will be...
  10. C

    Dynamic Cross References in Word

    Hello I'm looking to find a way to create cross references to page numbers that change when the text they point to changes pages. What I have is a very long form with references such as "see page 8" that I have to modify for every state, and then for every product we have. When I insert or...
  11. P

    Table of contents formula to return hyperlinks to sheets

    The following formula lists all worksheets in my workbook: =IF(COUNTA(Sheets)>=ROW($A4),INDEX(Sheets,ROW($A4)),"") [the (Sheets) reference is a named range of worksheets with the formula =SUBSTITUTE(GET.WORKBOOK(1),"["&GET.WORKBOOK(16)&"]","")] I want this to also return a hyperlink to each...
  12. Z

    Table of contents with tabs with multiple pages not working all the time

    Pretty "Box Stock code" with change to what column it write to compared to original downloaded from microsoft works sometimes often not number of pages is wrong most often (200 -300 pages in total) Help! thanks Zen code--------- Sub BuildTOC() Dim wbBook As Workbook Dim wsActive As Worksheet...
  13. J

    Table of Contents with Macros?

    I know there are a lot of examples on the Internet regarding this topic, but none of them seem to do what I want it to. All I want is a list of page numbers of all the worksheets in the workbook excluding the first two worksheets from the page count, and return that value on each cell...
  14. P

    Microsoft Word - Table of content problem

    Hi, I know this is Mr.EXCEL but I have an issue in word and I'm quite sure one of you can help me... I have a large document with 3 different header styles. The table of content works properly but half in the table the line are not looking properly. the page # is repeated on a second line...
  15. T

    Table content

    Hi, i would like to write a code that creats a table of content. So the code would take the value of B1 on each sheet, and copy it in a new sheet called Table_of_Content. Here is what i wrote so fare but it doesn't work: ' Creating table of content Dim work**** As Worksheet Set work**** =...
  16. J

    Table Contents and the related section's printed page number

    hello, I have a workbook 13,272 lines long. In one of the columns is the division field in the format "XX XX XX" where the x's are numbers and there is a space between each pair. In the next column is the description of what that section of data is for. For example: DIVISION DESCRIPTION...
  17. L

    Linking to 200 worksheets

    I had an unusual question come to me at work. A manager is creating a report by linking one summary spreadsheet in the same workbook as 200 other spreadsheets where those who report to him enter data into various tables. He wants to know if there is a way to navigate the workbook more easily...
  18. I

    Having a kind of Table of Contents

    I was wondering if there was a macro or any Excel function kind of like the one in Word where you can make a Table of Contents. I'm not so much concerned with the page numbers aspect, but I want to be able to click on a tab title, and the respective excel tab/sheet to open without me having to...
  19. M

    Creating a Table of Contents in Word based on File Names

    I am compiling a list of all of our documents inside one folder using subfolders. Basically I need a list of every document inside the folders using the foldername and filename. Basically I want my Word document to look like this: I. Main Folder A.) Folder 1 1.) SubFolder 1 a.)...

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