1. M

    One Form, Multiple Query Sources (but not at the same time)

    Greetings! The setup: tbl_MAIN has all my data in it. frm_MAIN MENU allows user to search based on five fields, and opens another form: frm_DETAIL which displays all the tbl_MAIN data on one screen. It's useful but it's kinda crazy and busy. It's good, I like it. frm_MAIN MENU also opens up...
  2. A

    Beginner in VBA and I am having a compile error object not required for the following code

    I am getting a "compile error object required" at set lastrow. Not sure how to fix it so any help will be really appreciated. Thanks. Sub copydata() Dim lastrow As Long Dim CrossTBrow Dim i As Long Set lastrow = Worksheets("Trial Balance").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row For i = 2 To...
  3. G

    Merge Two Tables and Convert to Data List

    Hello, I have two tables that are maintained separately, but share common elements. Based on those common elements, I would like to merge the tables and extend them into a full data list. The first table has headings across the top (let's call them location groups) that need to be looked up in...
  4. M

    Tabular buttons

    2010 Excel I'm using tabular buttons to raise or lower the value of a cell. The problem is the upper button (pointing up) lowers the value, while the lower button (pointing down) raises the value. How can I reverse these so the upper button raises and the lower button lowers the value?
  5. B

    Tabular data and mail merge

    Hi My data is in a quite simple, tabular format as in the image below. I can use a pivot table to get a high-level summary. What I need to do then is to prepare data for a mail merge to each person, which will provide information with more granularity. E.g. will tell Mike he has £250 with...
  6. J

    How can i UNPivot a pivot table to retrieve all of the data in Tabular form> excel 2013?

    All we got from the client is the final pivot table, we do not the source tabular data. Can I UNpivot it to get back to my raw data? thanks Jeff
  7. S

    Table not appering need formula

    D5=1 , 1cells need to appear as well as 1 tabular form need to appear D5=2 , 2 cells need to appear as well as 2 tabular form need to appear D5=3 , 3 cells need to appear as well as 3 tabular form need to appear i have used this formula,,it is working when the condition is met it is appearing...
  8. C

    Filtering Powerpivot

    I am trying to filter a pivot table to display the very first record within a field. I am trying to get the first invoice number for a customer. As of now, I am getting multiple records, and have been unable to set some sort of filter to only get the first invoice. My data is organized in a...
  9. E

    SSAS Tabular Security Issue

    I've literally run out of things to try. I have cubes deployed to an SSAS Tabular instance. They have Dynamic Roles set up to limit data to only data they should have access to. This Role has Everyone assigned to it. It seems to be functioning fine for everyone at the company so far except 1...
  10. L

    Measurement in the Table

    Goal: Have a measurement for each PK_test row based on sum of all its quantity from productNumber. PK_test qty productNumber ----------------------------------------------- 1 5 asdf 2 4 asdf 3...
  11. L

    SP and Views in Tabular

    Is it possible to create some stored procedure and Views with DAX code in SQL server 2012 SSAS tabular?
  12. L

    Show a Column from Fact A table inside a Fact table B

    My primary question is: How should I enable to make column "name" from table fact_B to be displayed inside of table Fact_A by with support of DAX code only? Additional info: - In this context, I cant use SQL code - The relationship is one to may between fact and dim table in the tabular...
  13. L

    Different column into one Column

    I have a table with column: table A (int) (int) (int) (int) PK_g cost FK_a FK_b 123 5 23 55 454 5 234 58 I need to create a superkey as an additional column in the table A by using DAX code. How should I do it? It would be a calculated column...
  14. L

    Possible to increase more Rows?

    Is DAX:s one of the purpose to increase more row in a table? For instance if you have a table named H with 20 rows. If you inner join table H with table T and you will retrieve 200000 new row. Again, is DAX code is built to go dealing with this task?
  15. R

    VBA Macro for setting Pivot row label to Tabular form

    Hey all, I find that I constantly have to manually change particular pivot table row label fields to tabular view format, then turn off subtotals for that field. I would like to save a considerable amount of time and make a macro combining these two actions. The fields will almost never have...
  16. J

    Outlook Email content deliminate to Excel columns

    I have an email folder with multiple emails that contain similar content. I would like a quick way to move all the data into Excel. Separating each contact by columns is the goal: sent, to, date, email body etc. I know I can save each email into notepad and copy into Excel and transpose but...
  17. J

    Form question

    Hello Guys, I am trying to create a form that is based on a query that reports the next due date for a specific task (that happens every 2-weeks). This query is based of the Activity Table (e.g. TblActivity) and filters by the max of date last completed and creates a due date for the next due...

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