1. A

    Use lookup to enter value in the adjacent cell

    I have a user form label that displays an ID tag. This ID Tag is also in a list in column AA. I would like to look up the Userform ID Tag in the list in Column AA and enter a number value adjacent to the ID Tag in column AB in VBA. Can someone assist a VBA code that will accomplish this...
  2. C

    Help with Web Scraping VBA

    Looking for some help. I'm using this code right now to scrape the innertext of all <li>s on a webpage where the class name is "error' (e.g. <li class="error">, within a DIV tag. However it doesn't work when there is no DIV tag on a page. Can anyone help me to do the same thing, but without...
  3. Sharid

    Get html via vba code error

    I need to get some data from html, but my code does not work for the first set of data the Tag = a Id = u_0_p and for the second it is via class Tag = div Class = _50f4 I was doing this but it does not work dd = doc.getElementsByTagName("a") .getElementById("u_0_p") '(0) .innerText dd1 =...
  4. B

    Getting #Type! Error in textbox - Access VBA

    It works for the 1 and 2 but not the WJ Private Sub Report_Load() 'TAG 1 If (CategoryStr) = "1" Or (CategoryStr) = "2" Or (CategoryStr) = "WJ" Then Me.BoxMaxGap1.Visible = False Else Me.BoxMaxGap1.Visible = True End If End Sub
  5. detweiler

    Copy & Paste

    As part of some prep work I have found myself routinely doing, I have to update column J in 6 worksheets by replacing the device or tag id number with the available name which could be in an adjacent cell in columns K through P. I say could be because one or more of the cells could be empty. I...
  6. H

    How to change Select Tag Option Value using VBA?

    I am writing an Excel VBA code to fetch data from website. The displayed data is paginated and select option is given to display the number of records <select class="ui-paginator-rpp-options ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-left" value="20"> <option value="20"...
  7. Z

    Formatting text in cells with html tags

    hello , im hoping i can get some advice on a problem i have. I need to be able to add a simple <p> tag to specific points in my text in excel cells. so for example some of my cells have product descriptions liek this Goodio Raw Chocolate 56% Coffee 48g x 15 Starring sweet, smooth and...
  8. L

    Retrieve Unique Tag Metadata from a folder and its subfolders

    Guys I would like your support on how to retrieve all TAG metadata from files that are saved on some folder including its subfolders. The idea is list all Tag Metadata as unique values in a txt file. Unique because it can be repeatable due the loop will check on different files. Below an example...
  9. K

    Formula Options

    Hello, I need some help with finding the most efficient formula. This could have other questions that lead after this but my first issue is below. Tag 1 and Tag 2 are my end results i need to come up with. So if the Tag column has an "MP" in the beginning, then my Result 1 will equal the Tag...
  10. J

    Taking information from website

    Hey, I need to grab the title of the first document from a search on 'https://infostore.saiglobal.com/en-au/Search/' For example; 'https://infostore.saiglobal.com/en-au/Search/All/?searchTerm=as%201400/' And paste it 2 cells to the right of the currently selected cell. From where i've found...
  11. I

    copying all details of scanned tags

    Please help me to make a program using excel which I can use in my current work. As you can see I have a series of inputs from column A to column F. What I want to happen is when I input a tag or series of tags on column H starting at H3, it will scan all tags at column C and all similar tags...
  12. M

    Excel help

    Hi I am working on some financial data were i am using different method to trend some of the values in a specific column. i need to specify whatever formula used in the column to derive values to the very next column. <tbody> 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Derived Tag 10 23 34 43 <tbody>...
  13. L

    VBA match column values and tag matches [within tolerance]

    Hi! So here's a broad description of what I want to do: Given values in column B [1, 6, 3, 18... -5, -6, -22...] I want to write a script that gives a unique tag in column C next to each pair where a positive and negative value will cancel out. EXAMPLE: B | C 3 | 1 7 | 4 | 1 | 2 -3 | 1...
  14. G

    How to repeat steps once first set of rows are filled in

    I'm populating some files to import into another system Here's the code so far. This is part of a bigger piece of coding If Sheets("Nom Prod Dim Tag Legs").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row > 2 Then _ Sheets("Nom Prod Dim Tag Legs").Range("A3:A" & Sheets("Nom Prod Dim Tag...
  15. U

    Tag first instance of item based on criteria

    I need to Tag the first instance based on Criteria I need it to search a all instances and always Tag the first Match if the Item (39576 ) the Table T014 or T011) and if its Passed and Tag the first date of that pass <tbody> ID Station Start Time Result Tagged 39576 T014 10/27/2017 11:59...
  16. J

    VBA - Autofilter sheet, then fill cells that are visible with a value

    I've got a spreadsheet which has been processed up to a certain point. Then I want to autofilter it and add a tag to just the visible cells. This code shifts a column over, adds the columns for the new tags, but then doesn't fill the visible cells with the tag. Any help appreciated! Sub...
  17. L

    Add missing value into cell when criteria are met

    Hi All, I have a sheet with data and comments added to it. However, this data is changing and new reports need to be run. However, the comment field is the same for the old data. So i would like find and insert the value in the cells from "Comment" column into the new spreadsheet, as per below...
  18. N

    ISBLANK with seperate IF statements

    Good morning, I have the following formula that works well for the 1st part of my requirement but need help to meet the second part of the requirement as well. =IF(ISBLANK([@[First TAG meeting]]),0, TODAY()-[@[First TAGmeeting]]) work well but once a project is complete and there is a date in...
  19. K

    Hold Tag Auto Populate

    Hello Everyone, I'm creating a Hold Log for the company I work for and I want to make it fairly simply for our quality techs to fill out the information needed to put things on Hold. There are two tabs on the spreadsheet. One tab is fairly basic, they input the data of the Hold/Rework. This tab...
  20. K

    Convert Data Layout

    I currently have a three columns of data which I need to convert to a different layout using VBA. I need to go from this: <tbody> Tag Drawing Drawing Type 1 I1 IFC 1 I2 IFC 1 R1 Redline 1 B1 Bootleg 2 I3 IFC 2 R2 Redline 2 B2 Bootleg 3 I4 IFC 4 R3...

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