testing text conditions

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    Sample VBA to autofit text to a Radio Button's caption

    For Information Only I searched fruitlessly for help on working out how much text would fill a Caption on a Radio Button (or more precisely, would the intended text fit when populating the Radio Button via VBA). With the help of others Mr. Excel members, I offer the following VBA solution...
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    Testing cell for string

    Hi all... Please let me know what statement in vb that i can use to determine if a cell (column 1) has a number or a string. I know how to test for null's "" and specific characters such as "Description:"... The other possible values in a cell in the same column will be a number 1 through x or...
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    Simple Questions

    Hi All, I have a simple question but first off would like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum. I have been reading it steadily for the past month and a half when I've been bored at my internship (which is about half of the day) and can say that my knowledge in Excel has probably...

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