text format

  1. K

    Text format for numbers to preserve trailing zeros

    Hi All, I am a newcomer here. I found an old question which I am interested to. https://www.mrexcel.com/board/threads/text-format-for-numbers-to-preserve-trailing-zeros.811427/ I ask anybody to write a Sub file to apply this Function published there...
  2. R

    Custom Text Formatting in thousands and millions with red up arrows and green down arrows

    Hello, I am trying to add custom text formatting that displays in thousands and millions with the conditions below: red text, with an up arrow for positive numbers green text, with a down arrow for negative numbers Here are a couple of examples, hoping for a single text format that...
  3. B

    Force Userform textbox to text only format

    I have a userform that has various codes that are beingmistaken by excel as date format or something and it keeps changing my formatautomatically. The few of the code types are below. 1 2 3-5 3-17 3-23 3-61 7-81 7-86 How can I get these to stop changing when the userform macroexecutes and...
  4. I

    Keep Text Format in Search and Replace VBA

    With the following code... the Search and Replace works find except that all of the numbers are dropping the initial zero. I think I need to add some code to keep the format as text possibly, but I can't find what that code would be. Here is the code: the replacements are returning values of...
  5. S

    + and - signs in &/CONCATENATE formula

    Hi all - first post here! (i.e. first time I can't find a solution by searching - this forum has saved my life more times than I can count...) I'm making a dashboard intended to track a bunch of metrics at once. For one of the charts, I'm using the below formula to create the series labels...
  6. E

    Macro to auto-populate date and time in text format

    I need help scheduling my tweets in bulk. I think there's a way to use Excel to automatically create a 5-day calendar. Maybe a macro? The date format must be dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm and it must be in text format. If its June 9, 2012 at 6pm - the correct format is: 12/06/2012 18:00 I want to post 5...
  7. S

    Concatenate two strings but format text differently

    I'd like to concatenate two text strings but format each part differently, like this: cell A1: Title cell B1: Subtitle Concatenate in cell C1 as: Title Subtitle The source cells (A1 & B1) are unformatted. Easy to figure out the concatenation itself, but I don't know how to do the formatting...
  8. M

    Data in cells is "text" instead of "number"

    Hello! I'm beginning to lose my mind on this problem. :mad: I made a reasonably complex form, where user (me) must insert a lot of data in (mainly) TextBoxes and ComboBoxes: I wont' bother with translation, but some of you will maybe recognize that I'm trying to calculate heat loses of a...
  9. T

    Issue with tab delimited file, text seen as formulas

    I have an application on a midrange server that generates a tab delimited file, then invokes a macro-enabled Excel file that I store on that server's integrated file system. That macro-enabled file then saves the generated tab delimited file as a formatted report to the user's client PC. This...
  10. U

    Date - Number vs. Text

    Problem MID(CELL("filename",C2),(FIND("]",CELL("filename",C2))+1),50) returns name of Sheet 1 = 'P&L Sep-10' Then use right() to retrieve 'Sep-10' from this name. This is in a text format, and as far as I know cannot be changed to a date format. My problem lies in using this 'Sep-10' cell...
  11. K

    How to concatenate text & number cells and turn them into date format

    Hi all, I have two columns. Column A contains years, '2010' for example. Column B contains months, 'Jan' or 'Mar' for example. Neither column is in date format. I want to merge them to 'Jan 2010'. Now that's easy enough, but I also want to make the cell a date and i find that much more tricky...
  12. N

    Last text word to be manipulated

    Having now worked, unsuccessfully, for the last 4 hours on a formula, I am wondering whether anyone can now help. In cell A1 we need to check for the word "DECK" as the 1st four characters, if this is TRUE then we MAY need to amend it in cell A4. If it says DECK 1, DECK 2, DECK 3 and so on to...
  13. D

    Need Help Adding Auto Changing Year.

    I have a over 150 reports that I create weekly and would like the year to change automatically in the cell where I have my copyright info. Don't want to chenge them all by hand each year. :) Should read: Copyright © 2009 TMOReport.com Thanks!
  14. J

    Text - Excel Import and move cells automatically

    Hey guys!! Ok, I think I have a complicated problem. Hopefully you guys can have a bright idea cuz I'm kind of burn out on this. Every day we receive a text report via email (only way it can be received), so we take this text report print it out and manually type it into an excell sheet. I...
  15. S

    Excel to text

    i have a excel file which I want in .txt output. In EXCEL sheet1 A1 contains number, B1 contains name, C1 contains Amount, D1 contains particulars. When I run Macro in text file to be created. In text out put I want spacing for A1 data is 14 {the account number varies from 5 digit to 14...

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