text string

  1. B

    Check Manually Inputted Text in Cell Range Contains Text from Several Validation Dropdown Lists

    I have manual inputted text strings in cell ranges: B104:B125 B132:B175 There are validation dropdown Lists located in the following ranges: B200:B212 D200:D212 B221:B231 D221:D231 The drop down lists could be 1 text string in 1 cell or 1 text string in every cell in the specified ranges...
  2. F

    Extract Question from String of varying Text

    Trying to extract a question from a string of free form text in Excel. Expected Result: How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop? Side question, what if there are multiple? Example: This is a test of what I am looking for. How many licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop...
  3. R

    Remove Text String from Text String

    1 need 00001 help please-__- need help please-__- KXY247 with KXY247 this with this 35 major 35 brain fart major brain fart Column A is showing a string of what I need removed from Column B with the final result being Column C. I have about 33000 rows this needs to run on :) wish me luck...
  4. S

    Extracting a number from a text string and returning a third value

    Hello All! I have one Excel file In Column B (275 rows) I have a number (all of these numbers are unique) In Column C (275 rows) I have a string of text which contains several numbers within the string (all of the text strings are unique) In Column D (275 rows) I have a different number from...
  5. Johnny Thunder

    Excel Formula - Incrementally Add a +1 to a Header Name each time it is copied/pasted

    Hello Group, I am working on a project and need one last piece to wrap up this file. Explanation: I have a block of Data B2:N15, There are various formulas within the block that link to other sheets and some manual entry fields. I have set up these blocks so that a user can copy a block and...
  6. tlc53

    Text string plus Date formula

    Pesky formula! Can anyone see where I am going wrong please? ="Book Value as at "&TEXT((DATE(YEAR(D7)-1,month(d7),day(d7)),"dd/mm/yy")
  7. F

    Multple Column Search - 1x text within text search + match - excel formula

    Hi All, I am struggling and need the brains of this forum to help me please. I am looking for an excel formula that can search multiple columns in a range of data and return an answer in the third column. The difficulty I am having is 1 criteria requires searching for specific text in an email...
  8. J

    Remove Duplicate Text STrings from Single Cell

    I have a list of terms in one sheet (Find List) I have a column of text data "Replace Data" in another sheet that I need to search for exact full words/phrases in the Find List and if multiple instances exist in the text data of Replace Data, I need to eliminate all instances of that exact/full...
  9. J

    Parsing string from URL

    In Excel, I need to pull part numbers from the URLs in a site map. The URLs look something like this: http://www.mysite.com/shop/catalog/category1/category2/category3/category4/item/partnumber1/part-title1...
  10. E

    Looking Up Part of a Text String in a Table

    Hi all, Newbie here. I've browsed here previously but never posted - I've scoured the internet for potential solutions to this problem but so far have had no joy. Hoping you geniuses can help. Basically, I have a document I use to ensure transactions between an array of entities are classified...
  11. K

    Macro to Insert a Row in Excel

    I have been searching the internet and watching Youtube videos for days trying to create a macro in VBA that will enter a row above a specific text string in a worksheet in Excel. Every worksheet I would perform this macro on has the term "Actual Earnings" somewhere between cells A19 and A22...
  12. C

    Using len and left functions together

    I have the following data: 15ab 12cc 6ll 9bc and i need to extract the number portion of the string. My text string will be either 3 or 4 characters long. If len=4, then left,2. If len=3, then left,1. I can't make the formula work in excel. Can someone please help?
  13. S

    Extracting 2 or 3 words before a match found

    Hi Friends, I tried to extract first 2 words using this =TRIM(RIGHT(A1, FIND(B1",SUBSTITUTE(A1, " ", B1,2)&B1))) below is the text in ColumnA A1=Refresh staging database use data pump B1=Data C1= =TRIM(RIGHT(A1, FIND(B1",SUBSTITUTE(A1, " ", B1,2)&B1))) some how did not work Can anyone let me...
  14. D

    Group Consequtive Numbers from a Text String

    Hi Everyone, I am in need of a formula or VBA code to achieve the following: CELL A1: 100,101,102,106,110,111,115,116,117,118,119,120 ---> Output in Cell A2 = 100-102,106,110-111,115-120 Thanks in advance for your help -Dennis
  15. D

    Search for text in string then lookup text in a separate table and show result

    Hello everyone, First time poster, using excel 2007 installed Mrexcel HTML maker, didnt appear in excel, forum tools addin was pasting extra data per the test forums. I am sorry in advance for doing this the hard way. I have data in the DATA column, and I want to search whats in the LOOKUP...
  16. S

    INSTR or IF Function - Picking out Specific text.strings in a Cell

    So I've run into a problem that I believe there is a solution for, however, I am not keen on how to implement the function. In the chart below you'll notice that all of the FALSE returns highlighted are actually TRUE. The code is as follows: Range("AC2").Formula =...
  17. J

    Extract Date from Text String - Format DD.MM

    Hi guys, I have a column with comments/text string in each cell and I am looking to pull just the date, in the format "DD.MM" using some sort of VBA code. The dates do not always occur at the start of the comment/text string. Sometimes in the middle also. Is there any way to do this? Thanks all!
  18. J

    VBA Code to search text strand on webpage

    OK, so here is what I am looking for. Is there a way to write a VBA code that will search real estate websites for a "keyword" in the property description and if it finds said keyword return the MLS# associated with said property. Why I ask is there are some real estate websites that allow...
  19. L

    Eliminate all spaces in a text string

    A fellow worker sent me a spreadsheet full of cells formatted in such a way that it makes it difficult to remove some of the spaces. For testing purposes, here's the file: Uploadfiles.io - remove all spaces.xlsx In this example, I have this text string in cell A1: " 6403 " I want to remove...
  20. L

    Confirm matching text in cell and then return a numerical value from a table

    Hello all and thank you for your help. I've run into an issue in Excel, and I cannot seem to get any formulas to work. This may be beyond the capabilities of Excel, but here goes. I need to perform the following functions and return a single value: 1) Search a text string in a single cell to...

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