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  1. HeRoseInThree

    Counting the incidents that occur on a specific day of the week

    I am using =SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKDAY(A$5:A$9999)=1)) to count the incidents that occur on a Sunday and =SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKDAY(A$5:A$9999)=2)) for Monday and so on. They are working great, except for Saturday =SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKDAY(A$5:A$9999)=7)). I am getting a value that is 9000+ higher than...
  2. HeRoseInThree

    Conditional formatting cells in column B based off of values in column A

    I am trying to highlight column B based off of values in column A. If A has the word parts in it, then I want B to change. I Googled it and seen several examples, I just can't find a way that works for me...
  3. HeRoseInThree

    If formula, with a twist

    I have an if formula that has a variable. I'd like to search for a keyword (diesel) and if it is found, return a string. I thought about IF(F23="*diesel",S$33 but that didn't work. Any ideas?
  4. L

    If value in two columns match, return values from other columns

    Hi everyone - I'm trying to figure out how to compare values from Sheet1, Column A and Sheet 2, Column B, and if they match to return the values from Sheet2, Columns F, G, and I to Sheet1, Columns F, G, and H. Confused yet? :) Hopefully that makes sense. Doesn't seem like it should be too...
  5. lockarde

    Just wanted to say thanks!

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to take some time and post my thanks for all the help I've received over the past 4 years since joining MrExcel. It blows me away that this is entirely volunteer-based, every one of you has my everlasting gratitude and respect! I hope all of you and your families...
  6. HeRoseInThree

    Rolling duplicate columns

    Every couple of days I add data to column A. After I do, I insert another column A. I would like to see, if at any time, i have duplicate data in 3 consecutive columns.
  7. HeRoseInThree

    Help counting unique numbers

    Hello. I would like to count my data in column F, but only each unique entry. If I have multiple examples of a particular number, I need to exclude those. Thanks in advance
  8. L

    Matching data on multiple sheets

    Hi All - Is there a way to compare data in a column of one workbook tab with data on another tab (multiple columns) to see if there are ANY matches in the string of data?? For example: Sheet 1, Cell A1: "Red, Yellow, Car, Truck" Sheet 2, Column A is "Color" and Column B is "Vehicle Type"...
  9. L

    Searchable drop down lists without Combobox

    Hi all - I have a sheet with multiple columns utilizing data validation drop-downs. I need the drop-downs to be searchable due to the large number of options in the drop-down lists (Country column for example). I understand there are limitations with data validation and this can be done with...
  10. I

    Excel Solver add-in: unsure how to go about this question

    Excel Solver question: The University of Western Football Team has hired a dietician from a big name American school to develop a nutritious lunch menu for the team. After consulting with Canada’s Food Guide and other sources, the dietician has determined that each lunch serving should have...
  11. HeRoseInThree

    =large question

    My formula =LARGE(AE$2:AE$999999,AK2) works great BUT if it locates a duplicate value, it reports the first of the two twice. Is there a way to correct this? Thanks in advance!
  12. HeRoseInThree

    Count number of times each name is listed between certain dates

    UGH. OK, I would love to be able to count the number of times a name is displayed in a particular date range. The names are listed in column B, all of the specific dates are in column H and the date range is AM1:AN26 (AM1 is 1/1/2018 and AN26 is 12/31/2019). I will appreciate any help!!!
  13. HeRoseInThree

    Add number of people based off of hire/termination dates

    I need to calculate the number of people employed at a certain time frame. How many hired before january 1, 2018 and still employed on January 31, 2018. The same for each month after... Hire date is in column H and term date is in column I. If they are still employed add them all up. If not...
  14. L

    Transposing from Column to Row

    Hi all - I have a sheet (titled 'QRR Template') with multiple columns that users will be populating. On a second tab ('Extract for email'), there is a Command Button where if clicked, it copies the user data from the 'QRR Template' tab and transposes the data from row format to column format...
  15. D

    Assigning a Value based on the Count of numbers in a specific Coumn

    I am currently having to manually count how many times a number appears in a single column ranging from 25-50 rows long. I need a VBA code that allows me to take the numbers in the pasted column and not only count them but apply a value to them. For Example: Pasted on sheet 1 Column A: 111...
  16. L

    Transpose data - offset data one column

    Hi all - I have the below code to copy a set of row data from one tab and paste/transpose when a Command Button is clicked on a second tab. How do I edit this so that every time the Command Button is clicked, the data is pasted to the right on the first blank row? Currently, when it's clicked...
  17. L

    Transpose data - keep original formatting

    Hi all - I've got the below code to copy column data when a Command Button is pressed and paste/transpose on a different tab. Each time the button is pressed, the data is pasted on the next subsequent row. Is there a way to paste/transpose the data but keep the original cell formatting where...
  18. L

    Combo box - changing drop down values

    Hi everybody - I previously had a drop-down box with a Data Validation list. I then created a combo box in order to have auto-complete. I have since deleted the data that was assigned to the drop-down box via the Data Validation list. I want to assign a new set of data to the drop-down box /...
  19. L

    CommandButton help

    Hi everyone. I'm a complete noob so appreciate any help you all can provide. I'm trying to edit the below code so that when a CommandButton is clicked, it allows me to copy row data from a different tab "QRR Template" and paste/transpose the data on the tab where the button is located. I'd...
  20. K

    Formula help

    I am trying to write a formula for the following: if(and(d3="normal credit",d3="loans-gen credit"),-e3, if(and(d3="normal debit",d3="loans-gen debit"),+e3 I get the end result of FALSE. Is there another formula solution for multiple questions?

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