1. W

    Any suggested colour combination / themes for sharing excel files between windows dark theme and light theme users?

    Due to my disability and medical problems, I have to use Windows dark themes. And therefore the font colour that I use is white on dark background. However, the people with whom I shared my files are usually using light themes which means they need dark font on white background. This issue...
  2. J

    Small Theme Issue Between PC & Mac

    This seems like a really simple problem but I keep running into this issue over and over again. I'm a student and I have assignments that ask for specific themes/layouts in Excel 2016. I have Excel on both my PC and my Macbook, and most of the time the theme that was requested will be available...
  3. V

    themes in excel 2013

    I was working on a problem in my excel college book and it said to apply a theme to the workbook. It said a certain name but I could not find the theme in the default listings. I went to the bottom of task pane and then I could not see how you add new themes. When it said open new themes, it...
  4. bs0d

    MS Access 2013 Multiple Themes?

    Super basic question here... Is it possible to apply a theme for a report, an different theme for a form, and so on? If so, how to you get one theme to lock to an item, and not switch when you change the theme for another item?
  5. M

    Why are my Themes only in black and white?

    I've been trying to create and change Document Themes on worksheets as per Page 681 of Bill's Learn Excel 2007. The headers and data change but only to various black-and-white font sizes. I've tried to change color and effects but nothing seems to change. I made sure this was a 2007 document...

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