1. P

    Project Timeline - Macro or Formula

    Hello, I work in the construction industry and I've created a schedule that tracks 8 separate task/deadlines for multiple projects (the task are the same for each project but the projects have different start dates.) The timeframe for each task will always remain the same with event A happening...
  2. T

    Comination Chart with Custom Y-axis and Timeline?

    Hello all My question is related to charting a set of data in a specific way that I can clarify as we go on, but the jist of it is included below, I am in a bit of a pickle with a task I have to convert some MATLAB code into VBA. Usually my methodology to do this is to develop each chart...
  3. H

    converting a formula to be read as date format for sorting Pivot tables by date using timeline.

    Hi, I have a worksheet which has approximately 60 entries added to it each day. The worksheet is summarized into pivot tables on another worksheet with a timeline to sort them by dates. I can get this working no problem however with multiple people adding data to the main worksheet my pivot...
  4. E

    Help with monthly average

    Hello all, after hours spent trying to find a solution online, which was unsuccessful, I decided to post a new thread and see if anyone could help me out. I have multiple pivot tables connected to timeline slicer where user can select time period to view data set. I found online how to get...
  5. D

    Convert a vertical task list into a timeline (horizontal)

    Hi All, I don't know if this is easily do-able or not: I have a vertical list of tasks with sub tasks that have to be completed at a certain time before the project end date. To make it easy, I would like to convert these items to a horizontal timeline which displays the tasks and sub tasks on...
  6. D

    Using Timeline Slicer

    I have a table that has multiple columns formatted as dates. When I try to create a Pivot Table and insert a Timeline Slicer, it is only giving me the option to use one of the columns (Reworked Date) and it's not the one I need (Date Initiated). The purpose of the Pivot Table is create a report...
  7. Bagharmin

    Changes in Timeline don't affect Slicer

    I have a Timeline and some Slicers connected to a pivot table. The pivot table uses data obtained via Power Query and loaded to the data model via a connection only (I'm probably not saying this entirely correctly). Whenever I change the Timeline, the changes are reflected in the pivot table...
  8. M

    Return Timeline Selection

    Is it possible to either return the Label Selection or the periods selected from a Timeline attached to a pivot table?
  9. T

    Create a filter for a slicer based on if the sum of values is not equal to zero when a timeline changes

    I have a general question about how to set up a slicer used with several power pivot charts. I have two charts that share a timeline and display company totals and I have a slicer that allows for individual vendors to be selected. Everything works as intended, the only problem is that for this...
  10. L

    Dynamic naming of timeline

    Hi as per the dropbox link, i have a simple timeline that i want to have certain values appear according to their month. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hke17yf0eohmya/Build%20timeline.xlsx?dl=0 So for example, construction starts 01 Dec 2019, i want the text "Construction Starts" appear in J9...
  11. U

    Accessing NativeTimeline using Cube functions

    Hi, Firstly, apologies I am not an advanced Excel user, so please excuse any obvious gaps in knowledge. Essentially, I am using a TimeLine to select a month that adjusts Pivot table information - easy enough! However, I need to extract the month selected in order to apply to a simple...
  12. U

    Get date details from Timeline

    Hi, I have built a scrolling timeline to select a month, but I would like to get month that has been selected to incorporate into another formula - is there a way to do this? Would appreciate any advise. Many thanks Ian
  13. K

    Timeline Conditions

    Dear Experts, I need your help regarding timeline, i have below data from style to last date and i want to calculate day wise quantities according to below criteria. 1.5 Change over days are constant and days required are calculated =4000/800 >> 5 +C/O days >> 6.5 days. 1st Day Plan: 25% of...
  14. Nelson78

    Chart: arrange values on axis

    Hello everybody. I've the following table: https://imgur.com/D8BG8cM I need to represent these data in a line chart this way: - on horizontal axis, YEAR - on vertical axis, ALPHA and BETA (in order to compare them on a timeline). How can I set the axes?
  15. A

    Timeline Connection to Slicers visually indicating items with no data

    Hi there, I have a spreadsheet that connects several slicers to pivot tables and their associated charts. Along with the data slicers I have a timeline connected to all of them as well. When a slicer selects one or more field options, other surrounding slicers will visually indicate which...
  16. F

    Dynamic timline

    Good afternoon, Thanks for having a look at this. I am trying to build a "team task tracker" like the below Column B "Employee name" Column C Macro button which when pressed as a row bellow "button row" The new row has...
  17. L

    Timeline Conditional Formating

    Hi Guys, I have created an automated timeline in Excel and but I would like to have conditional formating between the starting date and the end date: https://ibb.co/WfnjvPq I would like to be shown as a bar basically, thus the cells in between SD and ED shall be automatically yellow. Perhaps...
  18. D

    Pivot Table Timeline

    I recently started using the Insert Timeline function for Pivot tables. However, generally I just want to choose today's date as my filter for the pivot table. Thus, the Insert Timeline is a bit cumbersome since first I have to choose it, then choose date, then month, then actual day. Is there a...
  19. M

    Limit range of timeline - Excel

    Hi, Is there a way to limit the range of a timeline created in Excel? The issue in my file is that the timeline date starts at 01 Jan 2017 and ends on 31 Dec 2018, but my data cover only from Nov 2017 to march 2018. Thanks. File: https://ufile.io/sov2w
  20. M

    CUBE function/s to return Timeline selection

    I have a Timeline that has a number of connections to Pivot Tables that are driving several charts. I need to report on the dates selected via the time line but I am unable to get the CUBESET functions to work. The Timeline is labelled as DateReceived where the shape can be named (same place...
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