1. I

    VBA, There isn't enough memory to process 50K csv files, timeout at 2k queries for a search, find, copy, past, loop

    HI, I'm new to the forum and really new to VBA and could really use some expert assistance. This code provides a text box to "scrape many like files for keywords of your choice." It first performs a search for keywords, then once the keyword is found, takes the cell next to it and populates it...
  2. M

    VBA delete from SQL DB syntax

    Hi, Snippet of code that fails is bold in below. BTW INSERT INTO works. DELETE FROM (see below) does not. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Opens connection to the database cnn.Open ConnectionString 'Timeout error...
  3. D

    Timeout of 100 seconds

    I have 40 queries. When I "Refresh All" I often encounter "the web.page function didn't finish within timeout of 100 seconds." I find, once it craps out, it cannot recover and waiting 100 seconds is too long. Each query normally takes 2-3 seconds, so I can tell quickly that it's failing. Is...
  4. O

    Repeat Iteration After X Seconds

    Hello I download results from multiple searches using a loop, but in some cases website reads your search time out. However if I manually re do the search it works. So, I would need to re-do or repeat the same search and then continue as usual. I would like for the code to re-start the...
  5. E

    Nesting 2 IF Statements - Different Clocking in Data

    Hello, I have been trying to combine 2 IF statements for 2 hours and have tried multiple variations and researched the board for answers but still can't get it to work. Nested IF statement in cell F6. Times are in range D3:D6. If the times are not filled in then leave blank. Scenario...
  6. J

    runs fine one line at a time, but produces errors when run as a whole?

    Hi all, Sorry this seems long, but I've learned it's best to provide as much info as possible right out of the gate on this forum :) I've got this macro that seems to work just fine when i execute it one line at a time or in small blocks, but when I run the whole thing at once it gives me...
  7. F

    DAX Performance problem

    Hi, Have a traditional star schema Kimball Tabular model in SSAS. There are 2 fact tables. GeneralLedger and GLBudget. I've been encountering a timeout every time with the Summarizecolumns command below. I took out the measures below and still get the timeout. If I remove the BP dimension...
  8. andrewb90

    vba timeout works in one WB and not the other

    hello all: I have this code: Sub grower() 'this centers object and gradually makes bigger Dim myPicture As Shape Set myPicture = ActiveSheet.Shapes("zax1") With ActiveWindow.VisibleRange myPicture.Top = .Top + .Height / 2 - myPicture.Height / 2...
  9. A

    Excel time cout count down in status bar

    Hello All, I have code on how to make an excel file close automatically when idle for a specific time which is working fine. I want to constantly show the countdown time until the timeout period of inactivity in the excel status bar. How do I do this? I tried below but obviously this will...
  10. G

    VBA to time out application

    Hi all... Does anyone have any VBA code that will time out an Excel application if a predetermined amount of time has passed with no activity by the user? I think I've seen this done before but I can't find anything on it now. Thanks in advance, Glenn
  11. L

    Excel Query Timeout - Set globally?

    I have an SQL query that Takes a minute to complete. I have optimized the query as much as possible, but it has several Joins that just eat up the time and the server it's on is old. I'm trying to import the data into Excel using the standard OBDC connections... No VBA code written as yet. I'm...
  12. AndyTampa

    Forum timeout is wayyy to short.

    I just spent 20 minutes composing my question so that all the necessary information was included. Then when I went to preview it, I had been logged out. How short is the timeout and can we have it extended? This is the third time this has happened to me and I'm only on my 19th post.
  13. W

    Closing sheet on time-out

    I have some excel sheets that we're using to lookup vendor information, that is not ment to see by customers/visitors. As these files sometimes are opened on computers on out sales floor and occasionally are left open by our sales staff, I was wondering the following: Is it possible to have a...
  14. K

    Long Web Query Timeout By Web Server

    Hello All, I seem to be timing out the server I'm running a rather long web query on. My database requires the web query to the site be run a little over 7500 times, however, I believe the site locks out my connection at around 5700 because it assumes its under a flood attack. Is there a...

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