1. R

    VBA Timer

    Hey Everyone! So I am getting a bit stuck here - I have a timer that works (for the most part) the issue is when the userform is hidden and re-opened the "Continue" feature doesn't work anymore. Meaning the timer doesn't continue counting. Hope I can get some help please see my code below and a...
  2. R

    VBA - Timer Functions

    Hello Lovely Excel Experts!! I am here again for your vast wisdom. I have coded a timer (using a userform) it works beautifully I am just looking to add a feature if possible. Userforms as far as I know don't save data once the file is closed so what I need to figure out is how to allow for a...
  3. T

    VBA - Run at Set Intervals

    I have a script I want to run every 15 minutes, for 5 hours (20 times). I can't use a loop and wait, because it doesn't factor in the time it takes for the script to run, which can vary and throw off when exactly it starts running in subsequent loops. Is there a way to set a timer that excludes...
  4. F

    Timer and automatic change on droplist

    Hey Guys, I am trying to put a timer when a certain option is selected and once the timer runs out, the option automatically changes. For example, once "yes" is manually selected it starts a timer for 14 days and once that timer runs out when the 14 days are up, the drop list option that was...
  5. E

    Timer does not countdown in 1-second interval.

    I am trying to run a macro when 2 cells have the same value, here's my code: '--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub timer() interval = Now + TimeValue("00:00:01") If Range("F16").Value = 0 Then Exit Sub Range("F16") =...
  6. K

    Run Macro on Open

    Hi all, I've got the below macro, if I run it once, then the timer starts and it will keep saving every 10mins but unless I first run the macro, the timer doesn't seem to start. How do I set it so the macro either runs straight away when opened (and so kick starts the timer) or start the timer...
  7. P

    Tine for my MCQ Test

    Hi All, I've create my own MCQ Test sheet that can be used to give the test by collecting basic info of user followed by MCQ test. Once the user clicks finish button, result sheet is displayed and a copy of workbook is sent to a particular mail id on outlook. I want a code that allows me to...
  8. M

    Timer mm:ss in textbox VBA

    Hi all, I have a problem with textboxes in userform. Basically i just want to display one cell with a timer inside through one textbox in my userform. In C2 i have a timer and the cell format is "mm:ss", so the textbox2 should display that cell in that format but it seems so complicate. If the...
  9. I

    Opening a protected view workbook stops my timer that is is running in another opened workbook

    Hello. So I have a workbook that tracks break times. It does this by counting down from 20 minutes in column E when a value is entered in column A. It is updated every single second. However, when a workbook that is in Protected View and needs to have "Enable editing" selected opens then I get...
  10. V

    Timer and Frequency counter Macro

    Hi VBA Gurus, I am looking for below excel macro..if that is possible..."Basically trying to set timer and frequency counter - for which values go below and above certain values (Please refer screenshot attached for exact format)" 1) Column A has Ratio which is formula fed by system feed...
  11. L

    creating countdown timer in excel no vba

    Hi I am trying to do similar countdown timer (please see the link below) but my problem, when I subtract the target hours from the start hours, the result is negative. The author did not say anything about that. How can I fix that. I also appreciate if you have better idea of doing that. Thank...
  12. W

    VBA countdown timer

    Hello, I want to make a countdown timer with counting to a date in the future in format "dd hh:mm:ss" or similar. F.e. how many days, hours, minutes and seconds left till "21/10/2019 15:00:00". I have newly found the timer function, but can not make it count backwards. All help and ideas...
  13. M

    Power Point VBA code

    Hi all, I am working on a presentation & I want to show a number that decreases (like a counter) & after looking on some YouTube videos I think it could be achieved much easier with the VBA loop. However, I am having an issue with the below code where it will start with 10 (in presentation...
  14. H

    DatePicker 32 & 64-bit

    I've found a datepicker https://www.dropbox.com/s/at2peyyhttnbvnw/New%20Calendar%20Ver%204.xlsm?dl=0 I tried to find the way to use the " DTINSERT"-knob to use the date in another Procedure There is a timer event which gets activated in the launch code. When you stop the code midway, the timer...
  15. H

    userform Update

    I need some Help with my userform i can Read in my textbox and see it in the Cell But my Label's Aint Update until i Restart userform again on the userform there is Textbox 1 - 16 and Labels from 1- 28 and Command button 1-28 the Commandbutton's Works ( each Command Button Get Labels Flashing...
  16. M

    Overflow error, but I can't get it to repeat it

    A couple of months ago, I found some code online to create a delay when running VBA code, called SleepSub. I needed to use it because on Excel for Mac, some labels on my UserForms were not updating on the screen, even when I would use the Repaint method. (I think the labels were changing too...
  17. M

    Excel Timer, save the file and disable it.

    Hi, I hope you're doing well. I was looking if you could help me to create a macro with the below condition; 1) Start Timer (for 5 minutes) & the Stop Timer(seems to be not working, need help to make it work), 2) If the Stop Timer button is clicked, then the Start Timer button should be...
  18. G

    Inactivity timer re-opens workbook

    Hello, First time poster so I apologize if I break any sort of rules. I have a workbook which has a timer that will kick out the user if the worksheet doesn't change for 30 minutes. The timer works fine if I have no other instances of excel open. But, as soon as I have another workbook open...
  19. B

    Countdown start upon opening of Workbook - close after 20 min.

    Hi, I presently have a workbook that numerous individuals can access but I need it the Workbook to automatically close after 20 minutes. I have entered coding and the workbook does close but regardless of the time I insert, it closes after 2 minutes Private Sub Workbook_Open()...
  20. T

    Userform loop

    I am trying to build my own countdown timer, using a userform counting down with a Wait function. It doesn't work but what puzzles me most is it crashes. This is in Moduel1: Option Explicit Sub Start() UserForm1.Show End Sub Sub Timer() Dim i As Integer For i =...

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