1. L

    creating countdown timer in excel no vba

    Hi I am trying to do similar countdown timer (please see the link below) but my problem, when I subtract the target hours from the start hours, the result is negative. The author did not say anything about that. How can I fix that. I also appreciate if you have better idea of doing that. Thank...
  2. W

    VBA countdown timer

    Hello, I want to make a countdown timer with counting to a date in the future in format "dd hh:mm:ss" or similar. F.e. how many days, hours, minutes and seconds left till "21/10/2019 15:00:00". I have newly found the timer function, but can not make it count backwards. All help and ideas...
  3. M

    Power Point VBA code

    Hi all, I am working on a presentation & I want to show a number that decreases (like a counter) & after looking on some YouTube videos I think it could be achieved much easier with the VBA loop. However, I am having an issue with the below code where it will start with 10 (in presentation...
  4. H

    DatePicker 32 & 64-bit

    I've found a datepicker https://www.dropbox.com/s/at2peyyhttnbvnw/New%20Calendar%20Ver%204.xlsm?dl=0 I tried to find the way to use the " DTINSERT"-knob to use the date in another Procedure There is a timer event which gets activated in the launch code. When you stop the code midway, the timer...
  5. H

    userform Update

    I need some Help with my userform i can Read in my textbox and see it in the Cell But my Label's Aint Update until i Restart userform again on the userform there is Textbox 1 - 16 and Labels from 1- 28 and Command button 1-28 the Commandbutton's Works ( each Command Button Get Labels Flashing...
  6. M

    Overflow error, but I can't get it to repeat it

    A couple of months ago, I found some code online to create a delay when running VBA code, called SleepSub. I needed to use it because on Excel for Mac, some labels on my UserForms were not updating on the screen, even when I would use the Repaint method. (I think the labels were changing too...
  7. M

    Excel Timer, save the file and disable it.

    Hi, I hope you're doing well. I was looking if you could help me to create a macro with the below condition; 1) Start Timer (for 5 minutes) & the Stop Timer(seems to be not working, need help to make it work), 2) If the Stop Timer button is clicked, then the Start Timer button should be...
  8. G

    Inactivity timer re-opens workbook

    Hello, First time poster so I apologize if I break any sort of rules. I have a workbook which has a timer that will kick out the user if the worksheet doesn't change for 30 minutes. The timer works fine if I have no other instances of excel open. But, as soon as I have another workbook open...
  9. B

    Countdown start upon opening of Workbook - close after 20 min.

    Hi, I presently have a workbook that numerous individuals can access but I need it the Workbook to automatically close after 20 minutes. I have entered coding and the workbook does close but regardless of the time I insert, it closes after 2 minutes Private Sub Workbook_Open()...
  10. T

    Userform loop

    I am trying to build my own countdown timer, using a userform counting down with a Wait function. It doesn't work but what puzzles me most is it crashes. This is in Moduel1: Option Explicit Sub Start() UserForm1.Show End Sub Sub Timer() Dim i As Integer For i =...
  11. M

    Help with comparing timer with static time

    <tbody> I wonder if any members of this forum could kindly help me with this problem? In my spreadsheet, cell DD4 has a countdown timer running, linked to a website, and the timer runs down to zero 00:00:00, and then continues past zero with a negative sign, e.g. -00:01:00 after one minute...
  12. W

    A simple countdown timer in userform

    Hi. I've googled a lot, tried alot, but cant get it to work, so i'll ask here. Im looking for a simple way to make a countdown timer in a label. I want it so when the userform loads, a coundown timer from 5 min shows in a label, counting down, in min and sec. Does anyone know how to do this?
  13. E

    Clear cell after 60 seconds vba

    Hi all, I want to clear cell "I15" after 60 seconds. I will be calling this sub within another sub. Probably being stupid but can someone see why the following isn't working? The cell is being cleared instantly. Sub ClearTimer() Dim StartTime As Single StartTime = Timer Do While Timer -...
  14. A

    Userform timer function.

    Hello, How can we change the below code function. Istead time I need a timer... Once userform pop ups timer will start. Thanks Option ExplicitDim Tempo As Date Sub clock1() Tempo = Now + TimeValue("00:00:01") Application.OnTime Tempo, Procedure:="Lable_Text", Schedule:=True End Sub Sub...
  15. D

    Trying to optimize macro speed - ideas for a macro timer that I can easily toggle on/off for troubleshooting purposes?

    I found code that will time how long it takes a macro takes to run (and generate a pop-up box with the time it took.) But that solution (pasted below), would -- if I'm understanding correctly -- require that I insert those lines of code around every macro that I want to time (and I've got like...
  16. W

    Call ing macro from inside macro

    I need to call a worksheet from inside a macro. The second workbook has an auto macro that runs a timer function to execute a closure . However I do not want that to run when I call it from the macro, only if I open the workbook manually. How can I add someway to break the timer loop in the...
  17. A

    Timer with change in pc system

    I'm not good at English I want a timer code that is independent of the change in the date and time of the computer and lock the file after 30 days
  18. V

    Timer with pause function.

    Thank you in advance for any help. I have been trying to create a play sheet for a game using active X controls. I'm stuck at the moment with my timer. I have 3 command buttons and a text box. The text box displays the timer, the buttons are as follows Start Game, Pause Game & Reset Timer. My...
  19. charlesstricklin

    PowerPoint: Is it possible to have a 5 minute presentation where slides count down the time left, but displays the same text field on all 300+ slides?

    I am a school teacher, and each class I open up with a focus question displayed on the SmartBoard where students are supposed to answer the question in their notebook. They have 5 minutes after the Tardy Bell to complete their answers. I'd like to create a presentation that counts down in text...
  20. F

    Userform Timed with Timer Cancellation Button.

    I have a timer once my workbook opens, after one minute aUserform pops up, and asks if you are still using the file. If you hit yes, theoriginal timer resets but if you hit no the workbook closes. However, when theuserform pops up a second timer starts, when this timer times out it closes...

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