1. D

    Timesheet Calculation

    Hi Everyone, I made this account specifically to ask this (probably very simple) question. I have gone through quite a few websites trying to get an answer but I can't seem to find one that works. Standard time is Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm Overtime is anything outside of that, so...
  2. M

    Calculate Regular Hours then Overtime

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I am currently working on a time sheet to track an employee's time per each day of the month. I am currently stuck on figuring out how to calculate the regular hours for the week then the Overtime for the week. Example employee works 8.5 hrs on monday, 8 hrs on tuesday...
  3. J

    Time off in Lieu (TOIL) - Running balance with time expiry

    I'm currently trying to make a TOIL timesheet for employees. It has always been done on paper, manually. I am looking to use the same method but digitize and automate. - We accrue 1.5 hours for ever hour worked over 39 hours. - We manually type in hours worked along with the date worked. I'm...
  4. H

    Macro for Auto Summing Values Identified by a Job #

    Not sure if this would be in VBA or not but here is the situation. On a worksheet I have titled "Job Numbers" I have in column c different job numbers going down by row. In column A I have bid hours for the job filled out. In column B I have used hours for the job that will need to be filled in...
  5. K

    Excel formulas not working on new computer

    Hello everyone, I built an excel sheet where some formulas don't seem to be working on my new computer. Description of the workbook and its formulas: The workbook contains daily timesheets where the data is then compiled by job number on the sheets between "start" and "end" In the excel sheets...
  6. A

    Excel Won't Save Print Options for Certain Recipients

    At work, we have timesheets that are printed out on a certain computer dedicated to emails. Everyone who is in charge of the timesheets will send an Excel file to this email computer, where they will be printed out. The timesheets are supposed to be set to print on one sheet of paper, not...
  7. T

    Sequential weekly cell update throughout workbook

    Hello all, I am working on my yearly workbook for timesheets. We do weekly timesheets so in cells D10:L10, there is a date i.e. 1/01/2018. Every tab is labeled for the beginning of the week, 1-01, 1-08, 1-15, etc. How do I enter 1/01/2018 on tab 1-01 and then it would autofill all of the...
  8. D

    Timesheet calculations - Overtime

    Dear all, After reviewing a response by Barry Houdini (Overtime calc on Timesheet), I kindly request help in slightly extending the case to consider the following thresholds: Datime = start 06:00; end 19:00 Night-time = start 19:00; end 06:00 Single OT = start 06:00; end 00:00 Double OT =...
  9. V

    Lookup the time from a row data

    Happy New Year to everybody, I am trying to make a time-sheet format from a row attendance data. Row data will look like as below: <tbody> ID # Date Time Type 100 1/1/2017 07:00 AM IN 100 1/1/2017 05:00 PM Out 100 2/1/2017 08:00 AM IN 100 2/1/2017 01:00 PM Out 100 3/1/2017 10:00 PM In...
  10. D

    Complex Daily Docket Excel Workbook

    Large project traffic control register. It is quite a frustrating issue due to so many lines per person. Workbook with 2 worksheets. WS1 contains list of items we use to allow input on WS2 which is the daily docket register. The numbers equal lines they correlate to in list as an example 1. is...
  11. A

    Turning a series of individual timesheets into a simple daily summary

    So in my spreadsheet I have a tab for each employee. Each tab is a weekly summary with a column for the date/hours/mileage/job that they worked. I want to create a separate daily spreadsheet that gives me a list of each employee that worked on a given day, and also pull the # of hours they...
  12. N

    Converting kilometers to time in quarter hour decimals

    Hello everyone, I am trying to program a timesheet to take a staff members kilometres driven and convert it to a decimal using a 1minute = 1kilometre ratio. However where I work, we must express time in quarter hour decimals. 0.25=15 minutes, 0.5=30 minutes and so on. Right now I am simply...
  13. I

    Timesheet consolidation made easy

    Hello Excel Gurus, I’m building up a system for about 20 employees to report their time at project level and consolidate all entries. It’s meant for capitalizing software costs developed inside the company. I am thinking to build a timesheet template with drop-down menus where employees can...
  14. R

    Copying time sheet data

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet (in excel 2003) containing a years worth of timesheet data, arranged into columns which include job number, stage and the days of the week for Monday-Friday. Hours per day are put against a project and/or stage. The spreadsheet is arranged into worksheets with two weeks...
  15. J

    What functions to use for Timesheet to auto-populate according to work schedule ID

    I'm working on a monthly timesheet template to autofill 8 hours on the days the employee works and 0 for their days off. On the bottom of the sheet it will have the total forcasted hours. I keep getting error messages when trying to write the formula/function. The layout is as follows...
  16. J

    Overlapping hours more than 37 hours paid in a 24 hour period

    Hello, this is my first post. I need some help. This is a problem to be solved and it has been awhile since I had to calculate something this complex. The sales person is in a store working but the time sheets show more than 24 hours per day, up to 37 hours working and paid for. The scenario...
  17. N

    Need some help generating a formula for a deduction

    Hello all! First post, here. I have a working knowledge of Excel, but not a lot beyond that (i.e. very little experience in writing formulas). Here's my situation: I'm woking on modifying a timesheet record for my company. On the spreadshhet we record our hours for the day at up to three...
  18. J

    Timesheet / Rosters issues - HELP

    Dear all, I am hoping someone can help resolved some issues with my spreadsheet. So if D5=12:00PM and E5 = 12:00AM giving me a total of 12 hours The formula i am using is =IF(COUNT(D5:E5)=2,IF(MOD(E5-D5,1)*24<=5,MAX(0,ROUND((MOD(E5-D5,1)-30/1440)*24,2)),MOD(E5-TIME(1,0,0)-D5,1)*24),"") This...
  19. M

    Need help with a complicated excel formula!!

    I am completely stumped! I work for a tutoring center and I have a form that I am trying to make user friendly for ALL of our employees. I'd like to be able to use it as a time sheet however, I can't seem to get the calculations right. I was able to do the time in, time out, and total hours...
  20. S

    I need a formula for adding hours in an excel timecard!!! Help!!

    I am wondering if there is any other way to somehow link two functions together, to add hours in a timecard. I would like to be able to use decimals, but not have it convert into fractions. Example: I want to be able to go: Time in - 8.00 time out - 1.00 time in - 1.30 time out - 5.00. I want...

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