1. Jyggalag

    Create macro that copy paste's data

    Hi all, I am having a huge issue at the moment with some macros i created (through record macro). Basically, I have this excel sheet: I tried to record some macro's, where once I press unfreeze, they post this formula: =IF(ISBLANK(B9),"",TODAY()) for the left one...
  2. Jyggalag

    Freeze =Today() formula once data has been entered

    Hi all, I am currently using this formula: With its neighbor formula in column C going like this: My question is whether it would be possible to somehow freeze my data in cell B3, C3 etc. going forward? So once the formula detects that a data entry has been in the cell 2 rows below it, it...
  3. AJWildOne

    Check Box True return Today's date

    I added a check box in Excel that returns "TRUE", "FALSE" in cell D38 Then added this formula =IF(D38="TRUE",TODAY()) to D34 where I want today's day to display if the checkbox is "True". Seems simple and would be very usefull but it doesn't work. Any suggestions for syntax?
  4. K

    If isblank today()

    Greetings to Tech Gurus, I'm seeking help in nesting a formula but ending up with an error. Please see below details for my formula nesting. C3= % (this cell will have number up to 100 in %) F3= Date (this cell will have date in MM/DD/YYYY format) G3= formula (below is the formula which i'm...
  5. E

    Hyperlink Mailto with If and OR and Today() Functions

    Hi Everyone! I know I'm close but I've hit a brick wall. I have a form where users fill it out and submit via email. There is a Hyperlink Mailto cell (O12:V15) that I want them to click and it generate an email with proper subject depending on cells within the form. Here's what I have already...
  6. zakasnak

    conditional formatting questions

    I have a spreadsheet (duh!) that uses dates for nominations of natgas. On Monday, I nom for Wednesday (highlighted), on Tuesday, I nom for Thursday (highlighted), etc. The problem comes when today's date is a Thursday, I want the conditional formatting to highlight Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday...
  7. J

    Counting Blank Cells using TODAY()

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to count the number of days in one column from last entry to TODAY(). I have a date column and then a second column that has delivery amounts. This second column is ONLY used when a delivery is made. I would like to count the number of days...
  8. G

    Change formula to include rows less than today's date

    Hi All, I have this formula which was provided to me and sorted one problem out which was great. Now I need to adapt the formula so that instead of excluding rows with today's date, I want it to now only include rows with today's date. How do I adapt this formula so it is only including the...
  9. R

    Trying to use Today() function in an IF loop

    I'm attempting to delete rows with dates beyond tomorrow's date with the following code: Do While Not IsEmpty(ActiveCell) If ActiveCell.Value = TODAY + 1 Then Selection.EntireRow.Delete Shift:=xlUp Else ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select End If Loop End Sub It doesn't...
  10. J

    Today or Before Conditional Formatting

    I am having a problem with conditional fomatting. I have created a rule "=$I$14<=TODAY()" which does exactly what I want to do. My issue is when I apply this same rule to a number of cells "=$I$4:$I$66<=TODAY()" it will either format all or none. It will not format each cell individually...
  11. N

    IF, TEXT and TODAY() VBA statement

    Hi all, within a macro I am trying to apply an IF statement to a cell. Basically IF the current date = Monday then return the date from 3 days prior, else display date 1 day prior. eg: current date = 4th July 2016(ie a Monday) = result 1st July 2016 (ie previous Friday date) current date =...
  12. T

    Countif for between today and the end of the month

    Hi there, I'm trying to count all the cell that fall between the current day's date and the end of the month. I've been trying this formula and similar iterations to no luck: =COUNTIFS('Milestones'!J:J,">=Today()", 'Milestones'!J:J,"<=EOMONTH(TODAY(),0)") Is it not possible to use the...
  13. M

    Verify Date Then Calculate Sum Last 7 Days

    Hey Guys, I am wanting to setup a part in my spreadsheet that will display today's date then calculate certain data in relation to the date. For example: Date: 16/04/16 (I need Excel to automatically fill this, will Today() work?) The sum of all values for the last 7 days: 127 (I need Excel to...
  14. N

    How to keep NOW() and TODAY() From updating.

    So, I need to keep the NOW() and TODAY() from changing every time I change a cell or open the spreadsheet. I need the columns C, (TODAY()), F and G (NOW()) to stop updating once there is a time or date in the column. Thank you for the help! If you need anymore information Let me know.
  15. S

    Combining either VLOOKUP or INDEX-MATCH with Today()

    Hello, In Sheet 1, I have to pull a value in H4 where we look up the value in B4 within Column A in Sheet 2. However, I don't want to specify a constant column number within Sheet 2 to return the value, like we would for a standard VLOOKUP. The value I want to return in that Column H cell needs...
  16. E

    Date prior to today with conditions

    Hi all, I have the following data: Column A: Projected completion date (normal format DD/MM/YY) Column B: Project status (either "active" or "inactive") I want to use conditional formatting to highlight a date prior to today but only if the project status is "active". I know the formula for...
  17. B

    Automatic Date Based Formulas Without VBA

    So I now have a small business that uses cash accounting. Since I don't need much in the way of accounting, I use an Excel workbook for the numbers. Overtime I needed to see sums and averages based on time--7 days, 30 days, etc. To accomplish this, without using the dreaded--for me--VBA, I used...
  18. C

    VBA countifs date less than today's date?

    Dear all, I have a range filled with dates as such: <tbody> A 1 Date 2 01/07/2015 3 4 01/08/2015 5 01/09/2015 </tbody> I am planning to use Worksheetfunction.countifs to count the number of dates that are smaller than today's date as one criteria. In excel this would have been...
  19. T

    TODAY () - START DATE = X. but if CELL ROW = "Yes", stop the counter and take the value. If cell = "No" continue date formula

    Hi All, As the subject suggests... TODAY () - START DATE = X. but if CELL ROW = "Yes", stop the counter and take the value. If cell = "No" continue date formula G2 = TODAY() The START DATE is in column F9:F100 The count between TODAY() and the START DATE is shown in columns K9:K100 If columns...
  20. M

    Help w Today() + Text excel vba

    My code looks like this ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "CHARGES 03/23/15" I would like to run my vba code daily for a daily report, so I need the macro to input something like "TODAY()" e.g. today's date. How can I combine "CHARGES" with the date on the same cell? ty

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