1. G

    Assign Procedure/s to VB editor toolbar commands

    Hello, Is that possible to assign macro procedure to a toolbar control (within the VB editor not on Worksheet)? Thanks, Giorgi
  2. T

    Quick Access tool bar reverted to the default display.

    Hello, I have been in and out of Excel (365 ProPlus) several times today. After exiting the last time and then starting it again I noticed the Quick Access Toolbar has reverted to the default toolbar. I had about 20 or so short cuts (both commands from the ribbon and from my macros) on the...
  3. J

    Missing Main Toolbar Excel 2010

    I cannot determine how to show my main toolbar. I can see my add-ins toolbar but not the original toolbar. Help is appreciated. I tried CRTL+F1 but all I get is a help screen. Thanks,
  4. T

    Undo / Redo Shortcuts & VBA

    Hi In my workbook, I have disabled Formula Bar and Headings (from View). This file is password protected. Password. I have 'auto-hide' ribbon too. However, by doing this, the 'undo' and 'redo' buttons that sits on the top in the "Quick Access Toolbar" disappears. Yes, we can always take our...
  5. T

    Line Feed from toolbar

    Is there a toolbar ribbon method to put a linefeed within a cell? I have a user who wants multiple lines within the same cell. Unfortunately our users access Excel through Citrix, so the standard ALT-ENTER command is unavailable. ... it actually logs them out. Using Wrap text won't work...
  6. R

    Excel 2k Menu toolbar somehow got detached and is much smaller---help

    My first post here. I know this is an old program--but it does everything I need a spreadsheet to do :) Somehow my Menu bar is all screwed up. With my W7 Pro config, there is a Deep Blue bar at the very top, the menu bar is about 1/3 the width of the screen and is less height than the Formatting...
  7. M

    Quick Access Toolbar - Addins?

    Hello - does anyone know if it is possible to enable/disable add-ins from a shortcut button on the quick access toolbar? Thanks, Mr R
  8. K

    Toolbar in excel not visible

    Dear All, I have a file created by an external in which the toolbar is hidden. I have no options to bring it back. Do you have any ideas. Thank for he support. regards Klaros
  9. K

    VBA own codes library

    Hi, I just tried some kind of Add-in (VBA Code, free test version) that provides some help when writing code (I would use less than 5% of it, and the way to start a class in really great by the way). The only feature I love and would like to do on my own is the possibility to add what they...
  10. J

    Missing Toolbar Button / Command

    I'm working on customizing my mac excel 2011 toolbar. Using View/Toolbars/Customize I can add and delete buttons. My problem is I want to add the "Edit Comment" command/button but it's missing from the list. It was there yesterday because I put it on my toolbar but then took it off. Ever since...
  11. A

    Listbox in Excel 2003

    Hi, Tried Googling but just found "Launch Excel 2003 and access the "Forms" toolbar" I can't find the Forms toolbar! (I did find UserForms but that's greyed out) Could someone let me know how to get a single column listbox (or a listview control) onto a worksheet. I want to populate it from...
  12. T

    How to stop macro in quick access toolbar from opening original workbook

    Hello I've created a read only workbook that gets saved as another file name. I've added a macro to the quick access toolbar that opens a userform. However, when in a workbook that is saved as a different name, the macro on the quick access toolbar always opens the original workbook with the...
  13. G

    Interact with Power BI using VBA?

    Is this possible? I'd like to add a button to our custom toolbar on a standard report that opens a .pbit file and enters the file path of the existing file as a parameter. I am fine to create the toolbar icon, extract the current filepath etc, but I don't know if it is possible to open and...
  14. Sean15

    HTML Maker has an odd behavior

    I have been using HTML Maker for a few months now but it has an odd behavior. Every time I close and reopen Excel, the HTLM maker icon disappears from my toolbar. I have un-check, and then re-check HTML Maker from the list of Excel Add-Ins for the icon to re-appear in my toolbar. Is that the...
  15. M

    How to remove 'System' menu in toolbar Excel for Mac 2011

    Hi, Opened a spreadsheet relating to room accommodation for my son on a school trip and a new drop down menu appeared in the toolbar entitles 'system'. I assume it relates to Visual Basic and some macro. However, the spreadsheet does not appear to have any macros and as I have no access to the...
  16. V

    Macro's do not run from Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2016 Office 365

    Macro's run fine thru Developer but when added to the QAT Toolbar they do nothing. I tried adding a message at the beginning of my macro but the icon does not run the macro. I assume this is some sort of options issues but I have not been able to find anything on the Excel thread that address...
  17. M

    VBA to hide toolbar / ribbon

    When I open my workbook I would like the toolbar / ribbon to be completely hidden so that its in full screen by default. But I wan't it to be specific to my workbook only and not affect other excel files. Hope that makes sense. I have tried the auto hide ribbon feature and couple of macros but...
  18. M

    Migrating All Macros from Modules into Add-In: Should I At All / How Do I Do It?

    Situation I have a modestly complex workbook, with a lot of modules containing custom macros. The workbook also has a customized toolbar which links to a lot of these macros. The workbook is not connected to "linked" to any other workbooks. Most of the macros involve manipulations on the sheets...
  19. S

    Shortcut tool bar for macros: Good Advice (and no bugs if i do?)

    Hi there all. Firstly, Happy Christmas all!! Hope you really enjoy it. Secondly, I waa planning to wrap up my year by incorporating buttons into my worksheets for faster and effortless use and activation of all the cool macro's i have found and developed over the years, here. ( As well as...
  20. D

    Ms office 2007 excel toolbar tab missing

    I have a bespoke ADD IN (called GET DATA). I am trying to add this so it is shown in a Separate Tab on the ACCESS TOOLBAR but it will not show. On some machines it works and shows but this machine it does not. Any help much appreciated.

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