1. skorpionkz

    [VBA] Toolbox show up for end user

    Hi all, I developed some User Forms base application in VBA excel. My question is not related to code. I am not sure what cause it, but some of end users can see Toolbox, even though then using application and don't even have developer screen opened. Is there any way to disable tool box, so...
  2. B

    VBA - Toolbox showing when hyperlink is clicked

    Hi, I am not sue why but whenever I click the hyperlink in my userform, the toolbox is showing. Private Sub Label1_Click() Link = "" ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:=Link End Sub Any idea why? How to fix it?
  3. sharky12345

    Error 70 Permission Denied

    I'm randomly getting an error 70, Permission Denied when I try to execute the following routine; Sub DeleteFiles() 'Raw Data If FileFolderExists(ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Toolbox Files\System Files\Raw Data*.xlsx") Then Kill ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Toolbox Files\System Files\Raw...
  4. D

    VBA Editor - Userform Toolbox Empty

    Hi All, I have an issue currently with the toolbox for user forms. When I add a new userform in the vba editor and then select the toolbox so I can add some controls, the toolbox appears, however it has no controls visible. Initially the toolbox just showed 2 tabs "page 1" and "page 2" and...
  5. sharky12345

    Open saved OLE document

    I'm using this to save an OLE Word document as a pdf; Dim appWord As Object If ActiveWorkbook Is Nothing Then Exit Sub Application.ScreenUpdating = False DestFolder = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Toolbox Files" Set wsActive = ActiveSheet lCnt = 0 Sheets("Setup").Activate Set ws = Sheets("Setup")...
  6. G

    User Form Toolbox Hover

    Hello All, Concerning the User Form Toolbox. Why is there no caption when I Hover over the individual controls? Makes it hard to figure out which one I need Thanks excel 2013
  7. S

    Listbox Missing

    I'm building a user form and when I open my toolbox I am missing the listbox item. Any ideas?
  8. B

    I want to scroll the screen using the toolbox scrollbar, any ideas?

    I'm using a form so theres no way to scroll down the screen while in the form. So i thought why can't you use the toolbox scroll bar on the form to scroll up and down the worksheet. I would love some ideas, i can't find anything on the net about this. thank you.
  9. L

    Possible to loop through control box?

    Hi again, I have a chart which shows revenue by salesman for a month. Basically I have a dropdown control which lists the names of 12 different sets of data. So I can choose Jan, Feb, Mar, etc and based on my selection it will update the data in a range and then adjust the chart based on...
  10. pedie

    Userform toolbox additional controls. F1.

    Hi, I have never made used of Userform toolbox additional controls except for the Calendar. I wanna ask if someone can suggest me a link that will explain the additional controls that we have and how to use it and how it work etc. Thanks for helping. Pedie.;)
  11. Grizlore

    VBA - Additional Controls Dialog Box "MISSING"

    Additional Controls Dialog Box refuses to display I have a problem trying to add additional controls to the Controls toolbox The two methods I've tried 1. Right click on the controls toolbox , click Additional controls 2. Menu, Tools, Additional controls Neither of the above produce a...
  12. V

    Control becomes a pic

    Hi Everyone, I am a fairly new VBA programmer and am having an issue where a control is no longer a control. I'm trying to figure out why it no longer is a control. I have a worksheet with checkboxes on it from the control toolbar. I have code that runs when the user clicks the checkbox...
  13. Z


    I'm at a loss here :banghead:. Every time a try to add a button from the control toolbox, it wont show up. neither will a text box, radio button, etc. I'vew tried editing the properties, changing the color, moving it to the front, but nothing sems to work. Am i missing something, or are my excel...

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