1. A

    VBA - Add In with Modules/Subroutines

    Hello, I am working with different tools based on workbooks at work. Now I don't want to write/update the code, which is over some workbooks the same, again and again in every tool. The solution should be to write this tool, which is exactly the same in every tool, in an add in, and connect...
  2. I

    sorting jobs list

    Hi, Could somene tell me if there is a way to sort a list of jobs that are required to be done over a monthly period (per day) I have a list of tools and how many hours they have been used for, i'd like to be able to plan how many jobs i can do per day ( 3,4,5,6) is there a formula i can use...
  3. D

    Right Click a Cell

    Hi, When I right click on a cell I get a drop down menu and a box containing tools above or blow it, I would like to customize this box of tools and the drop down menu also, is this possible. Thanking you in advance. Regards, Duncan.
  4. A

    How save/use Subs from central storage

    Hi, I want to save my different subroutines which I use in some tools at a central place, so when I update them I have to update only the subs in this workbook. I put them in a workbook and add this workbook in the VBA ****pit under references. No I have access to the scripts in this central...
  5. C

    NPV with a stepped rental

    Hi I'm trying to work out the NPV of a simple repayment profile that has a stepped rental i.e X months at $100 followed by Y months at $1000 I can do this by creating lists but I want to develop a calculator where I can solve the NPV by having X & Y as variable numbers. I have other tools I...
  6. A

    can't find project or library

    on trying to close one of my files, I get the "can't find project or library" message. there are no macros used in this file. I can then not open the References list from the Tools menu. I click on Tools and nothing happens. If i force close excel and then come back in using a different file...
  7. S

    Conditional format highlight set for 2 weeks from today (rolling)

    Hopefully this is relatively simple one. I have tools that get sent away for repair and that date is input into excel. What I would like is to be able to open the file and instantly see what tools have been away for 2 weeks or longer through a conditional row/cell highlight. But, if tools are...
  8. A

    Folder Picker

    This works very nicely Does anyone know if there's any way to disable the Tools Button ?
  9. C

    Excel 2019: Why is my Chart Tools Layout Tab Missing?

    Simple question: Why is my Chart Tools Layout Tab missing? I want to add high-low bars to my chart. I read around to find out how and I find I should click anywhere on the chart and the Chart Tools thing will pop up with three choices under it: Design, Layout, and Format, and I should choose...
  10. F

    What are some good excel add-ins to use in 2019

    What are some free or paid add-in / utilities / tools for Excel to add extra features and make life easy?
  11. J

    Managing a Large Spreadsheet

    Hello I am a software tester and I will soon be carrying out end to end testing which will cover a period of 6 years. Without the luxury of software tools I will utilise Excel. Currently my plan is to make every column a day (2192 columns), and every row a person (up to 500 people). Every...
  12. J

    Linking a Module to a Macro in Access

    Hi, I am new to access and I would like to find out how to linka module to a macro so I don’t have the run the module through VB. The module is working fine but I can’t figure out how tolink this to either A macro so I can run it from the Database tools tab Assign it to a button on a...
  13. N

    How can I convert my Excel VBA Macros to EXE File

    Dear All, I have prepared lots of Excel based Tools using excel macros. In these Excel Sheets user normally browses excel files or inputs data as guided by the Tool and then runs my macros to generate a desired output. Everything is working fine. However, instead of distributing these Tools as...
  14. S

    Online reporting / Survey tools

    Hello, I am been tasked at work to compile a report in Excel. It will gather both text and numeric data and will be completed by 50+ organizations. I also need to make it as easy as possible for us to comb through the data. My manager doesn't want to receive 50+ copies of the same workbook...
  15. T

    How do I make excels control impossible for people to use?

    Hi Everyone. Sub tewo() Application.DisplayFullScreen = True Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False ActiveWindow.DisplayWorkbookTabs = False ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines = False End Sub I use the above code to hide all excel tools etc to make the sheet...
  16. A

    Pivot Table Add-ins

    I do a fair amount of Pivot Table Work and was trying to compare Pivot Table Add-in tools. I was looking at Contextures Pivot Power Premium Excel Campus PivotPal There are things I like about both, but...
  17. M

    Unprotect workbook when protect option and vba tools also not showing

    HI, Protect option hide in my excel workbook 2010 and I also try to VBA tools aslo but there is not showing option and options also hide.
  18. D

    Header & Footer Tools (Design) not showing

    - On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Header & Footer. - Under Header, click either the left, center, or right header selection box. - On the Design tab of the Header & Footer Tools, in the Header & Footer elements group, click Picture and then find the picture that you want to insert...
  19. J

    I need Ribbon Help!

    In Excel 2016 How Do I add certain tools to my ribbon? Every single time I try to use certain tools in excel, they do not appear in my ribbon for me to use. Why? and how can I add the tools to my ribbon? Thank you!
  20. L

    pivot table from different sheets and from different files

    Hi Any simple and easy to understand tutorial that you recommend which demonstrates: 1) Pivot table from different sheets 2) Pivot table from different workbooks(files) Is that possible? Do I need to use 3rd party tools? Thank you.

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