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  1. D

    Need top 10 from column B for every different value in column A

    I have three columns in my worksheet, column A contains a list of hubs, column B contains a list of suppliers, and column C contains a sum of their business. The hub in the cell of column A repeats for every supplier they have before moving onto a new hub. Below is an example of what the data...
  2. T

    Excluding a Data Point with the Pivot Table Top 10 Tool

    Hi, everyone. I am using the Top 10 tool in a Pivot Table, but need to exclude one of the items that is in the top ten. When I uncheck that data item in the list, it removes the Top 10 filter entirely and shows all of the data. Is there a way to manually exclude certain items from the Top 10...
  3. D

    Lookup to return top 10 of each area

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for anyone who looks and helps me on this one, that is driving me crazy. I am looking to create a page that looks up each of my separate areas, and then returns a Top 10 (1-10) for each area with account number and the value outstanding with that account. I am...
  4. D

    How do you retrieve the Top 5 items of a category?

    For example, a product table has thousands of product numbers in the rows, but the unique product code distinguishes certain categories of the items by the third letter being A for Antennas, B for Brackets, C for Cones, and so on for dozens more, with numerous sizes and models available in each...
  5. S

    Powerpivot top 10

    Hi I'm trying to create a top 10 list from a pivot table which its data is drawn from a power pivot. When I reviewed the steps online on YouTube and fall of them I still get results showing everything 100 or more items even though I've selected 10. It also does not sort in highest to lowest...
  6. T

    Pivot Table Top 10

    Hi, Hoping somebody can help with what feels like it should be easier than I'm finding it please!! I have two pivot tables set up both with customer names as the row labels and column labels being financial years, the values in the table are then the sum of sales volumes to each customer for...
  7. C

    How to filter pivot table values

    I have a pivot table that has a top 10 value filter. However, the results give me a lot of low-value ties (like '0' or '3') so that the returned rankings are much more than 10 items. Does anyone know a solution to hiding certain values after using a top 10 value filter in a pivot table?
  8. S

    highlighting top10% and bottom 10% from a row of numbers

    Hi I have product by customer (product x customer) spread sheet where I need to identify the top 10% items and bottom 10% items (by values) and give them some colour. A sample array is given below in line on this query. A sample spread sheet with the same data is uploaded to The...
  9. F

    Top ten Pivot Grand total

    Hi all, i have created a pivot to show top 10 clients for every desk by cash. My problem is that's the subtotals are showing the sums of only the top 10 clients for each desk. Instead, I would like them to show the total cash for the entire desk. Is there a way of making the Excel do this...
  10. J

    Change Pivot's Value Filter (Top 10) for value in cell

    Hello all, First of all thanks for all the help that you guys have been giving me, without you knowing since i only browsed the forum. But now i have got a question that i cant find the answer to. Here is my situation: I have got a pivot table in a worksheet which has got a value filter to only...
  11. M

    Copy Top 10 from one workbook to other

    Hi All/Experts, I have two excel workbook as "Report June 14 - June 20" and "Report June 21 - June 27" and each containing "ATT" sheet as first sheet. Report June 21 - June 27.xlsm Report June 14 - June 20.xlsx I want to take the Top 10 in B, Q and R column by sorting Q5 by descending order...
  12. S

    Top 10 with multiple criteria

    Hi all, Got a database with some 175 document numbers that I need to extract the top 10 from (based on value). Have been working with a combination of INDEX, MATCH and LARGE function and I managed to get a top 10. The current code...
  13. L

    Extract required data from a large table

    Hi All. Ive been trying various methods to do this all week, but I'm not quite getting what i want. I have a massive data table downloaded form an external raw source. At the minute I am importing the data, tidying it up a bit, adding details and archiving. I have set up a reporting sheet with...
  14. L

    Extact Top 20 rows DYNAMIC

    Hi all, I have been looking for a nice way to extract the top 20 rows based on the value in one column. The data table is approx 20 columns by 6000 rows, I use VBA to sort and apply filters in various ways, but I would like a way of keeping a small table at the top that keeps the top ten of...
  15. T

    Top 10 question

    I have a weekly feed with lots of stock codes. I want to produce a daily table with the top 10 most active codes without disturbing the data. I presume this can be done with the large function with one of the count functions?
  16. S

    Top 5 Largest Amounts - Multiple Variables

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to pull together a top 5/bottom 5 list, given the way the data is provided. The source data is pulled from an existing macro, which I dare not alter, so that is unavoidable. Basically, I am trying to pull the names (column A) and sale amounts (column B)...
  17. F

    Filter Top 5 of Filtered Data

    Hi! I have been trying to retrieve the top 5 entries by revenue after filtering using an industry category. The problem I'm facing is that the top 5 filter seems to assume that I want the data that is not captured by the first filter so I am left with "missing" data which is supposed to...
  18. S

    For 2 Rows (value / name) retreive top 10 values - (always include one name) for charting

    The totals from daily activty is on Row 4 for about 50 companies names listed on Row 5 The graph from this only wants to: a. Show the top 10 companies based on the associated totals b. Alwasys include Our company in the top 10. Static: Row 4 Column D to Az - List of totals for each column Row 5...
  19. C

    Extract Top 10 from Table

    Hey everyone, I am currently doing a project and have hit a wall. I have a table with the names of an item, then they are in columns with their Qty, as below. <tbody> Item Qty 1 Qty 2 Qty 3 Qty 4 A 1 16 7 8 B 10 11 2 9 C 3 6 15 14 D 4 12 13 5 </tbody> What I need is to extract the...
  20. V

    Listing Top 10 with multiple same name entries

    I have an worksheet with expenses for different items with name, date, receipt no., total etc. I need to create a top 10 list of expenses but when I sort I get only the Top 10 INDIVIDUAL receipts while I need all receipts under the same name to be added together and then listed. For eg. Name...

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