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    Tracking and logging changes to values within one column.

    I have a piece of code (Which I got from this site) that tracks changes to cells within the worksheet. It works great except I'd like it to look a changes just within one column only, not the whole sheet. Anyone know of a way? Option Explicit Const intUsernameColumn = 1 Const intCellRefColumn...
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    How to track changes

    I have been trying to set one of my company's excel documents to be tracked. I have found it, I have set it up and it works really well. Only issue is, it makes the document [Shared]. The issue with this, is that the document is on a shared drive, we have tried to have it shared before but it...
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    Hello Again, I have a code running (code below) that is copying data from one master sheet, to one of 2 other sheets based on criteria. What I need to do now, is add a code to this (for the whole workbook) that will track changes made. So if by example, John opens the book, and enters a new...
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    Excel Tracking Cell Changes - Thanks

    Hello, I have one cell call "Above" and the other one call "Below". Sometimes, "Above" will change to "Below" and vice versa. I want to be able to tell how many days since the cell changed from "Above" to "Below" For example: Cell A1 change from "Above" to "Below" on day 1------> Cell B1 = 1...
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    IIF statement and data tracking

    I have a database where the status of a part can change from being in, out, lost, etc. I would like to track when the part goes Lost. I created another field to do this with but when the status changes, the field I create changes. I would like for it to remain as it is no matter what the status...
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    How to track over data that is over written every time the file is used.

    This post is really to ask for a good suggestion on how to accomplish this task. I have made a Template in excel that calculates sales opportunities. The first few columns data is directly imported from the amount of new business sales. The last few columns is where the formulas are stored...
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    self tracking, re-open

    I am trying to setup a worksheet to file save as G5, J4 & J5, have that working except would like to remove the path. I want to the file save as box to show up to designate where to save the file as of right now it is saving automatically (and everyone sets up their computers
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    Compare two identical large workbooks changes

    Good morning, I have two excel workbooks formatted exactly the same. Is there a way that I can compare the two documents and highlight the cells with changes throughout the entire workbook?
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    Continuous count based on two factors

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting on the forum but I have always gotten a lot of help from reading other posts. Here is my question: I have a workbook in which I have created a tracking program with a user interface, the information posted to the interface gets stored into hidden...
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    Tracking a cell

    I want to be able to measure the progression of a cell that is in a dropdown in Excel. Once the cell "closes" it is important but it is more important to see what the cell was before it was coded as closed. Is there a way to see what the last item in that cell was? maybe put it in another cell?
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    Tracking changes within a shared workbook

    I am working in Excel 2007 Compatibility mode. I am needing to find out how to track changes within a shared workbook (on a server) that identifies who made the changes, and I need to be the only one who gets this info. Not the others using the workbook. Is there a way that whenever ONLY I...

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