1. C

    Dynamic row count

    Hi all, I am setting up a spreadsheet that pulls all of my credit card transactions. Once they are pulled, I manually categorize them. I have an issue with a formula that is supposed to count the number of uncategorized transactions (so I know to update them). Here is what I wrote...
  2. P

    Bank Transaction Description/Merchant Cleanup & Auto Categorize (like Mint)

    I can't believe I couldn't find this anywhere. All my account transactions are downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet. I want to: Cleanup the merchant name/description to be concise & understandable Run Transactions column A against the list of IFTT criteria on the AutoLookup tab and replace...
  3. joh1135

    Issue with Chase downloading a years transactions

    I have been trying to figure out why Chase transactions do not down load properly into Excel. After a couple of hours I downloaded the document into word with using past with document formatting and it showed me that Chase places a question mark in front of the number if the number is negative...
  4. S

    Transactions Per Hour

    Hi all, I want to run a query which identifies the number of transactions conducted per account per hour and the amount. my table have 3 columns A: Account Number B: Transaction date & time C: Transaction Amount I have searched the forum q's but didn't see anything relevant so far. So...
  5. N

    <cell value> = number of rows to display after a given row, then copy row down <cell value> times

    I'm trying to create a dynamic form where by information is pulled from another worksheet and displayed in a master report. I have a cell that contains the number of transactions found based on FROM and TO dates (i.e. 3 transactions found between these dates). <tbody> From 01/01/19 To...
  6. C

    Manual Sales Report Help

    Hi All, I have a bit of a challenge... I use this retail software that spits out these awful csv reports that don't provide the information I need -- unfortunately it lumps all sales together, whether they are actual sales or comps. I want to create a formula or formulas to isolate all items...
  7. G

    Find next dated transaction for same customer

    I have a table of transactions that include Date and Customer ID. How can I find for a transaction, the next transaction for the same customer? For example, a customer might have several transactions over several dates. If I look at any one of those transactions, I need to find the very next...
  8. R

    Combine transaction data by time

    Hi All: I have the unfortunate task of grouping several thousand transactions into 15 minute increments. The time stamp of the transaction is in column E and is formatted like this: 12/4/2018 9:08:23 AM What I need to do is provide a count of the number of transactions that occurred from...
  9. M

    How can I use a Range Variable in the Advanced Filter VBA Code

    Hi, My project is to create an Excel Personal Accounts WorkBook to replace MS Money. I'm using a Apple Mac Mini with Office 365 - OK with Excel, very new to VBA, so I'm mostly adapting recorded macros. in my 80th year this is challenging - simplicity is key:smile: Project Summary: Sheet 1...
  10. R

    Sort transaction file into Sales Summary

    Hi everyone, I have a huge file about transaction that has 5 columns (Date, Product Name, Quantity, Price, Total Price), example like below: Date Product Name Quantity Price Total 2019-01-01 A 2 $100...
  11. L

    Excel for book keeping and accounting

    Hi I am an intermediate user of excel but haven't done anything to do with accounting and book keeping with it yet. I have attached a spreadsheet with the type of data I'll be receiving in a csv file and a general journal. Im interested to see if there is a way to have the transactions imported...
  12. W

    Countif Unique, Countif record appears X frequency in a date range

    Column A has a customer ID Column B has the date the customer had a transaction The maximum number of transactions a customer can have is 365, one per each day. This is a rule from the data source. The user pulls the data from the source and copies the data into Column A and B on an ongoing...
  13. L

    Excel VBA connection to MYSQL using Transactions

    I need to write to multiple tables in my MySql database from excel (possibly 20 plus). I will be needing to use PK of certain tables i update as FK of others. I would really like to use Transactions to insure all information is update and if something errors out for any reason then i can...
  14. M

    Reformatting or consolidating multiple worksheets for summary

    Hi All I have a workbook where each tab represents a country. Within that, it shows the same functions and items per client. I need to summarise the data across all sheets to extract key pieces of information without having to reformat the sheets. I inherited the workbook so don't want to...
  15. B

    Extract number value from a cell

    Hi Boardmembers I wonder if someone can please assist me. I have a column, for which I would like to extract the number value, that may be one-five characters, into a new column and ignore the "transactions" part. <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Units 289 Transactions 0 Transactions...
  16. P

    Calculation based on previous transactions

    Hi, I have a problem to solve. I have a data set of 7000 transactions and I need to calculate the amount for each transaction as per below formula. Please note that calculation will be done basis of account number. <tbody> Account Number Value Percentage Amount ABC 1000 0.1 =(B2)*C2-0...
  17. H

    Formula challenge, need clever help!

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; min-height: 14.0px}</style>MrExcel gurus, I'm trying to improve a workbook that helps manage spending well enough that it justifies...
  18. T

    Make formula automatically apply? Count only down to the last row of data?

    Hi folks, 1. My spreadsheet contains a mix of raw data (transactions) and formula. I would like the formula to automatically apply as soon as the raw data is pasted in, so I have pre-dragged them down to the 15,000th row ... is there a smarter way of doing this? 2. I made a Summary sheet which...
  19. S

    Move worksheet to a workbook with same name

    I have 4 workbooks with several worksheets (the names of the worksheet range from 0801 to 0899, some also have 081A, 082B etc). Not all worksheets are in each workbook. These workbooks are named AvailFunds, Detailed AP Transactions, JVTransactions & Encumbrance. I want to have several...
  20. H

    Sumifs on two columns

    Hi all, I am quite new to Power Pivot so please excuse my question - I have two columns: unique basket identifier and volume of SKU transactions. What I would like to do is to sum the volume of all SKU transactions that appear in each basket so that for each basket row the total basket size is...

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