1. P

    Excel Business Translate with VBA

    Hello, Can anybody share a reference on how to use Excel Business Translate (Excel - Microsoft Translator for Business ). I was not able to find any references. Thanks!
  2. dss28

    translate from English to other language without google translator assisstance in excel

    I want to translate the english text to other language without going online using internet to ggogle or other translating sites. I want to use the excel inbuilt "translate menu" as the user do not have access to internet. If the user enters english text in a textbox in a userform, it should...
  3. M

    Looking for VBA that by clicking button translates English text from one cell (B2) and pastes French translation in different cell (M2)

    I have managed to get a msg box to pop up with the translation but really what I want is to be able to enter text into cell B2, press a button and have the translated text appear in cell M2. Thoughts?
  4. P

    How to call the built-in Microsoft Translator with Excel VBA?

    Is there VBA code available that calls the translator, parses text, and then copies the text to a file or cell?
  5. A

    Translate function VBA

    Hi all, After trying various VBA scripts I am stuck as none of them worked. I am looking for a VBA function which will allow me to translate a cell and output translation to another cell. So for example if cell A1 had some text in Dutch, then if the function was used in B1 to translate to...
  6. Z

    Countifs into SUMPRODUCT

    =CountIFS('[Direktgeschäft VU - 2019 NeU.xlsx]Daten '!$A:$A;">="&'[Direktgeschäft VU - 2019 NeU.xlsx]Daten '!$A$1684;'[Direktgeschäft VU - 2019 NeU.xlsx]Daten '!$J:$J;B19) Could anyone please help me translate this into a SUMPRODUCT ?
  7. N

    Translate Excel Function to VBA

    Hi, Can someone please help me translate this function to VBA? =IF(G5="Delivery",(10000+IF(D5="Ain Jarfa",1000,3000)),10000) I need it in Sub cmdNew_Click as: ws.Cells(nr, "I").formula = (The above function) Note: Instead of "G5" put (ws.Cells(nr, "G")) Instead of "D5" put (ws.Cells(nr...
  8. Z

    Sumifs does not work when a workbook is closed

    =SUMMEWENNS('[Direktgeschäft VU - 2019 NeU.xlsx]Daten '!$C$2:$C$1703;'[Direktgeschäft VU - 2019 NeU.xlsx]Daten '!$J$2:$J$1703;B19;'[Direktgeschäft VU - 2019 NeU.xlsx]Daten '!$A$2:$A$1703;F6) as well all know whenever i close the other workbook it gives #Value, can anyone help me to translate it...
  9. K

    Translate formula into vba (index match and if formula)

    Hi I need help here, do anyone know how to translate the below formula into vba IF(LEFT(K5,1)="#",0,MAX((L5-INDEX(WorkingHrs[To],MATCH(J5,WorkingHrs[Working Hours],0))+(L5< index(workinghrs[to],match(j5,workinghrs[working hours],0))))-index(workinghrs[hours],match(j5,workinghrs[working...
  10. M

    Convert Excel to Vba Code msxml2.xmlhttp

    The code I wrote is also slow to take data from the site so I want to translate it to msxml2.xmlhttp. I need your support for it, if you help <svg focusable="false" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 24 24"> </path></svg><svg focusable="false"...
  11. T

    VBA for Business - Search across 2x pages with Transposing of Information

    I have a Excel document made up of 2 worksheets - one entitled "Support Register' and the other entitled 'Services' On the support register sheet, we have every client in Column B from Rows 9:120, and all our services across the top in Columns B8:ZZ8. I am attempting to make it so when I...
  12. V

    I NEED HELP for translate index/match function into vba code

    Hi, anyone please me save :(:( how do i translate this to a vba code =INDEX('16090540'!D2:D296,MATCH(MAX('16090540'!N2:N296),'16090540'!N2:N296,0)) what i have done is test =...
  13. T


    Hi, can anyone explain me how to translate this formula excel into VBA? =SUMIFS($H:$H,$A:$A,$A2,$B:$B,$B2,$D:$D,$D2,$E:$E,$E2) Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. J

    Translate an embedded Excel formula in vba for Excel

    Hi folks, Could anyone help me translate the following Excel formula to VBA...
  15. H

    text to date

    Hi, is there some formula to translate text stored like this "28. June 2018" into date? Thx
  16. R

    Translate sequence of numbers to another sequence of numbers

    Hi I need to translate a seuqence of numbers 01000988 to another sequence format, 0010-01-0988 were the part 0010 is matched to the first four symbols of 01000988 the 01 is just Always 01 and 0988 should match the last 4 of 01000988 this is what I want the results to be 01000988 =...
  17. D

    Speak XML dictionary

    Good day this use to Translate Languages CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") how to be used for Speak language Tanks
  18. Dazzawm

    Translate Spreadsheet

    Is there a code I could run that would translate an entire spreadsheet from French to English please?
  19. V

    Translate Worksheet to different language

    I have created a quote builder for our organisation which is in English and like to be able to translate the quote (which can be dynamic) from English to Portuguese using VBA. I don't want to use google translate as it involves a cost and the spreadsheet requiring conversion has formulas and...
  20. S

    Translate (PRODUCT(1+A1:A3/100)-1)*100 Formula

    An existing spreadsheet has a formula which needs to be implemented in SQL. The user note indicates 3 months compounding formula where each rows stores 1 month of data. (PRODUCT(1+A1:A3/100)-1)*100 The formula does not have curly braces around it to make it an array formula. I tried to...

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