1. B

    using a transparent image for userform label or frame

    I need to assign an image to the picture attribute of a label or frame. The only issue is the image has transparency to it. Is there any format that excel supports which allows transparency or a way to make this work?
  2. K

    [Layout conondrum] How to make a single cell void when freezing the first row?

    Hi fellow Excel users, I have only recently begun dabbling in the way of freezing cells in excel. I have this conondrum which is accordingly... and here I wish I could share some pictures with you, but only being able to share picture HYPERLINKS limits my availability. The conondrum is that I...
  3. Z

    Ticklabes transparent in VBA??? help needed

    Hey guys. This is giving me a lot of problems, and have for sometime now. Searched the web for a solution but was not able to find one. I recorded this macro, but vba will not play it. I want to make the axis of one of my graphs transparent. (I have an another graph behind it) The error that...
  4. R

    Changing the color transparency of a cell

    I have written code to change the color of a cell based on whether the value of the cell is positive/negative. I would also like to change the transparency of that color (so the color is less intense). Does anyone know a quick way to add this change to my code? Or could someone help me write the...
  5. J

    Formatting Transparency of Axes in VBA

    I'm sure this isn't news here, but Excel 2007's Record Macro function doesn't play nice with formatting charts. What I need to do is adjust the transparency for my (xlCategory, xlSecondary) and (xlValue, xlPrimary) axes. I've tried many different options for <!--?--><!--?-->"?" within...
  6. P

    Change transparency of background image

    I have changed my excel background (Page Layout --> Background). Is there a way in excel to change the transparency of the background image??:confused: Thanks, Prabhat
  7. 3

    Access 2010 Null date then display this message?

    Hey guys new here I have 2 questions if I have a date in my database that is sometimes null I want to be prompted to enter a message that it will display instead of blank for the null date, but the dates that are populated I want them to show the date that is in the database the field is called...
  8. F

    Adjustable Transparency VBA by Column

    So here are the basics: I am working on a large coordination/ scheduling document and want the ability to write a code that would turn certain columns (to be specified in the code by both ranges and single column references) transparent to a certain degree (again specified by code) This...
  9. F

    combobox transparency and tab around

    I'm working on a form. I've decided I really like the way the ActiveX combobox works. However, I would like to set it's back style to transparent and the showdropbuttonwhen to focus. When I do this, it's all good in the hood. However, when I make a selection (or go back to a blank in the...
  10. repairman615

    Transparent text in a shapes("TextBox 1")

    Hello, I have a textbox placed in the sheet from the insert menu. It is possible to set the transparency of the text manually...right click>format text effect>fill>transparency. Using vba, how could this be accomplished? Any insight is greatly appreciated. <font face=Courier...
  11. G

    Transparent background becomes black

    Hello, I am using API code (found it here) to make UserForm transparent. However, I experience an issue when Excel hangs for a second or so, transparent background becomes black. Is there any way to get rid of it or at least change black colour to any other?
  12. L

    Gif Transparency Goes Away After Saving

    I have added an image control to my sheet and I have code that allows the user to select a gif file to load as the image. These are signatures with transparent backgrounds. All is fine when I load them (meaning they maintain their transparency) but after saving and closing and then reopening...

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