1. U

    Transpose uneven number of values from rows to columns following the same headers

    Hi, I'm pretty new to VBA and trying to figure out how to transpose 2000 rows of uneven batches of data. Here's an example: Column A & B need to become Columns D-H I would really appreciate some help! Thank you.
  2. P

    VBA Transpose and Move to a table

    Good Afternoon, This is a sample Profit and loss report by customer in Excel. What I am looking to do is take row 5 (That being the Job Names) and put the "Total Expenses" and "Total Other Expenses" into a table. My issue is that I will not know how large the sheet is, so I will need...
  3. S

    Rearrange Data to show Duplicates?

    Hi All, I need to rearrange data so that it shows duplicates rather than only unique values. For example, data that shows qualifications: Category Subcategory John Bob Rich Microsoft Excel X X Microsoft Word X X I want to change it to: Category Subcategory Name Microsoft...
  4. Y

    Using Transpose

    Hello everyone, I have data in two columns and I want to turn them from vertical into horizontal, I used transpose but its not giving me what I want here is an example I have date in rows (Letters below) with data in front of it in the next row (the numbers below) i want to change them to...
  5. D

    Create an Array and transpose array values to range

    Hello, I have some code that will loop through each worksheet in my workbook and then fetch the amount of rows and populate integer 'rowcount' with that number. How do I then take that integer, store all of those values in an array and then transpose that array onto a range so it looks something...
  6. L

    Transpose the row data of a single cell into different cells in column

    I have existing data is like this in column A & B with commas AB1168,69,70,71,722279,80,81,82,83,3390,91,92,93,9444102,103,104,105,106,55125, 236, 237, 238, 23966170, 171, 172,173,17477182,230, 231,232,24788100,101,246 ,254991,11,12,13,14, 1510102,3,4,5,6,7, 8111127,29,30,32, 33 1212100,101,246...
  7. D

    transpose and expand

    How would I go about splitting by the comma, transpose to column b, then expand the values between the dash? Input sheet New Sheet Thanks
  8. S

    Transpose using formulas based on condition

    Hi, I have a situation where in I have data where the hierarchy goes as follows Region>Country>Plant>crusher Name>Machine Score>Machine score check date. is there a way to transpose the score 1 date below the most recent score column and the date next to it using formulas and likewise for other...
  9. Jyggalag

    Please help me wrap up my IndexMatch formula (90% done)

    Dear all, I am currently having some issues with a mix of IFERROR, INDEX, MATCH and TRANSPOSE and ROWS formula in Excel: I have the current sheet of data: The formula and the data links to this test sheet of data: Now I have done about 90% of the work (I hope), seen as my...
  10. S

    My Macro Isn't Working

    Hi, Thanks so so much for helping me. I honestly love this site so much - it gives me wikipedia vibes (big fan). My macro isn't working! Not sure what to do - super frustrating! This is my sheet: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS4Project DescriptionSub LedgerUncompleted HoursUncompleted HoursUncompleted...
  11. S

    Macro help?

    Hi All, This is my first post - thanks so much in advance for helping. I have data that looks like this: Project Subproject Sam Tom Terry Alice Project 1 Subproject b 4 1 6 Project 2 subproject d 5 4 5 Project 3 subproject f 3 3 6 Project 4 subproject q 4 It's a time...
  12. R

    VBA or formula to transpose/re-arranging data in columns

    Hello. Appreciate any help on this transpose/re-arranging of columns. What I wanted to achieved is straight forward but seems difficult to do. I wanted to re arrange this dataset below...
  13. F

    Transpose data with formulas

    Hi, I have lot currency conversion data that needs to be transposed so we can load it to a DB. Due to security restrictions no macros are allowed so I will have to rely on formulas. The existing data is in this format: DateYearQuarterAUDCAD CurncyAUDCLP CurncyAUDCZK Curncy...
  14. P

    Transpose data to columns

    Hello Excel gurus! need help in transposing data. Provide is the sample screenshot needed. Is there a way to do this thru formula or a macro is needed? Thank you so much!
  15. loribear180

    Create a Master sheet to then transpose and export spreadsheets

    Hello! I just need some guidance into what I'm supposed to actually be learning/googling. I usually create multiple checklists from an Excel 'template' spreadsheet. However, this is too time consuming and I was hoping I could create a simple Master spreadsheet where I could enter all the data...
  16. A

    Transpose or unpivot (?) with conditions

    Hi! Can you please help me out with a transpose/unpivot problem ? 🙏 On top of being a total newb in power query, English is not my native language, so i'll try and do my best to be as clear as possible. So, I've gone this far in "cleaning" an extract i've got from a survey about drinks...
  17. S

    Transpose All data until next blank cell, repeat for all rows

    I have a ton of rows and it looks like the following: Title ID Size URL Image Price BLANK Title ID Size URL Image Price BLANK The blank is the divider to the next set of information. I want to transpose the data so that it looks like this: Title ID SIZE URL Image Price Title ID...
  18. N

    VBA: Transfer & Transposing

    Would like some help with a VBA script to transfer data as shown below. I tried to make it as simple as possible below. Sheet1: COL G-M may not always contain complete data. Therefore, only transfer the cells with actual data as a new row. See Sheet2 for how it is to look. The final result is...
  19. J


    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me find a way to avoid using an array formula for the following problem. I have two tables: Table 1: Table with hours per month, where rows are specified with department and labor category. Table 2: Table with hourly rates per month, where rows are...
  20. K

    Transposing cell contents from one sheet into another sheet with different order/format

    Hi! First time poster, and absolute amateur at Excel 😓 I've been trying to work this out for a while but I really don't know where to begin, so apologies if this has been asked in other terms. I need help transposing the contents of one sheet into another sheet where the columns and rows are...
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