1. B

    Have a sheet with approx. 900+ rows. I need a formula that will automatically transpose items horizontally if the address is the same. (see pic)

    I am trying to save lots of time and headache, so any help is appreciated! There are many addresses that have multiple tenants. I need the tenants horizontally transposed into the same row so that I can use this as a mail merge. I guess part two of this is that it would be great to also have a...
  2. T

    Help copying data and transpose from one sheet to new sheet

    I have an issue. I told my wife I could write a script for this. Well its a bit out of my range. I thought it was easy but its not for me because I dont do this enough. I have a spreadsheet and lets say I need to copy A2, D2, and E2 to another sheet 20 times but I also need to transpose the...
  3. D

    Transpose columns to rows from 1 sheet to another sheet with VBA with ongoing columns

    I have a constantly-updating spreadsheet I use to track projects, but I want to create a summary view for internal stakeholders. I'm looking to transpose my columns to rows from 1 sheet to another sheet. The issue I run into is that as new projects get added on to the original list (as a new...
  4. J

    VBA Copy & Paste Data Loop

    Hello, I am looking for VB code to copy data from one sheet, and paste it onto another sheet in a different format. Here is the current format: <colgroup><col width="70" style="width: 53pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2560;"> <col width="88" style="width: 66pt...
  5. B

    Transpose Multiple Rows into single column

    Hi, I have a range B2:Y194 of which I need to transponse from a row into a single column in cell A196, How would I go about doing this please?
  6. S

    Macro to help me transpose this information?

    I searched for a similar situation to mine and didn't see one (apologies if one exists and I missed it!) I have to format a long list of managers and their employees for mass emails, and the lists I get from our database are: <tbody> Manager 1 Employee A Manager 2 Employee B Manager 2...
  7. D

    Transposing group of cells in column to rows

    I copy the following from a web page that was 4 column of rows. I pasted it in excel and showed up in one column. 9/26/2019 11:15 BTC 0.03142971 Completed 9/19/2019 12:01 BTC 0.02388444 Completed 9/10/2019 20:46 RVN 2414.582 Completed There are more than 100 of these groups in one column. I...
  8. T

    Transposing a Column into A Row Alphabetically Based on Criterion

    Hello community, I have a challenge that I am currently unable to overcome: In one worksheet, I have two columns; one entitled 'TYPE' and one entitled 'PRODUCT CODE'. Under TYPE, you will either have the word 'ALPHA', 'BETA' or 'OMEGA'. Under PRODUCT CODE, you could have one of a huge...
  9. M

    What is the quickest way to Paste Values by Transpose without using the mouse?

    Is there a keyboard shortcut to paste Values with Transpose?
  10. E

    Array + Transpose + Table

    Excel Champs, Looking for creative solves for the below problem. I have a project sheet that looks something likes below in a table. I need a button function that can transfer in a separate sheet all the values in that row for that project transposed in a column. Master file (Sheet 1)...
  11. T

    Transpose one row in two columns.

    Hi, Please help me in the next problem. In A1: ZL1 are texts. How could I do that, starting with A2, to transpose the data from the odd cells (A1, C1, E1, ..... ZK1) into A2: A345, and the data from the even cells (B1, D1, F1, ..... ZL1), from the range A1: ZL1 to be transposed into B2: B345...
  12. H

    Transpose formula returning #N/A in certain cells where values in source data is blank

    I have the following transpose formula which is an array =-TRANSPOSE('C:\downloads\[BR1.xlsm]Summary'!$C$3:$L$3) Where the cells on sheet "summary" C:L are blank , then the formula returns #N/A I have tried using iferror, but get the same result It would be appreciated if someone could...
  13. L

    VBA to use activesheet selection in Transpose

    Hi I am using the built-in function Transpose to convert an array to a string and would like to use the current selection ie change this Comments = Join(Evaluate("TRANSPOSE('Base'!A1:A10 )"), vbNewLine) to Comments = Join(Evaluate("TRANSPOSE(Selection )"), vbNewLine) The latter gives a...
  14. L

    Format Msgbox string from array of cells

    Hi, I am trying to format a MsgBox string created from and array of cells. There are 3 columns in the cell range the 3rd of which have a % format. Msgbox writes the string as a decimal. Can anyone help with converting the range C2:C6 to a percentage the same as the source. I was trying to use...
  15. K

    Transpose Only Specific Columns & Eliminate Duplicates

    I receive up to 25,000 rows of customer data per day and need help figuring out how to transpose some rows to columns and eliminate duplicates. I want to transpose columns G & H based on the identifier in column A. then eliminate blank rows if possible. I included 2 screenshots for reference.
  16. F

    Searching for a more efficient way of transposing my data from rows to one row

    I have a tedious amount of these to do (200 files to be exact), some help would be massively appreciated: Say I have 8 rows of numbers from column A to L, like so: 123456... 123456... 123456... and so on, but I need to transpose them to this format: 123456...123456...123456... all in row...
  17. I

    Formula needed to reorganize data

    Hello, I'm a novice Excel user, but know basic formulas, but this need is stumping me. Need to find a formula to automate 100's of product image names based on the product SKU. I have a SKU number, imagename.jpg in 2 columns and need to have that list of individual SKUs in a new column with...
  18. V

    Transpose problem: produces zero results

    I hope this is not too trite for the forum.:confused: I have 16 numbers in a vertical list, which I want to convert to horizontal. I am using Control+C, selecting an empty cell then using Paste Special, ticking Transpose, then OK. instead of the expected horizontal list of numbers, all that...
  19. L

    Excel Transpose (T) From Column to Row specific position.

    I would like to ask any possible Transpose shortcut on my recent project, which wish someone here guide how to Transpose as attached image. Appreciate someone help. thanks
  20. J

    Converting Vertical data to Selected Horizontal data

    Hi All...I am certainly not a master VBA'r, and I cannot find a way to solve the following problem. I start with a 2 column data set of varying lengths. Column A has Product codes and Column B has Product information. One of the codes is "PN" in column A, this "PN" indicates the start of a new...

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