1. J

    transpose multiple tables?

    what is the best way to transpose this data? I am spending so much time formatting when all the data is there just not how I need it.
  2. M

    VBA Transpose data from one sheet into another

    Hello, I need your support in creating a vba and transposing data into another sheet Original sheet from where the data is needed to be copied ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAABACADAEAFAGAHAIAJAKALAMANAOAPAQARASATAUAVAWAXAY1rate zone coderate zone nameorigin addressdestination addresscurrency1...
  3. T

    Power Query: transpose column to one comma seperated cell

    Hi I have a list of 4 digit numbers in a column in Power Query, for example: 1234 3827 3845 4028 3957 The file is refreshed with a new list each week with a differing amount of numbers. I want PQ to combine them so they end up in a single cell in the following format...
  4. A

    Transpose column header and insert same row for the column header

    Hello All, I want to convert column headers and then insert rows for usd, eur and other currencies, when transpose this data i will calculate x currency with f/x rate. I want to transpose with formula because i need to do this transpose each month. Thank you very much for your help in advance...
  5. D

    Transpose or vlookup or ??

    Smith, Bill 10-Aug Smith, Bill 17-Aug Smith, Bill 24-Aug Smith, Bill 30-Aug Jones, Nancy 9-Aug Jones, Nancy 11-Aug Jones, Nancy 15-Aug Jones, Nancy 21-Aug Jones, Nancy 25-Aug Jones, Nancy 31-Aug Doe, Jane 21-Aug Doe, John 10-Aug I have a list of names and dates that I...
  6. C

    Advanced Transpose help

    Dear Excel and data experts, I would like to seek your help to create a formula/macro. I currently have a product spreadsheet in a table format which I need to convert into a list for uploading onto the sales systems. The problem is I am not sure where/how to start off and was wondering if...
  7. N

    VBA Transpose and Join Help

    Data is being pulled from SHEET1 and transposed and joined on SHEET2. Problem: Sheet1's column "E" is supposed to be at the top header row on SHEET2, but it is not working. Sub ReArrange() Dim a As Variant, b As Variant, cr As Variant Dim d As Object Dim i As Long, lr As Long...
  8. E

    Increment rows from one sheet and columns from another when dragging formula horizontally

    Hi all, I have the formula =Cata!AE10-'Calc'!H5, and when I drag this across, I would like the rows in column AE to increment by 1 and the columns in the Calc sheet to increment by 1, therefore formula in the cell to the right should be =Cata!AE11-'Calc'!I5 and so on. I'm guessing that the...
  9. iosiflupis

    How to move column to row

    Hello, I have a table with three columns. Date, Location, and Count. What I would like to do is keep the Date column as it is, make the Location column into three separate columns (Garage, Preferred, and Outdoor) and then populate the rows with the counts that correspond to the date by...
  10. T

    Transpose and Append Multiple Tables in a Workbook Dynamically

    Hi all, I have multiple tables in the same workbook that are formatted with the column headers in one column and the corresponding data to the right (formatted this way for easier visibility of the user). See Tables 1 and 2 for examples. They all have the same naming convention beginning with...
  11. A

    Unpivot Repeating arrays

    Hello all, I have a sheet with several 'Boxes' of information side by side. Each 'Box' corresponds to a certain label. This particular sheet has 23 of these boxes I want to use power query or some other means to get those boxes stacked vertically instead of horizontally. Using Transpose in...
  12. G

    Parse dates into mm/dd/yyyy

    Hello Excel Community, I have a weird request which I am hoping someone might be able to provide a solution. I have rows where dates are provided in the following format yyyy-mm-dd and contain multiple dates in that format (Example: 2023-04-062023-04-072023-04-08). What I am trying to...
  13. M

    VBA Code to paste rows values as transpose to columns

    Hello, I have this excel where I have multiple questions and 4 options in a column as below; Question Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 I am looking for the code which can convert these Options from rows to transpose to columns against each question. Please note there are...
  14. mrraulipina

    Selecting specific columns in a Transpose unique formula

    I have a table extract and i'm using a combination of transpose and unique formula to bring in values onto Q2. I'm trying to filter this data so it only brings in column D, E, I L, and O. I keep trying to use the FILTER function but I get errors. I only need the yellow items in my example...
  15. R

    Transposing Budget line items from Col into Rows ( each Row has to be replicated 12 time for each month

    Hello Experts, I am working on a budget file where users are given an excel template to fill in Budget data for each line item as follows ( I have give We have another deptt who give us the erp based report where actuals which are booked under the planned head as follows we are doing this...
  16. J

    VBA loop to search every cell value from one column in another one and transpose the data from that row

    Hi, Community! I will really appreciate some help with a VBA code that I'm trying to create for my project. This is 1 step in a macro that i can`t figure out miself. Images attached. I need to loop search every cell in D column in J column and transpose data from a matching row in D Column...
  17. N

    How to do multiple transpose in excel vba

    I have a list of items which are scattered, I need them all in one column, the items scattered can be brought into one column withing the blank cells. This is what i need. some times there is 2 values to transpose, sometimes 5 or sometimes no need, So i dont know how to achieve it. Sub...
  18. N

    VBA Macro to transpose 4 columns into two columns

    Hi I've been looking at a lot of transpose demos, still can't get what I need to do this so let me explain. I have a four column table and I am looking to Transpose it over to a two column table or array? It will reuse the column headers so I'm thinking a loop for them and a counter to...
  19. T

    Transpose several two-column groups of information into a single vertical two-column list

    I was sent a spreadsheet, but reading the information is difficult in a horizontal format. It needs to be vertical. I need to be able to transpose it, but I need it to be in a two-column formation. The information came to me like this: Part Qty Part Qty Part Qty Part Qty Aisle 1 Bananas 1...
  20. Y

    Filtering columns that appear in a chart

    Hi, I'm trying to filter the columns that appear in a chart. I've been through a number of methods to achieve this, but the most practical seems to be a named range using =filter(tranpose()) (and tranpose back if needs be), but what would I put in the filter argument? The cell references...

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