1. A

    Setup Multi Variable in Excel

    Hi All, Currently, I'm trying to resolve TSP problem regarding number of people need to cover stores in a day. What I'm thinking currently is to setup a constraint and actual working minutes & velocity to travel to stores as per current below. However, I'm stuck with the formula on how can I...
  2. E

    Need Help with Financial spreadsheet

    Hi, I have a workbook that is meant to track travel costs across various departments. it has 11 department spreadsheets and one summary sheet. My issue is finding either a macro or function that will transfer the individual travel cost entries on the various sheets, to a single cost cell on the...
  3. B

    Break down travel time periods based on criteria

    I'm making a travel time sheet for technicians to fill in travel, the input should be broken down based on driving time period. Between 7AM and 5 PM should be considered as standard time, before 7AM is morning, after 5 PM is Evening This is easy, the hard part for me is to break it up when there...
  4. M

    Bookkeeping Formula in Excel using perhaps MATCH and SUMIF Functions?

    Hi everybody. I'm looking to create a Quickbooks-like excel sheet where I can tag an expense with a specific name and it will auto-populate that same name and sum the amount at the end. What I currently have is the basic =SUMIF($D:$D,"Travel",$C:$C). So what I'm doing is looking at what...
  5. B

    Converting output from FILTERXML in other format

    With Webservice I get from Google maps XML response and can calculate car travel time between 2 locations Using this formula to get travel time =FILTERXML(C14;"//duration[1]/text") The output is formatted like xx hour(s) xx mins I would like the format of the travel time converted in [h]:mm format
  6. W

    Excel Help Needed

    I'm trying to figure out excel and I'm having a heck of a time. I am keeping track of travel. What I would like the excel to do is take my list of personnel who have traveled and the dates they travelled and create blanks for their travel vouchers. I have a list of vouchers. I am trying to see...
  7. D

    Nested If statements

    Hi there! I am stumped. I run a Christmas Caroling Business. In row 1, I have a running total of each singer's pay. My table starts at row 2. Headers are as follows starting in column A (cell A2) DAY DATE EVENT TIME DEPOSIT BALANCE DUE TOTAL FEE OTHER COMMENT PAY SOPRANO (COLUMN L) ALTO (M)...
  8. L

    Calculating Speed

    Hello. I am looking for a formula to calculate how far you travel in ONE SECOND at both 40 KPH and 60 KPH. Yes Kilometers Per Hour. I am in Canada!!
  9. M

    Assigning day number to travel data

    I am looking for assistance with a terribly formatted data set I was given with travel data. I need to assign number to the legs (days) of each trip, but am stumped on a formula/function that can help me. I've attached a sample set where I've manually entered the day numbers in the screenshot...
  10. B

    How to Find specific date in X number of days from within multiple date range?

    Hi, I want to calculate a specific date after x number of days from within following date-range only (table given below)! <tbody> Trip# FROM TO DAYS 1 12-MAR-2015 24-AUG-2015 165 2 20-AUG-2015 15-FEB-2016 179 3 24-MAR-2016 17-AUG-2016 146 4 20-MAR-2017 22-JUN-2017 94 5 19-MAY-2018...
  11. M

    Compare the difference between 3 dates, 1 of which is optional

    Hi, I have a conditional formatting formula that "paints" the cell of a gantt chart start and end dates. I'm introducing Travel date to the equation but this date is optional, sometimes it's empty, sometime it's not. How can I build this formula to look at the travel date as well if it exists...
  12. T

    Calculating Travel Days And Not 24 Hour Periods Between Two Dates

    If I start traveling on 8/1 and stop traveling on 8/3 then I have completed three travel days. If my start date is in cell A1 and my stop date is in cell B1 what formula can I use to calculate the number of travel days please? Thanks!
  13. T

    Nested IF Statements

    Searching on this topic brings a lot of results and the ones I've dug through always seem to have something about them that's just far enough away from what I'm doing to not help out. That, and jet lag from a round the world trip yesterday is kicking my butt. Would appreciate some assistance...
  14. R

    Emails from Excel (via VBA)

    Hi Need your assistance on this I have the following table and I am trying to - automatically send an email via Excel based on the Status (Column 5) to the Travel Asst. (Column 22, as 1st notification point) and Travel Manager (Column 23, as escalation) - in the escalation, copy the Travel...
  15. R

    IF Function- To reflect changes when another column changes

    Hi Need your guidance I have this following table and I need to add a formula on Column E (i.e. Next Status) which, if Column B changes (i.e. Status) then the Column E (i.e. Next Status) should also reflect a change Excel table...
  16. Z

    Looking up dates and splitting a travel cost evenly

    Hi, I want a formula that will look up dates and split a travel cost evenly for contractors. For example: If they work on two jobs on one day, I want to split the daily travel costs evenly. 1/1/2018 Job A 8 hours 2/1/2018 Job A 4 hours 2/1/2018 Job B 4 hours 3/2/2018 Job C 8 hours 4/2/2018...
  17. N

    IF Formulas that can return same value

    Is there a way to create an IF statement that will locate a cell and if they find text to return something particular or keep the current value? My IF statements are rusty. EXAMPLE: ColumnA ColumnB Description Contact Type Travel A Session...
  18. D

    Find Minimum Value, Then Write Out All Corresponding Information

    Hello, I have a list of cities with distances and travel times between them. Postal Code is only for further identification of the city or city part. The table looks like this (with a total of 60000 rows): <tbody> Postal Code 1 City 1 Postal Code 2 City 2 Distance(km) Travel time(minutes)...
  19. M

    Question About Probability, Travel Distance, and What Function to Use?

    Hello! I'm trying to figure out what is the probability of a unit traveling greater than X given my data set. I am testing what is the % chance of the distance being greater on 1 try. Here is some info about the data set: Mean Travel Distance: 33.8 Median Travel Distance: 25 Standard...
  20. P


    Hi! I'm trying to enter a formula on a master sheet that would take information from 3 workbooks and summarize the data by date, and task. Here is data for 12/1/2017, and the master sheet is below. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank ;you <tbody> West 2017: Workbook 1 Date Task Time...

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