1. T

    Like an Explorer Tree in Excel?

    Hey there, Basically, i want to create an extremely basic version of OneNote but with a retro style. I lack the programming skills to create this (ive been trying), but i was wondering if maybe it could be done in Excel? Is there a way to create a sort of directory tree of excel sheets within...
  2. S

    Possible to prevent the Microsoft Excel Objects folder tree from expanding on its own?

    Within the Visual Basic Editor on the left side there is the Microsoft Excel Objects folder tree that contains all of the sheets in the workbook. The workbook that I am working in has many sheets and it "pushes down" the Modules folder and Class Modules folder, forcing me to scroll down to see...
  3. C


    <colgroup><col width="86"><col width="86"><col width="86"><col width="86"><col width="86"></colgroup> <tbody> <colgroup><col width="86"><col width="86"><col width="86"><col width="86"><col width="86"></colgroup> <tbody> Invoices Name2 Priority...
  4. M

    Not detecting all arrays

    I'm using the code below to delete all rows that don't contain a list of words. For some reason it is deleting the cell that contains the word Apple and keeps the other three with Banana, Orange & Apple Tree. Hopefully someone can help me out. Also is it possible to search for Apple and...
  5. G

    Index & Match & Date quandry

    Hi there I have some data that I want to pull out the 'max' and by 'who' within a defined month. I've managed the max formula ok but struggling to build the month part into my index/match array. Any help would be truly appreciated...
  6. J

    Insert space between each charcter

    INSERT A SPACE INTO A TEXT VALUE Hi there, I would like to add a space between each charcter, using a formula ( no VBA ). A1: TREE B1: T R E E Thanks
  7. P

    Combining two columns into one - in sequence

    Hi, I have what I imagine is a fairly simple request however I can't seem to work it out. Assume that the below table starts from cell A1. <tbody> The cat stole the banana from the tree </tbody> From the above table, I would like to combine the cells into one column so that my...
  8. S

    Dynamic multi-level sorting with array formulas

    In Excel, there is a nifty sort feature you can use to sort by several columns of information. For example, if your data looks like this: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Name Type apple tree ginger root pear tree grape vine apricot tree carrot root banana tree muscadine...
  9. T

    List of all leaves a node has access to in a tree

    Hello, We've a table generated from a legacy application that generates a list of parent-child relationship like a tree or an employee hierarchy listing. <tbody> Label ID ParentID A 1 B 2 1 C 3 1 D 4 2 E 5 2 F 6 3 G 7 4 </tbody> We want to find all the paths to every leaf a...
  10. S

    How to return same value within series of identical titles but only 1 value among NA’s

    Bear with me, the title was confusing, but the description will make sense… My company sells essential oils with title x, and associated size, with different part number for each size. The part number is the same for all sizes within one title…i.e. Tea Tree essential oil – the sizes are 1 oz, 5...
  11. G

    How to make Fault Tree diagram in Excel using commands?

    Dear All, I am working on Excel to make a decision tool. In this task I will have to construct a decision tree (Fault Tree) diagram. First of all A box will be inserted in which the text can be edited, then an AND gate shape or OR Gate shape will be added below it, then one, two or more...
  12. R

    Excel and non table structures - trees, nested sets and modified pre-order tree traversal

    Is tree representation possible in excel? Any material to read, examples?
  13. saltkev

    File Name

    Good Morning I hope someone can help. What I need to do using VBA is Select a file Using the windows menu tree. Then pass the directory path & file name to variable1 and just the filename to variable2. Many thanks Kev
  14. D

    Multiple IF contains Lookup

    Hi! I am trying to do the following. I have one column which contains different search criteria and another column where I want to search each word against, if it finds a partial match, return the word? How can I do this without a massive nested if statement? Essentially I need it to do a multi...
  15. R

    How to represent a tree in table

    Hi, I have 2 column table (name, subname). I would like to look up whether each subname for a given name is also used as a name and has a subname. If yes, add this subname behind original subname and repeat for the new subname. Any idea?
  16. Rick Rothstein

    Blinking Christmas Tree...

    It is that time of the year again...
  17. S

    Tree sumation in Excel (with or, if possible, without VBA)

    Hello everybody, I have to model branched water supply network showed in picture attached here Node numbers are written in brackets, while pipe numbers are written in red and rectangled. Water demand is defined in nodes and marked with an arrow. So, input data are pipe...
  18. C

    Representing Hierarchical Data in Excel

    Hi there! I am fairly new to VBA in Excel and was hoping for some guidance on this problem. I am given hierarchical data from a database to perform a report, and the user would like to format the information such that an entry's children lie directly below it (a parent can have multiple...
  19. D

    Creating an "Ultimate Parent" Column for a Parent-Child Relationship

    Hi everyone. I've found threads that cover similar questions to the one I have, but none which touch upon exactly what I'm looking for. This is also the first time I've posted in here, so I apologize if I do anything incorrectly. What I'm trying to do is create an additional column within...
  20. A

    Filling in a tree

    I am attempting to use Excel to fill in the blank cells in an organisational hierarchy I have. Before and After scenarios below. I have attempted pseudocode on this. For all rows For all cells in row If cell is populated, row++ If cell is not populated, copy the value immediately above to the...

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