1. J

    Is it possible to link a TreeView with a ComboBox? VBA

    Hi, I have a userform in which I have a TreeView and a ComboBox: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() With TreeView1.Nodes .Add , , "A", "Item1" .Add "A", tvwChild, , "SubItem1" .Add , , "B", "Item2" .Add "B", tvwChild, , "SubItem2" End With With ComboBox1 .AddItem "Case1" .AddItem...
  2. U

    Treeview Parents/Child - How to return the first non blank value located one column to the left of the source cell and n rows upward.

    Hi all, I'll try to be as clear as possible so please do not hesitate to ask for clarification. I'm working with a text file data extracted from CATIA V5 that replicates the tree structure of an assembly with its components and subcomponents. From that text file I arranged the source data in...
  3. Z

    Treeview Multiple Value

    Can somone please look at this and tell me how i can get the selected data from the treeview after its selected to return a value back to Column E. The code i have in there pulls the data from the list in Column A-D and shows in the treeview. I want the user to be able to select what they want...
  4. Z

    Multipage hide and unhide VBA!AiCZb_GZ2FZegdwGDeVB_yPLnEh0Jg?e=XcDm5Q I am trying to figure out how to take the items checked on a treeview and have them match the caption of a tab on a multipage userform. In the attached woorkbook below is a moch-up of what i have in my project. The criteria userform...
  5. J

    Creating TreeView in UserForm

    Hi, I am looking for any geniuses that can help me make a TreeView in Userform. There are barely any tutorials online, and I still have no idea on how to make them. I provided a picture below of what kind of TreeView that I want and the table database sample. Also, I would like to have the...
  6. D

    Treeview Hyperlink problem

    Hi all, I have a problem with a treeview from a userform. I don't know why the list of the documents does not display in the treeview with that code Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() pere = "C:\Users\AtivBook9\Downloads\" If pere = "" Then Exit Sub If pere = "C:\" Then Stop Set tw =...
  7. S

    treeview and drive list, subdir, files

    Possible in VBA to treeview and drive list, subdir, files tks.
  8. D

    userform treeview to view files within folders and subfolders

    Hi everyone, I have been banginf my head on this for quite a while and can't figure it out. I want a userform which lets me select a folder, and then once i select it, it shows me all the files not only within that folder, but all the subfolders as well. i have it so it shows me all the files...
  9. L

    Create parent child hierarchy from flat file

    I am looking to write some code that will take a flat file and create a child/parent hierarchy from it. The flat file is sorted in order so that each new row is either a new level in the heirarchy or a new child member. This is a sample of the sorted flat file from which the hierarch should be...
  10. kpasa

    Userform TreeView - Drag and Drop files from Explorer and Outlook attachements

    I have a userform with a TreeView being used as a "Drag and Drop" file input. The goal is to have the userform automatically accept that file and copy it to a specified folder. So far i have this code in my userform_activate: TreeView1.OLEDropMode = ccOLEDropManual TreeView1.OLEDragMode =...
  11. F

    Set up numbers into MultiLevel tree

    Hi, I need to generate number into column F, based on hierarchy (col B:D), below is excel examaple: <tbody> A B C D E F 1 2 Looking Numbers 3 A1 1 4 A1.1 101 5 A1.2 201 6 A1.3 301 7 A1.3.1 10301 8 9 B1 2 10 B1.1...
  12. P

    Drag Drop From TreeView to ListView ActiveX Controls

    Trying to drag a child node only from a ActiveX TreeView Control to an ActiveX ListView control in VBA for Excel. It works occasionally, but something is wrong. I'm unable to consistently get the drag event to fire (sometimes it works, sometimes not) or, when it does, determine what was selected...
  13. K

    Problem when populate treeview control with hierarchical data from Excel Sheet

    I am currently using a treeview control from Treeview Control from JKP. Trying to populate the tree with hierarchical data from an Excel Sheet, I encountered this problem: the tree I populated does not reflect the data. In this picture <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 1px 5px; border: 0px...
  14. M

    Error 800a9cf1

    Hi all, I try to create a treeview in Excel 2010 but I get the following message: "Could not complete the operation due to error 800a9cf1". I don't understand why excel 2010 displays this message when I have created forms with treeview which functioned normally. Thanks for your help...
  15. S

    Ms Access Treeview node click issue

    I have a treeveiw in MS Access 2013. When I open the form with the treeview all works perfectly. After the form opens, the very first click on the Treeview does not expand the node I clicked. The very top node expands first. Then I have to click the one I want again. I prefer they all stay...
  16. R

    How to 'hide/disable' a TreeView Control in 64 bits versions of Excel?

    Greetings, I have a workbook which contains a Form with the TreeView control. Alas, the 64 bit version of excel 2010 does not support the common controls (reference): So when the workbook is opened on such system, an error is displayed which is worrisome for users. A) Is it possible to detect...
  17. G

    Tree View Control - how to get started?

    Hi I've been reading bits and pieces about tree view controls and it looks like they could be very useful to me in all sorts of files but I got 'lost' I think I have understood how the corresponding table needs to be structured, with parent ID etc but... I just don't see how I get started in...

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