1. S

    Type Mismatch error

    I am receiving a "type mismatch" error on the line below. ArrTemp(nn) = Application.WorksheetFunction.Log(Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(TempSample, nn, 2), Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(TempSample, NumObs, 2)) ArrTemp is a variant, TempSample is a variant, nn is an integer, NumObs...
  2. L

    X and Y axis lookup

    Apologies if this has been posted before or it is a basic request. I have looked into VLOOKUP and index but nothing works This is my table. I'm looking to type text into B1 to look for matches in C column and type into B2 to look for results from D6:G10. Then display the result in B3 whether...
  3. C

    Find first match from one range in another range and return related value

    I need to find the first instance of a named range that occurs in a table and return another value from that table on the same row. Two Named Ranges Cat1 and Cat2 <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Cat 1 Cat 2 Type A Type E Type B...
  4. B

    Index Match Whole Cell Mult Criteria

    Hey all, we're banging our heads against the wall on this formula - every time we think we get it, it doesn't work properly in testing. Essentially we have two tabs, a reference (Team List) tab where there's a Team Name (column A), a Process Type (column B), and an Ownership Level (column C)...
  5. S

    SUMIFs or any other excel function with multiple criteria

    Hello there! Can you guys please help me with my problem. i know this is very easy but to be like novice in excel, I don't know how to formulate below. Please help. Replies is very much appreciated. Result : Sum the quantity based on Type, month and destination. Thank you in advance...
  6. C

    Combining Vlookup and IFS

    Good afternoon. I have two tables as follows: Table 1 has a client's name, and pack mode. The pack mode can be any of three items (FCL, LCL or LSE) table two has two columns, one for pack mode and one for the related price. Each pack mode has its own price. I need to do a vlookup in table 1...
  7. K

    How to pass a User defined type as a function parameter

    I use VBA all the time but have never tried to use Type. I haven't quite figured it out. Not sure how to pass the parameter into a function. Basically i have a function that i want to call to find a value in a range based on a condition. The condition is a type and based on the type i will find...
  8. E

    Date inserted on userform wont work

    Hello once again. I have a user form that gets data from one sheet and i want to edit that data and save it back to the same exact place. the code I have works fine but while saving from the userform to the cell it wont work. Here's the code I have to populate the userform: Private Sub...
  9. S

    InputBox value being assigned as date rather then string

    Hi folks, I have a macro that takes an entry from an inputbox and assigns it to variable a of type variant. A problem arises when the entry in the inputbox is similar to a date. e.g. if the value from the inputbox is FEB02. This is not a date, it just happens to resemble a date. When analysing...
  10. P

    nested if with multiple criteria,

    Hi all, Not an excel expert, so I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of doing this formula, it checks for a product type then a box type and a box number, then returns the correct price for that scenario, the formula works, but I'm sure there must be a better way to do this without...
  11. S

    vba vlookup variable tab on source

    I have onedocument (working worksheet.xlsm) that is pulling data via a vlookup from asecond document (raw data worksheet.xlsx). This formula will be filled inwith vba/macro. The raw data worksheet will already be open before the macro is run. So the Raw Dataworksheet would have the following...
  12. P

    Error in code

    I typed the following command: DoCmd.GoToRecord acDataForm, Me.Parent, acNewRec I am getting the following error: Runtime error ‘2498’: An expression you entered is the wrong data type for one of the arguments.
  13. A

    Type Mismatch problem

    On my form I have a textbox1 control and this code In Form Activate action2 Me.TextBox1, "fred" Sub action2(tb As TextBox, tt As String) tb.Text = tt End Sub I've tried various things, Inside quotes, with & without "Me" but keep getting Type Mismatch errors. I can't see why this...
  14. O

    UserForm help!

    Hey guyz, I need to ask you for some help. I downloaded a UserForm named "AlphabetForm" and inside it is a textbox named "TextBox1". When I will type inside that textbox it will automatically take me to the target.row by matching the values in Column A with that of TextBox1. However, I need this...
  15. S

    Search columns A OR B for result in C

    Hi Guys, Having a little trouble with a look up I have tried Vlookup with no luck and I have Tried Index Match... But I think I'm missing something important - or at least not getting it exactly right. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> A B C D E F 1 First Name...
  16. M

    How to sum multiple column values based on multiple date ranges and resolve into date range summary?

    Hi excel help community, I have a sheet that collects our planned scaffold tower quantities by type for each bridge we have with an associated date range of use. I would like to sum scaffold type in use by month (see below) to enable us to produce a histogram of scaffold type over several...
  17. B

    SUMPRODUCT( ,SUMIF()) - add 1 to each element in SUMIF array

    Hey all. I have a worksheet which has a bunch of products. These products are keyed by a product type. Beneath this product list, there is a subtotal, profit (markup * subtotal), tax, commission, and a final total. Markup rate, tax rate, commission, etc. can vary based on product type (e.g...
  18. L

    variant data type

    Hi I am trying to under variant data type and here it says: "The Variant data type is capable of holding any type of data except fixed-length strings and user defined types." what does "fixed-length" mean here? I tried this code and it works fine Sub testing() For i = 1 To 10 j = "hello"...
  19. L

    Selection data type?

    Hi I found that the data type of Selection is "Object". I am trying to understand the code below. So the data type of Selection is Object. That does not help! how can I know what is the properties and functions of that object? How can someone know SpecialCells is a function or property of that...
  20. L

    Sumproduct multiple ranges with multiple conditions

    A bit similar to this, I have multiple ranges (in this case complicated Pivot tables) arranged by dates. But not all of them have all dates and not all of them have all columns. I want to prepare a new table that sums up each dates with each type of column. Can you help me do it, probably with...

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