1. B

    How do I get a userform to refresh information that changed in the spreadsheet when it is reactivated by userform1.show

    Greetings everyone... Longtime viewer but 1st time poster. Hopefully this will make sense... I have a userform that tracks who gets a project revision when the person the project belongs to is gone (this part works great). In this userform there is another userform that allows me to alter the...
  2. H

    How do you unhide multiple sheets?

    I hid a lot of sheets, now I seem tho have to unhide them one by one. Is there a btter way?
  3. D

    Let's have the ability to unhide multiple worksheets

    Microsoft is steadily improving Office 365, but a thorn in our collective side for decades has been the constraint that we can only unhide one worksheet at a time from within the Excel interface. Yes, we can use VBA to loop through and unhide all sheets, but this is a basic usability feature...
  4. C

    VBA Code to Unhide columns

    I'd like to unhide columns based on clicking the a button that I have created. When the user clicks the button, columns F-I would unhide. When the button is clicked again it moves to unhide the next group of columns J-M and so on. I'd like to use the same button to keep this quoting worksheet...
  5. T

    Create popup menu to unhide worksheet

    Hi! I am looking for a code that will create a popup menu that appears when a user opens the workbook. The menu would have 4 choices and each choice would unhide a different set of tabs. Below are the menu names and tab combinations. I'm not even sure where to start. TIA!!! Menu Option...
  6. B

    Hide Rows Based on Cell Value

    Hey everyone, I am using the following code to hide rows in a workbook where column A has the value "Hide". However going through 500 lines seems to take a long time. I am wondering if there is a better way to have excel search and select all rows where the value of column A is "Hide" and...
  7. E

    Hide Unhide rows and active x controls based on option buttom

    Hi everyone! I have grouped OptionButton1 and OptionButton2//// and TextBox1 and TextBox2 in sheet 1. 1. I want to actively hide rows 10:15 along with TextBox1 and TextBox2 in Sheet 1 whenever OptionButton1 is selected. 2. Additionally I want to actively unhide rows 10:15 along with TextBox1...
  8. M

    VBA code to unhide rows with password

    Hi, i need vba code to unhide range of rows with password in one sheet and rehide after closing the workbook. thanks,
  9. J

    Use Macro to Unhide Rows

    I’m new to macros and am NOT a programmer. I can use the “Record Macro” function and assign to option buttons to either hide or unhide pretty easily, but I’m struggling to get it to do what I want. I am trying to create a series of yes/no questions where the answer to the first question...
  10. E

    Code not working

    Hi, I want my excel to hide and unhide a row when i select an option from my drop-down list but it is not working. My excel sheet needs to be protected and certain areas need to be locked including part of the row. Here is the code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If...
  11. E

    VBA code for auto hide/unhide rows

    Hi all, I've done some searching on different forums and can't seem to achieve my objective, I'm also totally new to VBA. I would like certain rows in a column that are "0" to auto hide, but when the cells receive new data and become a value I want the row to auto unhide. The cells in the...
  12. P

    Hide columns base on text

    Hi all, i would to provide me support so that, when i enter in cell "I4" the text "MONTHLY" should hide automatically the entire columns "D" and "E" and when i change the text to "YEARLY" should unhide the columns. Thank you all in advance
  13. B

    Need help hiding/unhiding specific columns across multiple sheets in the same workbook.

    Hello, I hope you all can help. I have a spreadsheet with dozens of sheets that contain pivot tables. It's based on a year's time with two columns for each month. One for Actual and one for Goal. Because of the way the pivot tables are set up, I need to have columns for each, but I only want...
  14. A

    Error: Cannot Shift Items off Sheet

    This has just started to appear as the workbook loads. It continues to load and everything seems fine .. until I try to Hide or Unhide something. Some cols are ok and some bring up the error again. Is there anything I can do to fix it ?
  15. M

    How to hide sheet and can be unhide with password

    I have several tabs in Excel I need to hide. I know we can using Veryhidden but that can still be unhide without password. I know we can select VBAProject password but that works only if there is VBA code and my file cannot have VBA code for compliance. So any way to achieve my need ? Thanks I...
  16. H

    Macro of Very Hidden Sheets

    Is there a Macro that will unhide all the Very Hidden Sheets in the Workbook?
  17. MFish

    Resize columns through VBA

    Hi, I am making a userform with checkboxes that will be a "Filter what you want to see" action. When you checkmark a checkbox it will then hide the designated column. When you uncheck it, it reverts back to unhide. My problem I have is it works great until you unhide the column and the...
  18. C

    VBA enter password to unhide worksheet

    ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("jun payroll").Visible = xlSheetVisible I am using the code above which unhides a worksheet when a button is clicked. How do I set it so that a password is required to unhide it? I am new to VBA so if you could write the code in your response that would be a huge...
  19. C

    CheckBox Control only works one way

    So I have a checkbox on the page that I want to hide and unhide a row, playing the script it works perfect but when I click the checkbox it only works once but wont uncheck and unhide. Im sure its simple but I'm missing it somewhere. I have the checkbox declared as a variable already when I...
  20. V

    Hiding columns/rows?!

    Hi, I was wondering about copying what's hidden on one sheet to another sheet. If I hide columns/rows as hidden data, can I copy the info as hidden to another sheet and still unhide the info inside the new sheet? Thanks, Studt#37

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