unique values

  1. OvernightCellebrity

    Unique + Filter?

    I would like to pull all unique values from collumn D:D based on one criteria. Criteria Portfolio Name in (A2) Collumn of portfolio names: AA I want to avoid using an array formula is possible, whatis the simplest way to achieve this i have tried the below: =UNIQUE(FILTER(D:D, AA:AA=A2))
  2. M

    Counting unique values by date condition and another criteria

    Hello, I have looked all over but I don't seem to find an answer to my particular question. I am trying to count unique client id values by month and by another criteria, in this case gender. Client ID Date Gender 1121 7/1/21 Male 1147 7/5/121 Female 1121 7/16/21 Male 7865 8/2/21...
  3. DayTimeSeby

    Timeframe Formula Returning New Value From Data Which Hadn't Been Selected in the Last X min

    That title was quite the task to try to summarize. I have an ever increasing amount of API keys I can call upon of which each one, obviouslly, has some rate limitting set out on it. I am looking for a solution/ formula particularly, where I can pull an API key to utilize in my overal...
  4. M

    1st Unique value show twice VBA

    I tried this code to copy and paste unique values but 1st value comes twice. Dim cell As Range, areaToTrim As Range Set areaToTrim = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range(Selection.Address) areaToTrim.AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CopyToRange:=Range("I4"), Unique:=True Range("I4"...
  5. T

    Multi Column Data Validation in Excel Table

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel table. I am trying to perform a multi-column data validation. I am trying to use the COUNTIFS function like so: =COUNTIFS([Supplier],C2,[Supplier_Code],D2)<=1 The goal is to ensure that the data entered is not a duplicate. The combination of [Supplier] and...
  6. A

    Find unique values

    Hello everybody I am facing a problem and I hope you can help، I have two lists in two different columns and I want to have the unique values in a separate column. Is there any way? ABC1List 1List 2Unique2Andrew CenciniMichael Neipper3Jan KotasNancy Freehafer4Mariya SergienkoMariya...
  7. E

    Extract unique data from column and associate data

    Hello, i need a VBA code that will extract the unique values from column A and associate it's data from column B So far i only managed to extract unique data from col A into an Array. Thanks.
  8. M

    How to make every number in a range of cells unique???

    Hi, I have a large range of data - I need to use range formulas using If and Large combinations to return the largest number when certain conditions are met. As the dataset is large, there are duplicate values. As a workaround I add a very small number to every number in the range, to create...
  9. B

    Count number of unique values in specified date range:

    Hi I'm looking to calculate on how many RNA issued in specified month. Please see my example below: Thanks in advance! <tbody> Date RNA TOTAL 18/02/2019 3371 1 RNA 18/02/2019 3372 2 Month ISSUED 18/02/2019 3373 3 Feb 18 18/02/2019 3374 4 Mar 19 18/02/2019...
  10. G

    Filter Table Column, pull Results from another column into an array to filter out duplicates and paste on another sheet

    Greetings all, this is my first posting as I can't seem to find the answer despite some serious research. What I need to accomplish: 1. I have a table and I want to filter on Column 1 for a specific word (in this case Management) 2. Then I want to copy the filtered results from Column 5 - ONLY...
  11. L

    How to read values from Txt File as unique values

    Guys I have some values inside a txt file and I would like to "read them" importing them as unique values in my excel spreadsheet using VBA . The values are separated by comma: Apple, Beer Orange,Peach,Pineaple Wine Water, Peach,Wine Orange,Apple,Water etc. If possible, also sort these...
  12. 1

    Unique to clipboard

    I did find a most beautiful macro somewhere in the net making it possible for me to just make a selection and it would make the unique values in the selection go to the clipboard sorted It worked fine in Excel 2010 but stopped working in Excel 2014. I get no sensible output , just ￿￿ Could...
  13. M

    VBA - data validation drop down with unique values

    ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left: -1000px;"> -5down votefavorite I am looking at sales data and have 30000 lines of data. In column B is the name of "Product" sold. There are many duplicate values in this column...
  14. M

    Problem creating unique values to create a relationship

    Hi I'm trying to join two tables together through a relationship but am having trouble. My data is of a Building (type text) , which has Floors and Rooms which can both be a mix of text and number names (type any). In order to create a relationship based on the Room column, I attempted...
  15. P

    Count Unique Values

    Dear members, I am working as a Logistic consultant and optimizing processes is a big part of my job. I often have this issue that I need to count the number of unique values where I have a lot of data in. For example: I have 80.000 SKU's and 5.2000.000 orderliness a year, I like to find per...
  16. S

    Reference Unique Values in Table

    Hi, I'm trying to pull in the Employee Name based on a Manager's ID Number. For example, if I type in 1234 - I want the table below to fill out with all of her direct reports. But with Index Match, it only pulls in the first result. Is there a way to pull in the new next result and keep going...
  17. Navi_G

    Find Unique list updatable

    Hi, In Illustration i see duplicate and unique values. i want to make a Unique list with formula. other if possible to ignor duplicates Question Table Invioce No. Total 11760 $90.03 11105 $77.63 11173 $74.92 11871 $83.29 11334 $96.34 11908 $61.27 11961 $67.38 11105 $61.66 11334 $95.72...
  18. D

    Count/frequency of unique values based on TWO criteria sets

    I have a gargantuan list of orders by item for each customer: Customer A - Item Z - Q1 - Order 1 Customer A - Item Z Q2 - Order 2 Customer A - Item Y - Q5- Order 3 Customer B - Item Z - Q1- Order 4 Customer B - Item W- Q2- Order 5 Customer B - Item W- Q4- Order 6 I want the number of times...
  19. D

    Advanced Filter method out of range

    Hi guys, Im trying to pull out unique values from a column of a table and trying to paste it in a table of a different sheet. before I just copied the whole column and used remove duplicates, but that was taking a long time since there are a couple hundred thousand lines. then I tried the...
  20. B

    VBA / Find Dublicate Value's last row.

    Hello mrexcel family, I'm new one for this forum and I want to need your help. I want to find dublicate value's last rows and unique values then I want to write "use this row" second row with macro code. After that I will use this code in some userform design. For Example Data is ...

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