update automatically

  1. G

    Master excel that is updated by; and updates other excel files in folder.

    Hello, I have multiple excel files inside a single folder named "X". All those excel files have the same first row with the name of the columns. The different columns of the first row are : identifier 1/ identifier 2 / characteristic 1/characteristic 2/ characteristic 3 / characteristic 4 /...
  2. V

    Looking to pull specific rows from one sheet to another within the same workbook that will update when one is updated

    Hello again, Thank you so much for your help, I am learning so much here today. Here is what I am hoping to figure out how to to. Column A has a dropdown in it with a series of Text values. At the bottom of the sheet I have tabs for each of those named text values. I would like to populate...
  3. T

    Macros doing anything

    Hi everyone, this is my first post and i new in vba. i create 3 macros for a excel template, that get the data from the first sheet ("Dados") and do some filter in this data in the other 3 sheets. I upload this file in a internal system, that will use this template for download the data from...
  4. M

    Transfer and update data from various workbooks into one

    Hey everyone, I have 3 IDENTICAL workbooks (say WB-A,WB-B,WB-C) with 4 sheets in each workbook (say WB-A1,WB-A2,WB-A3,WB-A4 / WB-B1,WB-B2,WB-B3,WB-B4 / WB-C1,WB-C2,WB-C3,WB-C4). These 3 workbooks are basically reports for 3 different projects, which are updated individually on a monthly basis...
  5. A

    Chart data change via selected named range(s) in validation cell...help please...

    Hello all - I am hoping someone may have some input on this, please: I have created 5 named ranges from a table. Each named range is simply one column of data. Then created a lookup for the (names of) these named ranges (names match exactly, etc.) Once I had a lookup list, I then created a...
  6. V

    Linking excel to powerpoint

    Similar to the bookmarks function in word, I would like to have values in powerpoint linked to excel (not a graph) and automatically update as the numbers change. Example In excel: Revenue 1,234,567 In powerpoint in textbox: Revenue for the last fiscal year was 1,234,567...
  7. D

    How to maintain a distributed VBA Macro with multiple users

    <tbody> I have built an extensive program for my organization which periodically needs to be updated. I have tried having a macro that deletes all the old macros except itself and then reimports from a central repository but I run into a naming problem. Source code below. I have reference...
  8. S

    How to Update one Excel workbook with new information from another workbook (find and replace or merge)

    Hello all, I am not new to Excel, but I have never messed with formulas or documents with large amounts of information. However, I am now faced with doing weekly and/or monthly updates on a master spreadsheet/workbook that has names, case numbers, completion dates, and other personal data. I...
  9. B

    Update Excel Database in real time

    Is it possible to create a data entry form update in real time just like MS Access, also it should retreive and edit data from the table aswell. Or do I have to use MS Access or another software for this?
  10. J

    Checkbox Form-Table VBA Update Code

    I have a database tracking whether employees attend their meetings. For every meeting they attend they get paid. The attendance sheets get submitted by an upload form into my database as a Form with checkboxes for each employee. Now I want my VBA code to see that if the "AttndMeeting1" value is...
  11. S

    Automate updating a spreadsheet with a new spreadsheet.

    When we get an updated spreadsheet my job is to update the sheet to the new sheet but still have all our data we added to the old sheet. This involves checking any adds or drops. We use the address column to check. Currently: If the new sheet doesn’t have an address from the old sheet I cut the...
  12. H

    Need a formula to update info by date but also maintain old info by date

    Greetings everyone, I'm trying to write a formula to check for new data added each day with certain criteria. One worksheet has data added to it, and the other worksheet runs the calculations. So Worksheet 1 will have x number of lines of new data added to the top of the list, and each new...
  13. B

    Ad an amount weekly

    Hi I am trying to add a rent amount to a total on a weekly basis. I have a dashboard that is used by the boss and he wants to have it updated weekly. Is there a formula that can automatically reference an amount cell and add that amount to the total on a weekly basis. Say every Monday. Thank you...
  14. C

    How to automatically update countifs formula with multiple conditions

    We have a register keeping track of all our counselling referrals and I need to keep track of numbers of unallocated patients based on differing sets of criteria, as below: <tbody> First name Surname Funding Counsellor/status Angus Smith Bolton Franklin Beaumont Smith Hitchcock...
  15. D

    Updating a source range (e.g. bingo numbers not being "redrawn")

    Hello all, Seeing if there is a way of a source range being "updated" such that once a value is selected from that source, it can not be selected again? An example being something like a bingo game where once B14 has been pulled, it is out of the pool of remaining selections? Thanks in...
  16. M

    Copy and Update

    I want to copy sheet1 to a new sheet2 and then when the data changes on sheet1 I want sheet2 to automatically update. The reason is I want to able to hide some rows and columns on sheet2 to obtain a better print format. I was going to use INDIRECT however it appears I would need to manually...
  17. S

    VBA Macro to Check for Calendar Items in Outlook and Update if Details Changed

    Good Morning All, I'm trying to make a macro that links an excel list of meetings with an outlook calendar. I have created a macro so far that is able to create the entries and check to see if the entry exists by a specific date (which doesn't allow for any flexibility). I now need to make it...
  18. L

    Creating formulas to pull from specific cell in all worksheets - EXCEL2010

    I am creating a summary sheet for all the worksheets in a workbook. For example, I want to be able to sum E3 from all worksheets. I have been using something like: =Sum('*'!E3). This works fine, but each week I am adding a new worksheet to the workbook and the formula does not update with the...
  19. H

    Vba code for qty data update

    Hi Team, I am looking vba code in order to get desire output. I have several columns which contains product details, there is column called "Qty" we get request from customer and will order the goods based on available qty in our store. If available in store then will get it otherwise will get...
  20. M

    Excel macro to get the right type of X-scale in a chart

    Hi Everybody, After two hours trying to find this over internet, I finally gave up and I'd like to asf for your help! Say that in one sheet I've a table with say 500 columns and 6000+ lines. In other two sheets of the same workbook, I've made 50+ charts to get the information I want from the...

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