1. smozgur

    October 2020 Forum Update

    Mark as solution Although the "Mark as solved" concept has never been used at the MrExcel Message Board since Bill launched the forum in 1998, the new feature "Mark as solution" is different in that marking a post as a solution does not lock the thread. This allows members to offer alternative...
  2. C

    Googled but cannot find - Automate a "Run All" button

    Greetings Folks, I have tried to figure this out but I've yet to come across something that will allow me to make this happen. Every morning I have to open an Access File and press the "Run All" button which will do the macro that's found in the "Code" area. Is there a way that I can setup...
  3. S

    Can I use VBA to Lock VBA where Password already exists?

    I made a careless mistake and left the 'Lock project for viewing' box unchecked and sent out copies of one of my models. A project password already exists. I had just unchecked the 'Lock' box for my convenience while I did some annual updates, but then forgot to check it again before sending...
  4. P

    VBA COde linked to other workbooks doesnt work when others are open

    hi can you help please I have the code below which once updated updates other workbooks as they are all linked together, but for example if book 17 and book 18 is open and someone updates book17 then book18 doesn't update and becomes a read only file and wont save, can you help please? Option...
  5. M

    Comparing updates of a register presented in colums

    Hi there, First my apologies if there is an answer to this already in the forum, but the amount of info is a little overwhelming and I'm taking the quick route; hope you don't mind. There is a register related to my work that I have to check every week to see whether there are new entries or if...
  6. I

    sparkline refresh

    Hi guys i have the data below <tbody> name jan feb march april may jun jack 10 15 17 17 </tbody> I have created a sparkline based on this, I dont have the data for may and june as of yet. Can i set this sparkline up so it automatically updates when may and jun data comes? at the...
  7. C

    Chart not updating

    I have a chart in a sheet that doesn't update when a macro I wrote runs. After if I click on the chart it updates. Any idea what I can do for quick fix.
  8. B

    Changing a range in a formula

    Is there a way of changing the GMC range automatically for the formula below? =DMIN('CEA - ALL'!$A$1:$O$1172,15,GMC!A1:A2) When this is copied to the row below it updates to A2:A3 but I want it to change to A3:A4, A5:A6 etc Is this possible?
  9. C

    Sheet updates

    Is there a way to assign a date to when a sheet updates information from another sheet?
  10. N

    Macro unprotect and protect sheet

    I have sheet "A" with shapes which updates when changes is made in sheet "B". I need to protect sheet "A" since no one touch the shapes. The problem is that since sheet "A" is protected, updates fail. I need a macro that unprotect the sheet, then update and then protect the sheet again. Is this...
  11. A


    I.m running XP and updated my Office a couple of days ago. Ever since I've had to uninstall an Update (KB4462157) each day or it won't load. From Googling it seems I have to turn off Automatic Updates. Can this be done for Office/Excel or must it be Global for the whole computer. I don;'t think...
  12. M

    Updating closed workbooks based on table data

    Hello! I have a simple, yet not so simple problem to solve. At work we get hundreds of bank transaction files from the bank. We have an employee who has to go into each file and change the account number to the account name. This is not a value add task if you know what I mean. I know what...
  13. T

    How do I wire a checkbox event to VBA code that updates a cell?

    I have a checkbox on each row of my spreadsheet. How do I code a VBA module (?) that runs each time the check or uncheck event fires, and updates a cell on that row?
  14. M

    Creating absolute reference to different sheet in INDEX MATCH

    I might be approaching this completely wrong. Please feel free to scold. In my workbook I have a sheet called Master Tracker for tracking all things including installation dates. Weekly we receive an updated file from another team called Weekly Updates that has install date changes. What I...
  15. R

    Can't stop my Application.OnTime macros

    I subscribe to a service that sends real-time updating stock prices directly to my spreadsheets. (Hoadley Financial Add-Ins for Excel.) Using various posts on this site, and much trial and error, I cobbled together a little VBA code that monitors these stock prices and notifies me when my open...
  16. C

    Editing cell in multiple tab WITHOUT grouping

    Is there a way to edit cell M2 on Sheet1 where it updates on Sheet2 as well, but if I edit it on Sheet2 it updates it on Sheet1 WITHOUT grouping or selecting the tabs? Can I somehow specify that a certain cell is live and active through all sheets? I currently have an equation on all sheets...
  17. A

    updating a separate workbook via VBA?

    hi all. i'm trying to work with live data updates on onedrive.. but can't seem to get things to work seamlessly, so i'm toying with the following; Sub TESTOPEN() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim wb As Workbook, sh As Worksheet Set wb = Workbooks.Open("MYFILE") wb.RefreshAll wb.Save...
  18. T

    NEED HELP Numbering Cells Across Worksheets

    I am using this formula to number items on a sheet. When I add or delete rows the row numbers for each item updates to give the correct count. =IF(B3600<>"",COUNTA($B$2:B3600),"") How do I continue the number count to multiple sheets
  19. T

    Macro for adding data from another file

    Hi there. Very new to VBA and macros. Not sure what im doing. At the moment i have recorded a macro that pulls information in from another excel spread sheet and sorts it. But a new spread sheet is brought out every week with the same name except from two numbers in it. Is there anyway i could...
  20. A

    Linking Worksheets

    Is there a way to link worksheets together, to where I modify one and the other updates? Thank you,

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