1. W

    a personal nightmare

    I have a working code to ask user for: - a product - what column to put it in - quantity of product All this happens based on customers region and checkboxes. (Checked regions will get data from user input) Code is working fine in columns from C all the way to Z. But when I try to change the...
  2. T

    VBA and Acrobat add-in to create new PDF with bookmarks

    My question is hopefully rather simple, but I'm relatively new to VBA and I know nothing about Acrobat API. After spending the better part of the past two days scouring the web for an answer, I've only found long-outdated results (like like this post from 2016 based on this blog from 2009 and...
  3. T

    VBA For loop suddenly broken--what happened?

    This sub used to work perfectly. Then I added the variable misCell in the sub declaration and in the first line of code, and for some reason, the ElseIf statement in the first For loop is now broken. Nothing in that code changed (as far as I know). But suddenly it is filling all the "TOEZ...
  4. T

    Replace part/full strings with arrays in VBA

    I am modifying timetables which have been exported from a separate application, but the way it displays the class names is suboptimal (and there's no way to change it in the application itself). I am building a macro to apply a number of formatting changes to the timetables quickly, but I am...
  5. T

    VBA Macro to unmerge empty merged cells

    I am looking for code that will automatically unmerge empty, horizontally merged cells so that column lines will be visible, but which will not unmerge vertically merged cells (all of which contain data). The code will be inserted into a macro which will execute a number of other formatting...
  6. U

    Clear contents of column except column header

    Hello, I am having trouble with my VBA code where I am supposed to clear contents of the entire column except the column header. The code I have so far only clears the column header and I am not sure how exactly to change it to help with my issue. P.S. this is part of a larger procedure and...
  7. L

    Make =Sumproduct ignore blank cells instead of returning "#VALUE!"

    DEFGHIJKLMN21 varm1 varm1 varm1 varm1 kold1 varm#VALUE!#VALUE!#VALUE!31 varm1 varm1 varm1 varm00040260,00 kr.42 kold2 kold2 kold0001 varm16455,00 kr.51 varm1 varm1 varm1 varm1 varm1 varm1 varm70455,00...
  8. V

    Urgent Help - VBA Macro_Need Guidance

    Below Macro is giving error message. Need urgent help.. Sub sbUnProtectSheet() ActiveSheet.Unprotect "9999" Set SourceRange = ActiveSheet.Range("B10:H10") Set FillRange = ActiveSheet.Range("B11:H39") SourceRange.AutoFill.FillRange Range("B11").Select ActiveSheet.Protect "9999"...
  9. H

    URGENT Help required Please!

    Hi all, I hope you can provide some urgent help. I was trying to disable the Paste options and used the following code in the Worksheet Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Application.CutCopyMode = FALSE End Sub Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate() Application.CutCopyMode = TRUE End Sub This did...
  10. R

    Multiple Embedded SUMPRODUCT Error

    Hello friendly people, I've racked my brain on a formula with no luck. I've read a few other posts focused on COUNTIF and tried to change my results to 1 & 0 by using "--". Still, I get a #VALUE or #N/A error. I would like to make a sum of data in a large array based on multiple criteria. I...
  11. R

    Help in USerform

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a Userform and need your urgent help on the same. Purpose of this userform to open relevant workbook which are attached in workbook as Object. I have to hide that sheet and sheet name is objectsss In userform I made on combo box and gave name - ComFruit...
  12. R

    Help in userform

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a Userform and need your urgent help on the same. Purpose of this userform to open relevant workbook which are attached in workbook as Object In userform i have a drop down by the name of ComFruit under that there are fruits name like Apple1, Apple2 and...
  13. I


    Hello ! Actually, I'm facing problem in sumproduct formulae. The file contains three sheets. The sheet “Data” contains the name of the stocks and the respective opening and closing prices. The sheet “Reponses” contains names of the various players of a Mockstock game and the respective...
  14. N

    Need help fast w/ vba!

    Need a macro that will find every cell that contains text within columns A to E all the way down to the bottom. Then paste them in that exact order, but all in column A.
  15. S

    Help needed for transfering data from rows to columns

    Hi, I was wondering can someone help me, i have a sheet with over 100K rows and what i need is to transfer the data from rows to columns, Tried already with index & match but when i drag and drop my excel is not working anymore. Can someone help me to create a macro code for this? On the left...
  16. A

    Automatic Distribution of Items based on Priority Level and Type Set!

    Dear, Need to Automatically distribute Items based on priority level and type set for different People. Find sample below <tbody> <tbody> Type Name Priority Level Distributed Summary Items Type Distributed VIP Mithun 1 4 Rubber Special Mithun Special Jonathan 1 4 Sharpner...
  17. D

    Index+Match/ Vlookup help

    Hi guys, hoping you can help with this. I currently have two tables, main and input/output below. I need a way to pull the "name" field that corresponds to the "main" code in the main table (which is in column D of input/output table). In other words, a formula to give me column E. Any ideas...
  18. S

    Unable to Get VLookup Property for worksheet function class

    Hi All, I am getting "Unable to VLookup property of the Worksheets Function Class" Erro for the below code. Kindly assist I am using this code in a userform Private Sub ListBox1_Click() Dim l As Integer Dim f As Integer EST.TextBox6 = EST.ListBox1 l = Len(EST.TextBox6) f =...
  19. P

    Surpaasing intervals flagging URGENT

    I need help with a certain data column that if it passes the 5000 mark each time. Example : data = 3567 no flag. Same data increases to 5003 it flags. Same data increases 5690 no flag. Same data increases to 10689 it flags. Same data increases to 10700 no flag. Is this possible????
  20. O

    Counting # of times a word appears when associated with name and date range

    Hello I'm looking to count how many times the word "forced release" appears when associated with a certain name within a date range. Name range is in column "A" Date range is in column "B" The Status name is in column "D" The date range i want to set is in column M1 and N1 please help...

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