user defined functions

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    Find and remove User Defined Functions

    I am updating an old workbook which was created years ago, and when sending to others for their review they are getting the following message: There used to be a User Defined Function in a VBA module but I deleted this as it was not needed. I can't seem to find the isformula User Defined...
  2. M

    Creating a user defined Formula with multiple optional entries

    Hello, I need to develop an UDF for checking a cell value against several possible entries to check if the cell is equal to any of those values or not. I know how to do the check (I am thinking to assign the entries to a scripting dictionary and do a dic.exists function). But writing the...
  3. M

    UDF with evaluate

    Hi I am new to posting in forums, but I have often had good use of other's q and a's. I havn't found a useful answer to my current problem. I have recently startet coding again after 10+ years without (since university) so I am a bit rusty, please bear with me. (My Excel is in my local...
  4. C

    Creating simple custom function - multiply

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to create a custom function that find the percentage of a selected cell. Below is the long hand of the formula I am trying to program. =(cell selected)*90% Ideally I'd like the percentage to be a variable (user enters). Thank you!
  5. A

    UDF Issue - Recalculating on Multiple Worksheets

    Hello, I am experiencing an error in my spreadsheet that is causing a lot of confusion and I cannot pinpoint the source... I have multiple worksheets with numerous cost items on each worksheet. Each item is assigned a Type in Column B. Some of these costs have been given red text and some...
  6. A

    Current UDF - Compare two text strings make not case senstive

    I use these two UDFS to find the differences between two strings of text, i would be great if they were case insensitive. If anyone knows how to change these ones or has a better UDF for comparing two text strings ( like with options for choosing different / multiple seperators etc that would...
  7. D

    Restricting values for an argument in UDF

    I've made a custom unit conversion function to include units not included with the CONVERT function in excel. The gist of the code is below Option Explicit Function Conv(Amount As Double, Class As String) As Variant Dim factor As Double, A(57,1) As Variant, B(13,1) As Variant, UnitType As...
  8. C

    User Defined Funtion - if formula and intersect ranges

    Hello, I would like to create a user defined function that will replicate the following logic: =If (top cell in this column=cell in a named range, "yes","no") Is this possible? Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. W

    User defined function in different workbooks/addins problem

    Hi Everyone, Could use any help on this problem I'm having. I created an addin that puts a formula in a cell to make use of a UDF in the addin. It works fine. But when I make changes to my addin, save it as new name, load the new addin (same as the old but with new code for other things)...
  10. O

    User defined function to create a new sheet?

    I am looking for examples of code to create a user defined function. From my understanding I can create a function myself. Then use it say in a "if" function? is that at all true? I want to create an if statement based on a cell reference. See if we accept a project to be "approved" then i...
  11. H

    Extracting and sorting data from a strand in VBA

    I'm trying to take a strand, extract some data (connector type), and sort that data to determine which comes first. For example, given the strands VS IM SC LC SM DPX PVC 2LBL and 5m FDDI ST 62/125 MULTIMODE FIBER I want to write "SC" AND "FDDI" into a column called "ConA" and "LC" and "ST" into...
  12. S

    Using Sumifs referencing a table in a User Defined Function

    Hello all, I am trying to use a User Defined Function to shorten the parameters for a series of separate sumifs that reference a table. For some reason it won't let me reference the table. I keep getting a compile error: expected list or ) The table name is PivotsourceData and I am trying to...
  13. P

    User-Defined Functions problem (arguments do not show up in Excel Menu)

    Hi everyone! I am using Excel 2010. I just created several UDF. One of them (named fc3), however, is not working properly. Basically it has 18 arguments. When I go to Excel spreadsheet I do the following: Formulas > Insert function > then select User Defined > select the function. Then it...
  14. C

    Referencing a Range from within an Excel Add-in with a UDF

    I have created an excel add-in that contains a series of User Defined functions. The add-in consists of several worksheets that contain tables and single values, each of these has been referenced by a unique name i.e. "Table1-2" or "Value1-4". My UDF perform lookup's on these tables. All...
  15. L

    Functions referenced from add-in display file/folder path

    Hello, I created an add-in (.xlam) in Excel 2007 which has a number of user-defined functions. The add-in was deployed to a shared network folder as read-only so: (a) it could be referenced by multiple users at the same time and (b) we could easily deploy changes. The individual functions...
  16. K

    UDF:Applying a formula to individual cells in a range

    I'm writing a function in VBA where I am entering a range for the variable and calculating from there. The mean of that range is calculated, but for each cell in the range I want to subtract the mean from it and square that value. The result of each cell will be summed. For instance, if the...
  17. B

    Expert challenge >> Find which Advanced Filter criteria is applied for a found/selected entry

    Hi Wizards,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Following situation<o:p></o:p> · I need to find regularly a number of customers from a long list (20-30k entries) based on their names, eg selecting all customers containing...
  18. E

    User Defined Functions in an Add-in

    I have setup an add-in containing several of my commonly used User Defined Functions. When I use one of these functions in a workbook with the add-in loaded, I just get #NAME? unless I specify the Add-in name explicitly prior to the function, e.g. =Addin.xla!FunctionName(params...) When I...
  19. E

    User Defined Functions in an Add-In

    I have a set of 15 or so workbooks, each for a separate year. They all use the same user-defined functions and I want to hold these functions once, rather than 15 times. I looked online and it seems the best way is to save the functions as an Add-In. I have tried this, but the workbooks do...
  20. S

    How to transfer UDF to other peoples' machine

    I have made some user defined functions and want to share those with other colleagues in my office. What is the way to send these functions so that they can run from their machines and also how can I hide the code so that they don't mess the code. Thnx

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