1. J

    Dashboard view for validation of true false

    Context... I'm working with a very large file but I will simplify it with the following: I have static data in columns a through d (static datal and look up formulas in columns H through H fetching data from a report (report data). The static and report data should reconcile one for one. Columns...
  2. V

    Macro vs Data Validation vs Ifs statement

    Hi, I have the following task and I am looking for the optimized solution. Please help. Problem statement. User inputs: B1: wage B2: income tax percent B3: social security percent B4: Age B5: =B1*(B2+B3) I need a solution to meet the following: If Age<30 then B5 <=10000 If Age>=30 then...
  3. C


  4. S

    Date of birth data validation

    Dear team, I have in column A2 day, column B2 month, column C3 year, and in coloumn O i have date from 00 to 31, in coloumn P i have month from 00 to 12, in Q i have year from 00 & 1955 to 2075, i have created name manager of column O as day, column P as month, and column Q as year, Question: i...
  5. H

    Search option in the given cell

    Hi Team, Can I create the similar like google search in the excel when I define range it should show the names which I type. For example, in my list if I have "London" then the moment I type "L" it should show list of words start from "L". Later I should use this as reference for my further...
  6. Z

    Two validations in one Cell

    Hi. I'm a new user and i'm finding a solution for this case: I need that in a one cell the user input only can write a string specifically of 7 or 10 characters, the values 1 to 6 and 8, 9, or greater than 10 are not valid, I tried to solve this with validation but i can't, i hope anyone can...
  7. N

    Data Validation: Multiple Return Possibilities

    Greetings all, I was hoping someone could offer their input and/or guide me in the right direction for an experimental data validation macro which could (potentially) either automate or streamline data input for my engagement team. In essence, I created a data validation scheme which seeks to...
  8. J

    Validating Days of the Week

    I'm trying to force all cells for a particular column to only allow any combination of the following characters: M, T, W, R, F, S, U. So all of the following would be valid: MTW RTS UWM MTWRF But the following would not: M T W R F WQRF What kind of custom formula do I need in order to allow...
  9. M

    Help with a cost calculator based on different options.

    Hi, I am trying to compile a calculator based on a set of options selected by the user. I want to use validation to allow a list of 3 choices which then determines what further options are available. This is the table. <TBODY> Area 1</SPAN> Area 2</SPAN> Area 3</SPAN> 0-2 & TS</SPAN> 3-4...
  10. E

    Excel 2010-What method to use to identify info missing or in error?

    Hello Excel Gurus! Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction. I have been tasked to create a "smart" data collection form in excel 2010 where a user inputs collected info from a call. The form is divided into 5 main sections with as few as 6 and as many as 26 manually input...
  11. F

    validation list

    hi, in Sheet2 I have list: <tbody> columnA (name) ColumnaB (region) Audi Euro Ford USA Chevi USA VW EURO Porshe EURO </tbody> I used manager name to define range: Cust_Name = Sheet2!$A:$A Reg_Name = Sheet2!$B:$B Now, in Sheet1 I did data validation and I have: A2 = list of name...
  12. F

    Excel VBA Customer details Validation

    I am doing a school project of creating an invoice for a shop. One of the requirements is that i have to enter customer details like their name, adress 1, town, county, uk postcode and telephone number and have the form entries validated. Could someone take a look st my invoice and see what to...
  13. F

    Data Validation

    hi, I have defined name in excel like: Named: My_CARS Refers to = My_Cars!$C$2:$C$100 Now in sheet2, I I'm doing in field A2 data validation and set up to Validatation Criteria as: - Allow = List - Source: = My_CARS. But I have all values - with duplicates. How can I get only unique values?
  14. J

    Excel Dropdown from Multiple Pages

    I am trying to create a spreadsheet that has a dropdown that pulls information from whichever sheet corresponds to the date selected in the dropdown. I have one sheet for each day of the month, and if the user selects 2 then it will pull the information from the 2nd day in the corresponding...
  15. F

    validation is not working

    i have this formula in my date column validation =AND(W3>STARTDATE,W3<ENDDATE) i defiend STARTDATE as my first date, and ENDDATE is last date.. but in validation, is not working...?
  16. C

    Need help dependent list box and maybe a lookup formula

    Hello gracious gurus, I need assistance with dependent list boxes. I have reviewed about 7+ videos and cannot find my answer. I need a formula that will show a List Box based on formula. For example, if I select model "CT4-3/8" then, I want to have the "LB_TB_Fifteen_In " List Box choices...
  17. SeanDamnit

    Need help with using a prompt to re-assign categoies

    Hello MrExcel, I'm having difficulty figuring out where to begin with this project. I have an inventory list that will usually be ~10k line items, each grouped in 4-6 unique categories, with about 80 unique items. I will occasionally need to re-categorize items on this list. For the sake of a...
  18. K

    Check to see if fields in form are set to null

    Hi. I'm developing an ordering interface in Access 2003 using forms with rows (approx 50) describing per article including two text boxes - one for number of ordered articles and one for number of orders delivered. This interface works as intended. The problem is that sometimes, people forget...
  19. K

    Drop-down list varies based on input

    All fields in column E of sheet 1 have data validation for drop downs from a list that is specified on Sheet 2. This list is called "Major". The major list is 1- Color 2- Machine Problem 3- Eyemark, etc... Now I have other lists specified on Sheet 2 called "Minor lists"...
  20. pedie

    Urgent pls. Validation to accept on Date MM/DD/YY format noly. Pls help

    Validation to accept on Date MM/DD/YY format noly. Pls helpThanks: Cell value should only take MM/DD/YY format. Pedie

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