1. Y

    Data validation

    Hi Team, I want to validate my inputs so no unnecessary data will be entered. Please show me how. Date Rego# (eg:ABC123): 3x ALPHABET & 3x NUMERICALS Time Out & Time In. Date Rego# Driver Name Type of Vehicle Trip remarks Load remarks Destination Time Out Milage- Out Time In Milage- in...
  2. leopardhawk

    Custom data validation

    Is it possible to have the data validation in a cell NOT permit any entry at all unless there is a valid date in another cell? I tried this... =if(H9,0,0) ...but it still allows data to be entered in the cell I am trying to validate. Cheers!
  3. C

    VBA check multiple cells if empty put text in cell B

    What I want to do is try to figure out a macro or code that can check if there is data in column D but column Q, R, and T are empty then I want to place the word "New" into column B. Any Idea's? Thanks as always
  4. D

    How to validate textbox entry format

    dear Excel Experts, I have a userform which retrieves the data from the excel database UF_Contracting.REV = Format(Sheets("A").Range("Data_Start").Offset(TargetRaw, 64).Value, "Percent") in the REV textbox user can change it and then changed data are uploaded into the same excel database...
  5. M

    Simple if statement

    Dear Expert, Need help to get result as mentioned below, <tbody> AWB No Remark Reason 12345678 cash not ready here i want result </tbody> if i type or validate in column B3, want display result as per attached file in in column c <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Tomorrow Spoken to...
  6. A

    Validate the letter "A" exist at the end and if doesn't put in

    I have group number and need to validate the letter "A" at the end and if doesn't exist need to put in. I currently us this code to rename and want to add a validate if the letter A is at the end then rename to B. Dim Addr As String Addr = "A2:A" & Cells(rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row...
  7. W

    Copy Cell Value from Multiple sheets to single Column in another Workbook

    HI, I am trying to copy Range W3 from sheets "Pay10" to "Pay26" in one workbook to a sheet called "Data" Range C17:C33 in another workbook. Any help would be appreciated. Sub VacationPayTransfer() Dim wb1 As Workbook, wb2 As Workbook, i As Long Set wb1 =...
  8. K


    Why wont this script color the column M if it meets both criteria: Sub Validate() Dim found As Boolean found = False For Each cell In Range("F2:M1000").Cells If cell.Value = "FT Hourly" And "<40" Then found = True End If Next If found = True Then...
  9. E

    Display Value from matching from columns in two separate tables.

    What would be the formula to display the unit "Three" in Column H if given the unit "Two" and "Four"? It would have to match and validate in two separate tables; Table 1 (Column A:B) and Table 2 (Column C:E). For example, if given unit Two=10, it should first validate to match Table 1 where it...
  10. E

    Pivot/transpose ??

    Hi All, I have a list of materials that has about 10,000 items. These Items have about 50 Categories. I want to pivot or transpose the data so I can create validation lists using the categories as headers. Example: as existing List CAT ITEM Fruit Banana Fruit Apple...
  11. I

    lookup and validation

    Hi everyone, i have a problem, that makes me spend hours sorting but i am sure there is a way that can be done in seconds, it starts like this i receive a monthly report and the below two columns are in it, i need to validate all ticket numbers if they are available in the database or lets...
  12. W

    Listbox and cmd button - Macro

    hi, apologies in advance for the potentially daft question. I have created a Userform ('UserForm1') with a Listbox ('ListBox1') of 10 list options (from a validated and named list on a separate sheet) and two command buttons ('cmdTransfer' and 'cmdClose'). I need the userform to appear when...
  13. S

    PDF Hyperlink Validation

    Hello, I have searched through lots of posts about validating multiple links within spreadsheets, but have yet to see one that works with PDFs. I have have been putting together a spreadsheet with multiple tabs with a few thousand hyperlink formulas per tab. These hyperlinks are to specific...
  14. S

    Email Address Validation

    Hi, I came across this formula that validates an email address: =AND(FIND("@",A1),FIND(".",A1),ISERROR(FIND(" ",A1))) It works fine if the "@" or/and dot is missing but it doesn't check for these rules: - the "@" comes 1st then the dot, - the "@" and the "." are separated (don't come together)...
  15. A

    Validate User Input Data - Confirm against known list

    I have a range of cells 10 columns wide by 16 rows tall... it is assigned the range name of: "USER_CHANNELS" The cells in this range are validated against a range called: "VAL_CHAN_NAME" If the user is typing in data... and they get something wrong... it stops them and forces them to...
  16. J

    Validating Days of the Week

    I'm trying to force all cells for a particular column to only allow any combination of the following characters: M, T, W, R, F, S, U. So all of the following would be valid: MTW RTS UWM MTWRF But the following would not: M T W R F WQRF What kind of custom formula do I need in order to allow...
  17. epardo87

    Avoid transferring any data if all form is not complete?

    Hello, I have the codes below and I want that none of them are transferred if both are not filled. Currently if any of them is empty a window pops up saying "fill everything please" but still transferring data even if they're not all filled (if I fill only the second one and hit Ok button, the...
  18. epardo87

    How to validate TextBox if not filled?

    Hello! So I have this transferring codes and they work fine, I just want it to validate that the whole form has been filled. I'd appreciate your suggestions! Thanks 'Transfer information Cells(emptyRow, 1).Value = UserTextBox.Value Cells(emptyRow, 2).Value = TravelerTextBox.Value...
  19. S

    How to Validate data in 2 columns

    Hello everybody, I am stuck on a small problem. Please help me out. I have tried couple of things as pasted in the code below. I have to validate data in column A with data in column C Each cell data in A should match its corresponding cell data in C. e.g: A1 = C1, A2 = on If they...
  20. L

    Consolidation & Validation of Spreadsheets

    Hello, I hope someone can help me. I have a master spreadsheet that has details of a number of people. It includes their names, start and end dates, rates etc. I am being given 3 other spreadsheets each month from different sources. Each spreadsheet will contain a similar thing but not...

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