validation error

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    Data validation formula not working when applied to table column

    I have created a formula for use in validation entries in a table column. Both versions below evaluate properly to true/false when entered into a cell outside the table...
  2. I

    Excel Validation rule to prevent cell from going below a certain percentage based on value of another cell.

    Hello! I'm trying to create a quote template in Excel. The issue happens when sales wants to give a discount, but then give too big of a discount on the price. To solve this issue we've duplicated the price in another hidden cell and reference that cell in the validation rule. The idea is...
  3. B

    Problem with blank values in control/check table

    Hi, I am building a table for staffing purposes, and I basically only need to controls to "validate"/approve the table. 1. The number of staff put in must equal the required amount of staff (E column) 2. The same staff cannot be put on twice for the same time period (which I have done by the...
  4. S

    Message box from data validation disappeared

    I've used data validation and have added a message, but I've somehow removed the message box which should appear when a cell with a message is selected. How can I make it return? :-D
  5. J

    Data Validation doesn't Work

    Hi everybody I have a code that makes a comma separated list from a collection, and then makes a cell validation with that list. The purpose of this code is to detect the last cell in a column, and make the next one a drop down list with unique values from the column above. get it? Its to...
  6. H

    If formula for validation

    I can't believe this is giving me trouble. I want to prevent entering data in a cell unless another cell (p2) has data in it. I select validation>custom>formula and enter =if(p2="") which of course is not correct as a stand alone formula and gives an error message. What do I put in as the...
  7. J

    Can't see Validation

    Hi all, I have Validation on 2 columns within my work sheet, I cannot see the values within the list when you go to enter a value. If you input a wrong value it just comes up with a warning. I have a list defined on another page which is being referanced. The other thing is that if i add another...
  8. A

    Data Validation error

    Hello, Can someone please respond as I'm going nuts here. I have a macro written that creates data validation in a spreadsheet. The Validation boxes are dependant on the previous box being filled in and I've used the indirect function for this. The first validation boxes create fine being...

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