1. S

    Find and Replace Across Specific Sheets based on a Data set with correct names

    I have a list of correct and incorrect names as seen in sample file below. I am trying to loop through a list of sheets and do a find and replace for each item on the List. The Correct Name is what the replace is going to be and the Incorrect Name is the find. I have looped through specific...
  2. ibmy

    Count if the value is positive and negative 'itself'

    Hi, Column A // Column B -0.1 // 1 0.1 // 2 -0.1 // 3 0.3 0.7 0.2 // 1 -0.2 // 2 -0.2 // 1 0.2 // 2 0.7 // -0.5 // 1 0.5 // 2 -0.5 // 3 0.5 // 4 0.5 // 0.3 // Rule: 1. The starting value can be negative or postive 2. Reset the count if :- i- value is...
  3. U

    Format date in function as value

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum and I'm not quite an expert in VBA, but I'm trying. I use this function to get the filedate time from a file: Function GetFileDateTime(R As Range) Set R = R.Cells(1, 1) GetFileDateTime = format(filedatetime(R.Value), "dd-mm-yyyy hh:nn") End Function This works...
  4. SewerUrchin

    Non-reconciling formula in Nested IF AND statements

    Hello: I worked for over an hour last night trying to get this darn formula to work and have been unsuccessful. I know it is probably something stupid, but my brain won't get to the solution for some reason. I split my home with another and we use a list to keep track of expenses that we both...

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