1. Jyggalag

    How do you make VBA code run automatically?

    Hi all, I am very new to coding in VBA and am trying to figure out how to make my code run automatically. I want to copy paste values from one cell to another, but nothing happens with my current code, any idea why? Thank you!
  2. N

    Sequential numbers based on cell value

    How do I enter sequential numbers based on cell value start with D9 and end with D7 (30 years term) and I would like to calculate in range Q3:V14. If I change D7 value to 10 years, in range Q3:V14 should count only 10 years and stop. See my attached XL2BB file. Thank you so much for your help...
  3. N

    Get value from December given year

    Hello, This is my first attempt at Xl2bb. Could you please help me with a formula that can get value only from December month from year given ? Need to calculate year-end balance which is in each year December month. But value can be YYYY format only in L3 column. For example, in Q3 result...
  4. ibmy

    Keep Sum Positive Value until Negative Value appear

    Hi, Does it possible to generate result in Column H? From the past data, the max positive value appear (>=0) is below 100 row. My data range between 250k-750k row...
  5. S

    How Excel hides error values

  6. S

    Help with finding the position of a value as a percentage

    Hi all...I have a query that I'm struggling with, I'm not too sure if I'm going too technical too quickly tbh! I have some values laid out in a table similar to below, I need a formula that can automatically calculate the position of the value in % form. Min Max Value Position % 50 100 75...
  7. ibmy

    SUM/COUNT of value 1 at the end of set

    Hi, Data contain just 2 value which are 1 and 0. AB1DataResult20311405061718139010111121201301411150160170 Thanks advance.
  8. M

    Insert 2 blank rows after row with a specific text

    Hi guys I need to insert two rows after a row with some content like this: To this: I haved found this code: Sub InsertRows() Dim Rw As Long Dim Rng As Range Set Rng = Sheets(1).Range("A4") Rw = Rng.Row Do...
  9. StephenArg

    INDIRECT Formula shows #VALUE! error when opening the file

    I have an Excel workbook with no external references and no VBA. There are only 4 worksheets in the file and on one of those worksheets, I use the INDIRECT formula to automate getting a value from a cell in a different worksheet in the same workbook. The formula is looking for a value from...
  10. F


    Hi, I am attempting to use two countif conditions across multiple sheets (which I have named "Tabs" in name manager) to count how many times a job is raised for an item with a certain reference number in a particular year of its ownership. I have used a no. of forum posts to get me to where I...
  11. B

    Count first instance of duplicate value with multiple criteria

    Hi, Can I count the first instance of a duplicate value with multiple criteria? Based on below table we have the following: - 3 unique companies - 3 unique PO's - 12 items across 3 PO's Based on below table I want the following: - Cell B2: This cell should reflect the amount of PO...
  12. S

    Sort & Group Specific Cell Value

    Hi All, I would like to know how to achieve this condition programmatically. The main idea is to collect the same "attribute name" for each row for each grouping (column 2) Note: Grouping will be more than 1. like : Logi1, Logi2, Logi3, etc From this : To be like this (result): I had...
  13. E

    Copy elements from listbox

    hi, how do i select values from my listbox1 (after he gave me values ) copy and paste the value anywhere? my listbox result have 3 cols
  14. A

    VBA String in cell to check box value

    Hello, I am trying to make this code work: Private Sub commandB_Click() If Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "G") = "Výtah" Then realita.vytah.Value = True End If If Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "G") = "Konstrukce" Then realita.konstrukce.Value = True End...
  15. G

    How to find the 2nd largest value in a series of data that may contain multiple incidences of the same value?

    Hi, I am trying look for a function or a solution to finding the second highest value in the array of data that may contain multiple instance of same values. for example: array = [31,28,31,27,28,29,26]. The LARGE function couldn't help me because if I pass arguments like LARGE(array.2) it will...
  16. M

    Pasting to a Row with a Specific Value in another Workbook

    Hi All, I am quite new to this and I have gotten so far but I can't seem to find a structure to do what I need to do. Below I have attached Workbook1 and Workbook2. I can move data from both workbooks, but I was to paste to a row/column that has a specific value in Workbook2. In my code, I...
  17. ibmy

    Sum of Negative or Positive, Exclude 0 or Include 0

    Hi Excel Experts ? Sample of 20k row data I face weekday : BCDEF1Sum of Negative Sum of Positive2ValueExclude 0Include 0Exclude 0Include...
  18. ibmy

    Identify Number Pattern of Positive(+) -> Zero(0) -> Negative(-)

    Dear Smartest Excelers, Some of sample from my 90k row data: ABCD1DiffResult2030.440.552.36070809-3.91B5(+) -> B6:B8(0) -> B9(-)10-0.1Rule 4: Start new find110120.4No count : B10(-) -> B11 (0) -> B12 (+)13014-0.51B12(+) -> B13(0) -> B14(-)150Rule 4: Start new...
  19. C

    #VALUE! Displaying instead of " "

    Good Afternoon All, I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction with a formula that returns #VALUE! when the formula is not True. The formula I have is: =IF(day(B71)=3,"Queen's Platinum Jubilee",""). So when B71 doesn't equal 3, I'd rather display a blank cell rather than the...
  20. E

    Count each Value from a List of Values in a Column

    I have a list of passages in one column and a list of words or phrases in another column. Then I have a third column reserved for how many times each word or phrase appears in the column with the list of passages. For example: In column A (List of passages), A1: The red fox jumped over the red...
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