1. M

    Sum Values Above Based on Adjacent Value

    I am looking to see if this can be done as a formula but if it has to be VBA code then I can try and get it to work. Basically, This file will track the Ins ( Column E) and Outs (Column F) of Totes. The outs will go out every day but the ins will only be delivered if the route is scheduled for...
  2. N

    Runtime error -2147417848 (80010108) method value of the object range failed

    Hi I am trying to save the data into the MainInventory but unable to do as I keep getting this error When my sheet is empty and insert the second row as my first row is headers row the data is inserts fine everything works fine but as i enter the third row this pops ups and my vba closes and...
  3. ibmy

    Count specific value in range

    Hi Mr Excel, How to get result in Column Q & S? Given number of range to check for Column Q in M , Column S in O The Range to check in Column G. Example : Cell O6 show 2 number of range , then check how many value < -0.6 in Column G and the result is 1 in Column S. Same goes to Column M for...
  4. Robyrubyjane

    VBA change format formula to value in column

    hi guys, so in column X my value have formula, so i want to change the format to value only with VBA. can you help me?
  5. R

    Expand array of dates based on 2 criteria (VBA)

    Hi I have a counter with a minimum value of 17. As long as this value is not reached, then extra dates should be added to an array of dates. The extra dates should be workdays: if for example 2 extra dates are needed to reach the 17 value, but the 24th of December is not a workday, yet 23rd and...
  6. 2

    XL VBA - filter column based on parts of string in a remote cell value

    Remote* Cell values in a named range "MyNamedRange"** have following structure: "U. HeaderName - KeyWord"*** Filters and HeaderName row is in row 10 Objective - Upon Right Click on a cell in above named range: - Filter in Column U using the "KeyWord" * Remote - as in it is not part of the...
  7. R

    Randomly pick string element from array

    Hi, I have the following code which creates an array "Ary" with string elements from a table column that match value "x" from another column in this table. I would like to have cell E6 display a randomly picked string element from this array "Ary". How would I have to alter the VBA code? Sub...
  8. M

    Sum value isnt spilling over into next empty cell

    When I type past the end of the cell my text is spilling into the next empty cell. When I add a sum to the cell, it wont spill into the next cell and just cuts off at the end of the first cell. Any reason why this may be happening and how to fix it? Things to note:- The next cell is definitely...
  9. S

    Help with IF formula

    Hi guys, I really need help to set up a logical solution to this. In 'Value' column I want to have a value based on time interval. If a time interval in a cell in Sheet 1 falls inside a time interval in Sheet 2 then take the values shown in Sheet 2, otherwise 40. See image. THANKS FOR HELPING
  10. R


    XERROR allows for conveniently generating most of the Excel errors as output to functions With XERROR, it is very easy to generate all but four of the Excel errors as output to functions. Error types 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, and 14 (i.e. #EXTERNAL!, #NULL!, #DIV/0!, #VALUE!, #REF...
  11. V

    VBA - sheets comparison

    Hello everyone. I need a VBA to compare two sheets and highlights the unique values. I have this VBA, but it also highlights if a cell changed it´s position, which I don’t need. I only need the VBA to highlight which cells have different values and the unique cells in each sheets. Sub...
  12. V

    VBA - compare two worksheets

    Hello everyone, I'm having difficulty with how to make a VBA, which compares all the values of a worksheet in another. I tried to do it this way, but it didn't work: Sub CompareSheets() Dim RowSheet1 As Long Dim RowSheet2 As Long RowSheet2 = 1 While Sheet2.Range("A" & RowSheet2).Value <>...
  13. ibmy

    Count occurrence of specific value in a list, upwardly of given number

    Hi, Specific Value = 0.1 BCD1DataNumberResult20.430.140.250.13260.570.11180.590.1100.2110.2120.1130.1140.3150.1160.284170.9Description: 1. C5 number is 3, so count 0.1 in B5,B4,B3 2. C7 number is 1, so just count 0.1 in B7 only 3. C16 number is 8, so count 0.1 from B16 -> B9 No count if there...
  14. U

    VBA: Check if cells in range contain same value and ignore blanks

    Hi Gurus, Good day! I was looking for some codes on how to create a prompt if the data is not the same. I saw this which is workable but I need to apply the condition that if the cell is blank, it should ignore it: ========================================================= "= Existing Code...
  15. Jyggalag

    How do you make VBA code run automatically?

    Hi all, I am very new to coding in VBA and am trying to figure out how to make my code run automatically. I want to copy paste values from one cell to another, but nothing happens with my current code, any idea why? Thank you!
  16. N

    Sequential numbers based on cell value

    How do I enter sequential numbers based on cell value start with D9 and end with D7 (30 years term) and I would like to calculate in range Q3:V14. If I change D7 value to 10 years, in range Q3:V14 should count only 10 years and stop. See my attached XL2BB file. Thank you so much for your help...
  17. N

    Get value from December given year

    Hello, This is my first attempt at Xl2bb. Could you please help me with a formula that can get value only from December month from year given ? Need to calculate year-end balance which is in each year December month. But value can be YYYY format only in L3 column. For example, in Q3 result...
  18. ibmy

    Keep Sum Positive Value until Negative Value appear

    Hi, Does it possible to generate result in Column H? From the past data, the max positive value appear (>=0) is below 100 row. My data range between 250k-750k row...
  19. S

    How Excel hides error values

  20. S

    Help with finding the position of a value as a percentage

    Hi all...I have a query that I'm struggling with, I'm not too sure if I'm going too technical too quickly tbh! I have some values laid out in a table similar to below, I need a formula that can automatically calculate the position of the value in % form. Min Max Value Position % 50 100 75...

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