value based

  1. M

    Find which range a value belongs in

    Hello hello, I'm trying to find a way to return which category a certain value belongs in, based on a range of values. Basically, in the table below, I'm trying to find the formula of E5, based on the value found in E2. The formula in E5 should be returning 3. *Important, this example uses...
  2. L

    For, IF, Offset, move to next if not blank

    Hi Folks, I have a basic Loop and If statement fr populatnga Tasks/Roster type sheet. Currently, the code will populate fields based on the value in the range. What I would like to do, is if the offset cell is not blank, for the next blank cell to be populated instead. I have tried a number...
  3. F

    WORD - Display Text depending on a value of a Combo Box

    Hello everybody, This morning I posted a question on how to display a text depending on a value of a combo box and I had my ansyer here : But now I would like to know if it's possible to do the...
  4. F

    Display Text depending on a value of a Combo Box

    Hello everybody, I would like to create a combo box in Word and depending on the value of the combo box (A, B, or C) that the text associated with the value displays on the word. (or excel 2010 but I would prefer Word 2010 if possible) For exemple I named my combo box "Choice" and inside there...
  5. M

    VBA Popup based on cell value

    I am trying to get a msgbox to popup based on a value in the spreadsheet. I am currently using the below but whenever I open up a second workbook, im getting a Microsoft Visual Basic Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If Sheets("Fx").Range("F1").Value...
  6. A

    Vlookup to return values only

    Hello, Is it possible to create a vlookup formula that only returns the values? Or, do I have to copy the result and paste as values?:confused: Here is the current formula I'm using. =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(G222,B:C,2,FALSE),0) I hope my question makes sense.
  7. M

    Help! Referencing a cell based on ranged criteria.

    Hello! I have been stuck on this formula for quite some time and was hoping I could get some help from you genius excel people! Below is an example of my spreadsheet. What I am trying to achieve is a formula in Cell R2, that matches the value of cell B23 with cell range C1:Q1 (B23 has a drop...
  8. T

    Changing A Cell Value (Mouse Move or Touch Screen)

    I'm at my wits end, I've have been trying to change the value of a cell. My workbook has multiple sheets and it's cell A1 on the 3rd sheet that I want to change from FALSE to TRUE if I touch the screen or move the mouse. I just haven't been able to come up with a solution, any idea's good people?
  9. B

    Hide Columns Based On Cell Value

    Hey guys, I know there has been many post on the good old internet about this but i can find one that will fix my issue. What i am trying to do is hide Columns based on a valve that can fall in any row in the column. <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 Hide Dont Hide 2 Dont Hide...
  10. W

    Macro to copy and insert rows based on the value in a cell

    Hi, I'm trying to teach myself to write in VBA but many hours have shown this problem is way above my abilities at the moment. I have a very long list in a worksheet where column F contains one or more pipe diameter, and if there is more than one diameter for that particular line the cell...
  11. B

    Repeat Code for ALL Occurrences

    I hope someone can help me with this, it might not be that complicated. I have a code that looks for a value in a cell and then finds that value in a range, once the value is located it will place a value in another cell offset by 3 columns. Sub Mark() Sheets("Sheet1").Select Dim LR As...
  12. B

    Copy Range from one sheet to another based on value

    I have an inventory program with two sheets“List 1” and “List 2” with the exact same set up; 5 columns, in order Date (B),Product Code (C), Lot Number (D), Description (E), Location (F). The Location column has define locations ineach row/cell below. I am trying to getthe contents from List 1...
  13. D

    formula for multiple texts to equal values

    I am hoping someone can help me. I have a spread sheet that has multiple columns with different texts, I would like to assign each text a value and calculate the total, for example: A1 has the word YES with a numeral value of 3 B1 Has the word Maybe with a value of 2 C1 has the word No with a...
  14. H

    Value based on column numbers

    Column A2:A9999 contains values. B1=500 & C1=1000. If any value in the column A2:A9999 is either of the 2 range B1 & C1 i.e <B1 or >C1, answer D1=1 else 0. Column A2:A9999 may also contain #N/A or alphanumeric generated thr' formula which has to be ignored. i.e. GDR8709 or HHH or #N/A has to...
  15. T

    IF a value from a list, report one of three options

    Hello! If I have this list: <tbody> A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 C1 C2 </tbody> In another sheet I have a cell where I want to populate 1 of 3 options based on whether the value in an adjacent cell is a part of the range I have defined in the list...
  16. L

    VBA: Pick a value if 2 conditions meet

    I had posted to another thread before but there were no answer: I think it is a bit complex or I couldn't tell. Here is a related issue but something more clean another so I decided that's another case: Check If A1=01 Then Look and Find If...
  17. R

    Return range of cell concatenaded based on single cell value

    Hello everybody, I´m trying to work out the following problem. I have a range of cells each containing a name. Based on a number that has to be entered manually I want excel to return the names concatenated in one cell. So for example: Number of variable entered: 5 <tbody> q9001 q9002...
  18. D

    Showing unique value for a certain ID

    Hello, I am trying to improve my code that is telling me the type of an ID based on what it contains. The data looks like this: Excel 2010 <tbody> A B C 1 Dart ID Item Item type 2 D1881031654 1N Supplies 3 D1881031654 5T Supplies 4 D1881031654 UK Supplies 5 D1881113260 C5 Hardware...
  19. P

    Consolidating Multiple Sheets into One

    Hi, all! I am having issues consolidating 5 worksheets into one summary sheet. My problem is that I only wish to bring over the rows which have a value in column BE. I only actually require data from columns C:F and BE for the summary. One more possible problem is that there are "roll-up"...
  20. O

    Copying Rows to new sheet based on value

    Hi all, I'm trying use a macro to copy certain rows (with all formating) from one sheet to another based on the contents of column K - "Cmp" in the below extract of "Datasheet1": <TABLE style="WIDTH: 604pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=805...

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