1. A

    VBA .xlam for multiple workbooks

    Good morning, I have several tools working with which include sometimes the same Subs . So everytime I found an effort on one Sub and change it in one workbook I repeat this in the other workbooks. Wasting time - isn’t it? I want to have one workbook with all Subs inside, soft coded. So they...
  2. M

    Best Way to Clean Up After Running Code

    Curious about the best way to clean-up after running code. I often run code that utilizes Workbook, Worksheet, Range, ADODB.Connection and ADODB.Recordset variables, sometimes all in the same procedure. At the end of the code I set all variables equal to nothing (e.g., Set dbConn = Nothing)...
  3. M

    Userform to modify data in different workbooks

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing great. At my current job we use several workbooks to store data regarding different steps of a process. Tehe thing is that some data is the same through the different workbooks. I have been working on a vba app that would allow me to store the data needed on all...
  4. Q

    Table Lookup

    I'm trying to create a look-up formula that fills in cell values in accordance with corresponding variables from different tabs. For example: In the tab "Match-Up", cell "J3", I'd like the formula to display the number of games "Auburn" has played (according to the data found in tab "Auburn")...
  5. D

    Finding approximate value based on interpolation of data

    Hello, I need help with this problem of finding the closest result based on 3 criteria. Using index and match I get the result but only if the result value and the variables are exact match. These are the measurements that I get from device: Variable_1 - B2=59.3 Variable_2 - B3=31.3 Variable_3...
  6. S

    Pass value between two user forms - but txt box and form name held as public variables

    Hi all, I need to pass a value from a text box (frmkeypad.tbvalue.value) to another text box in another userform. But the form name and text box name to pass it to are stored as public variables (formref and fieldref). So something like formref & "." & fieldref & ".value" =...
  7. B

    Loop through variables which defined as range

    Hello, how can I loop through ranges. What I have already tried so far. Is it possible? Dim Variabel as Range Dim Variabel_1 as Range Dim Variabel_2 as Range Dim Variabel_3 as Range Dim I as Long ' the ranges are as an example Set Variabel_1 = Range("A1") Set Variabel_2 = Range("B5") Set...
  8. G

    Online scoreboard

    I wish to create a scoreboard for pool matches on a live stream as an overlay image. I was thinking of using an external button box to change the variables within an excel file which then in turn changes said variables on my overlay. The variables I would require would be: Player 1 name...
  9. VBE313

    How can I select the next item and next item and next item?

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() For I = 0 To Me.ListBox4.ListCount - 1 If InStr(UCase(ListBox4.List(I, 1)), UCase(sFind)) > 0 Then Me.ListBox4.TopIndex = I + 1 Me.ListBox4.ListIndex = I + 1 Exit For End If Next I End Sub...
  10. H

    Return multiple variables from a Function

    I am relatively new to programming. I am trying to return multiple variables from function. I have read a couple of posts that outline that this is not possible. They suggest that this can be solved by passing a array. I understand how to do this, however what if one of the variables is an...
  11. B

    Easy VBA Loop Through Variables Looking for Boolean Flag

    Hi All, I'm attempting to write a code that looks through a potential of 50 different Boolean variables and creates a new variable "YES" if at least one is flagged yes. I am extremely new to VBA and just know basic loops. Any help would be appreciated. Thank!
  12. O

    relationship among four variables

    How can i get the relationship among this 4 variables a = no of days = 30 b = rates/number of holes/ma = 315.81 c = expected monthly target (number of holes) = 240 d = expected production amount = 75,795.36 (Naira) regards
  13. O

    Dividing Variable Ranges or Strings

    I am trying to get a range to divide itself by itself divided by a different range, and then multiplied by 12. I wrong the code below in an attempt to achieve this, and keep getting an error stating "Compile error: Object required". I have tried changing the "AnnualizeMonths" and...
  14. R

    Outlier detection and removal from ranges

    Good day, I have a two ranges (for X and Y data) that I graph on a userform using the traditional method of graphing, exporting to image, and loading the image into a picture control. Oftentimes, the data in the Y data has a few errors in terms of outliers (X data is just dates). I'd like to...
  15. D

    Excel Solver Question

    Hello- I am stuck on Excel Solver question. I have 4 decision variables used to determine thresholds for items to stock in warehouse. From a list of of all items, by changing these variables in any combination, I can identify new opportunities to generate incremental revenue. I have a binary...
  16. C

    RE: Expressing Application.onTime("00:00:10") as a variable...

    RE: Expressing Application.onTime("00:00:10") as a variable... I just want to be able to vary the time to display a MsgBox using a variable from a cell value on a sheet using Application.onTime("h:m:s"), where h, m and t are variables In the title, a variable evaluates to 10 seconds. Would...
  17. B

    shortcut for changing formulas?

    Hello, Experts. Novice here. Seeking advice. I have a workbookcontaining many spreadsheets pertaining to data pulled from many locations/sites. This data is sorted by site as well as by the manager responsible for the site. And each manager has several sites. Each spreadsheet shows each...
  18. A

    Variable within a variable

    I am setting up a Form in VBA. I have all of my variables and types set properly. The purpose is for units with unique numbers and varying counts. So item number 100 may be made up of 30 pieces. I can have multiple unique items per order. My form gets a total number of items, then asks for each...
  19. E

    DAX LOOKUPVALUE with IF/OR included?

    Hi Guys (and woman), I've been wandering on this forum for a bit now but cannot find the answer. I'm a bit of a newby when it comes to power bi/power pivot so I hope you can help me out (I'm using power pivot bytheway). What I would like to have is the following: I have a look up table with 4...
  20. N

    Grouping a pivot table by variable groups

    Hi, I am trying to come up with VBA code for a pivot table where by the row groupings change depending on the numbers in specific cells. For more context, I have a 70,000 row list of consumption amounts which i would like to be able to split depending on the way i have split some tables in a...

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