vb script

  1. H

    Make cells (in a range) mandatory if another cell(another column range) in row is filled

    Hi there, Your support is required. I need an error msg to prompt out and prevent user from saving the file if the particular cell is not fill in. Meaning if cell in the range C:C is filled up, Range H:H will have to be filled up before the user can save the file. Thanks!
  2. E

    Unkown Runtime error parsing excel files

    Good evening, I have the following VbScript code that reads multiple excel files and copies all the data and paste it to another workbook. I am getting an unkown runtime error on the .PasteSpecial please help. Error line highlighted in blue. Option Explicit Dim Excel, fso, strPathSrc, file...
  3. H

    Inserting rows with VBA too slow

    Hello, I'm using the current code to insert a row. Everything works but very slowly Is there any form of shortening this code and accelerating ? I wants to copy formulas and formatting from the front row during macro execution and add to the new inserted row Sub dodaj_dodaj_wiersz()...
  4. B

    How to skip email address that wont resolve

    I'm using a vb script to send mails . the recipient email address is picked from a column in excel, however sometimes there would be a wrong or empty email address that wont resolve and that would crash the script, how do I get it to skip to the next row if the email address is not resolving or...
  5. M

    vb script format row color based on cell multiple values

    Hi, I am new to this forum as for posting but I follow up on the posts for a long time. Currently I am working on a spreadsheet where I register deals opportunities, on column I i have a data Validation List of Lost, Won and Invoiced. What I am trying to do is to change the row color to Red...
  6. B

    How to display multiple line in message box

    I'm trying to get multiple lines in the same message box in VB script, I can get it to work in 2 different message boxes for now but would like it in a single box, my code is as below MsgBox "E-mails successfully sent :" & Counter, vbInformation MsgBox "Time taken: " & DateDiff("s", strtime...
  7. J

    Copying values in cell based on a number/identifier in excel

    Hello, I'm working on an excel file and need to copy several values from different cell in the same row to another sheet based on unique number/identifier. As you can see on the attached image several cells (not all) from the row with code 312 will go to sheet "for 312" and respectively for the...
  8. S

    vb help - adding data to next available line

    I am in need of some help with a piece of vb code to add data to the next available blank row on an existing excel sheet named "MB51" I need to browse for and then import data from an excel file (data is in columns A:N:) and then import all the data from that file into the first blank row on...
  9. S

    VB Script Help - Automatically run script on file activatation

    Hi, Need help modifying the below code. 1. I would like the script to run automatically when the file is opened. 2. Instead of browsing & selecting the file location, I need it to automatically use file location "Z:\DEPTS\SAP\SupplierRequirements" 3. When file is closed I data should be...
  10. K

    VB(or VBA?) to open excel and update font on chart labels from command line

    Hello, Total noob to VBA and Excel reporting. We have a set of Excel Reports generated through a combination of Java & VB Processes. The process generates reports based on an Excel Template file. Most of the formatting is controlled in the Excel file. Every week, based on the template file, a...
  11. P

    VBA to Add text and a picture on an image

    Hi, I am looking for excel VBA script where I can attach an image to an outlook mail and add text and picture on the image. Could any one help me out in this. Advance Thanks, Pranathi.
  12. S

    VB Userform Vlookup reference to form data

    Good Morning All, Can anyone provide some help? I have a userform where I want to capture data from drop down. When I submit I want to add the data to spreadsheet with additional information using vlookup based on what is submitted in form. This is what I got so far: erow =...
  13. S

    vb script help

    Need help with a vb script to import .xls data Data I need to import is in columns C, F, H , I...First record is always in row 8. I would like to import the data and put in on a new worksheet as such: Column A should be Column C data Column B should be Column F data Column C should be...
  14. V

    I want to compare the Sheet1 column A values with Sheet2 column B, if match then i want to put the Sheet1 Column A values in Sheet2 Column B.

    I want to compare the Sheet1 column A values with Sheet2 column B, if match then i want to put the Sheet1 Column A values in Sheet2 Column B. and column C should be popualted with 'True' So i have written the below code: Sub val() Dim sheet1_last_rec_cnt As Long Dim sheet2_last_rec_cnt As...
  15. B

    Cube functions in macro updated PowerPivot workbook

    Hi, I have a PowerPivot workbook stored on a shared location. I am updating this workbook, once every night, through task scheduler which runs a vb scipt to run a macro in the workbook. The macro is simply ActiveWorkbook.Model.Refresh. Everything works just fine, charts, pivottables etc are...
  16. A

    Excel 2011 MAC, need a vb script or formula for sorting aligning spread sheet!

    I have a spreadsheet that contains supplier lists, destinations, rates, segments, and codes (segments & codes are the same thing). I need to align the segments and codes that match. IF the code & segment match then they need to align with the cost and supplier for that destination, (which is...
  17. S

    VB Script for a time stamp

    Need help with a vb script to put a time stamp on excel sheet based off criteria being reached Cell C5 formula is =SUM($E$9:$E$60)/C1 This is a calculated field. It determines the % complete. I would like to put a 'time stamp' in Cell F6 when Cell C5 is > or = to 90%. However, if cell C5...
  18. S

    Automatically copy& paste special (value)

    Need help on vb script to automatically copy & paste the value from a calculated field into a new field. Cell C5 is a calculated field, formula is (=SUM($E$9:$E$60)/C1) This field is calculating % complete. Cell C6 is also a calculated field, formula is...
  19. A

    Add an Excel formula to an access query? Questions about a project.

    Hello, I have a large amount of data in an excel spreadsheet (over 22K in rows). I imported the spreadsheet into access as a table and made some queries, but the problem is that I'm not sure how to incorporate the much needed excel formulas into the queries to analyze the table. Here is one of...
  20. K

    How to find a text string in a PDF file and automatically print it. Please help

    Hello kind people :):):) I would love a VB code or something or some sort to help me with this problem, its a very important task for me. How can I find a certain text string in a PDF file (located in a certain drive) and either pull the text from the .pdf and put it in a cell, or...

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