vba 2003

  1. V

    Calling a function using variable name in VBA

    <tbody> Thanks in advance. I'm trying to call a function using a variable name. It's throwing the below error The macro 'testfunc' cannot be found. Resume without error I tried below 3 statements but all are throwing the same error. <code>sFuncName = "testfunc" ExtractData...
  2. L

    Open Excel Workbook from Excel and Access 2003-2010

    Hi All I have been trying various codes to open a selection of one Page workbooks (Graphs) from Both Access and other Workbooks. Access is being used mainly as login and navigation to reports. The below code is the best I have so far, but when opening form Access 2003 , I still get password...
  3. C

    Automating insert of rows at relative position and copy of data between worksheets

    <tbody> I am a martial arts instructor and I keep my attendance records in an Excel workbook. There is one worksheet for each of four schools, a Master and a Consolidated (as the students are allowed to train at more than one venue, so I need to have a record of their attendance at their...
  4. O

    VBA Copy/Paste Loop or Filter Copy/Paste? Wherever “A:A” value equals Cell “XX” value

    I am very new to VBA, been teaching myself and maybe asking something quite basic. I apologise if this is the case, but I haven't come across anything yet that I can tweek to my needs. Here's what I'm looking to do (I'm using specific cell references): For every instance where a cell in...
  5. S

    Vba code

    I need help for creating vba code in EXCEL 2003 for command button which will find cell in table range using column and row header with criteria which contain focused cell in list
  6. R

    Populate two form fields based on combo box selection

    Hi, First poster so please be kind. I will provide as much info as possible. I have a User Form in Excel 2003. On the form is a combo box called "cbclient" which draws its values from Column A of a worksheet called "ClientList". When a selection is made from this combo box, I would like two...
  7. T

    Newbie - Finding maximum in a variable range

    Hi guys, I am a newbie in excel and vba. Apology in advance if the question look so stupid. I have read through some of the post but I could not find the answer I want. I am now working on an excel spreadsheet which will automatically update every day so that one row will be added on the top...
  8. M

    Excel VBA Runtime Error 13 - Type Mismatch

    Hi all, I have a VBA script which is designed to conditional format certain cells based on another cells dropdown selection however every time i run it i get the runtime 13 error. Now i know the formula is a big one within this macro however i've been told this is the only way I can get excel...
  9. N

    VBA question

    Hey there! So I'm relatively new to VBA and I was wondering if there was a way to write a code that would see two columns, each with a date and a time in their respective column (ex. -> 6/7/2013 5:50:00), and determine the amount of hours that had passed between the two dates/times. It would...
  10. T

    XL2003 VBA: Replacing DIV/0 Error with String

    Hi, I have a sheet with rows of cells with values. In X column I have a formula that looks for the MIN value of these cells and displays it. The cells in the rows are populated from another sheet that grabs the data from a URL and some jiggery pokery through VBA. The row cells show the...
  11. N

    Copy/Paste Range of Data from Multiple Workbooks/Worksheets to Master Workbook/Worksheets with Conditions

    Greetings, I've been searching and searching for a solution. I've been able some threads that address parts of what I need, but I'm such a VBA novice, I don't know how to put them all together. I'm hoping someone can help me create the code to get this done ... Excel 2003 Windows v8 --WHAT I...
  12. M

    VBA issues with .ColorIndex on graphs

    I have this chart maker that makes bar charts structured with multiple series (upwards of 100) and then colors in the bars based on other criterion. I'm not going to post the entirety of my code because it's just a snippet that seems not to work. By not work, it's not that there are bugs, it's...
  13. M

    Excel 2003 VBA no longer referencing

    I created a couple of functions in a separate module called "Functions" and one for Subprocedures named likewise, both located in the Personal workbook. I had a function called "ConvertCalDate" defined as a date. It worked perfectly fine and I was able to reference it in any of my workbooks...
  14. C

    replacing values

    In this project I need to replace the values of a random list for the values of those numbers in a positional list. every number must be replace for the place is found for the first time only, when the same number show up again will be replace for the next position I attach example images...
  15. W

    Macro Excel running very slow

    Hi All, I have an excel macro, which is running fast to begin with and then slows down. It is excel 2003 and the macro does as follows Refreshes 17 pivot tables. Then publishes data to .html - 64 sheets. Change parameters and publish 64 sheets again. All in all it publishes 640 sheets and...
  16. R

    IF macro VBA

    Hi, i want to make a macro with a if formula that takes a value and placed it on the right row every row got's a specific date. this is what i got so far: If Sheets("Data").Range("A2") = "1" Then Sheets("Numpay").Range("F312").Copy Sheets("3C").Select Range("D12").Select...
  17. R

    VBA to hide 3 columns hides all of them instead

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here so I hope you can help :) Here is the code I have so far: Sub Update() Columns("H:J").Select Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False Range("H7").Select Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("H7:H306"), Type:=xlFillDefault...
  18. P

    GetScrollBarInfo API don't work

    Hi all, Somebody has a running example of GetScrollBarInfo API ? With my code, I get no results and a dll error 87. I'm trying to know if the scrollbars (in my case, the horizontal scrollbar) are showed in the main access window. I use GetScrollBarInfo. There are 2 days I'm, searching info...
  19. Woffy

    Concatenating a variable range in VBA

    I have a macro which will return a list of text values in a column. The length of the list can vary according to the data to which the macro is applied. I want to concatenate the values, split by ", " (as the next step in the macro, rather than by hand). I understand how to do this if I know...
  20. I

    VBA xl2003- Edit Links, Change Source

    Hi, Iv'e searched the forum but unfortunatly can't find the answer, hoping someone can help. If in the current workbook I have a link to another workbook how can I have a marco to bring up the Edit>Links dialog box and then selects change source? To make life easier say I have the link is...

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