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  1. S

    VBA: Am I double-calling a Sub given nested If statements? Or other inefficiencies?

    Hello, I'm new to VBA and trying to make a custom Dashboard for a manager. Below lies my attempt at creating a data refresh and save macro that will be tied to a button on the "Dashboard" sheet. My main question is: Am I actually calling the RefreshData() sub twice in WriteData(), thereby...
  2. Chris_010101

    VBA Code Help

    Hello, I use the below code for my absence tracker which was kindly provided on here. I now need to change it, so instead of looking at current 12 month rolling period and previous 12 month rolling period, it looks at: Current 6 months Tab - All absence in the last 6 month rolling period from...
  3. Chris_010101

    VBA Code Change

    Hello, @Petertenthije kindly provided the below code for my absence tracker on 13 August 2022. On the "current 12 months" tab, is held all absences within the current 12 month rolling period. The code will then activate upon opening the workbook and move any rows with an absence start date of...
  4. L

    Macro formula to Replicate VBA Recording from one tab to all other tabs

    Hello Board, If anyone knows how to do the following that would be very helpful. I have a large excel with 100 different tabs which currently includes many hardcodes. Most of the tabs have the same structure which is helpful. I want to create a new tab where I can consolidate all similar...
  5. C

    VBA Help - Keep Format of Referenced Cells When Using "IF" Formula

    Hey all, I've scoured the forums and I cannot seem to find an answer to what I'm looking for. Right now, I have a workbook that contains multiple sheets. The first sheet has a drop down menu where you select a specific option. Then in the cell next to it, I have an IF formula that will...
  6. M

    VBA - Deleting all rows in data for all past dates

    Hi all, Need help with a macro Essentially we have a sheet of data, changes every day. Many columns but Column C contains the column of end dates. I want to filter the data, and then delete every row in the data where column c contains dates before today (the day we run the macro, so changing...
  7. A

    Add Row Above Date

    I am working on schedules and want to add blank rows to each schedule for any changes that need to be annotated. So I want to add 2 blank rows above any date that I find (except the first date because we're not scheduling for the past)). I have typed and retyped 5 or 6 different ways and I am...
  8. B

    Excel crashes when running this VBA

    I'm using Microsoft 365 for Business - Excel version 2107 I have a workbook with multiple tabs and have the code below that deletes worksheets that are not listed in the array. I run this code on a monthly basis to generate reports, and the code has worked without any problems in the past...
  9. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Create Conditional Formatting to Sheet

    Hello Everyone, I am stuck on a project that requires a sheet to get a refresh to the conditional formatting to a sheet. Whenever a user Adds Rows to a sheet or duplicates the sheet the conditional formatting seems to get messed up by duplicating rules and changing my ranges from being entire...
  10. X

    Macro runs in debug mode perfectly fine, but when i try to run it normally it errors out

    Hello all. The title basicly says it all. I have a macro which just adds sheets with a desired name. When i wrote the code i looked if it works as intended in debug mode. But as soon as i wanted to run the macro normally it errors out. the code that i run is as follows: Sub killast() With...
  11. X

    Vba to save as with path and file name

    What i ultimatly want to achive is that i save the active workbook under the name of the date today in the path i choose. I wrote a little code for that, that partly helped me. the code is as follows: Sub save() Dim location As String location = ThisWorkbook.Path ChDir location & "\History"...
  12. X

    Several VBA Userforms Questions including formulas in the Userform and uneditable textboxes.

    Ok. I am fairly new to the whole userform thing, but i find it really useful for what i want to do with it. But i still got several questions about it. 1. I have managed toget a fairly big userform to work and enter all those values in a table. But i figured out that when i use the userform to...
  13. X

    Vbe to search for selected cell value in another table

    The situation is as follows: I have a "main table" which is *full* of data. Im talkin abut 1500 entries. Then i have another table, which is for filtering. I have already figured out how to filter the table for what im looking at. But what i now need is a way to search for a selected value...
  14. N

    Dynamic range without 0 in VBA

    Hi everyone I need help with VBA. Thanks for your help in advance. I have summarized the topic below. I have a data of 37 lines. I want to take this data into a table on another page, but I want the value 0 not to appear in the table when retrieving the data. The values in the data are...
  15. B

    Copy Data to Running List on Another Worksheet - Need to add sheet name from selected Range

    Hello everyone, I have some vba I use on a workbook with multiple tabs. The code copies a selected range from a tab (the range will be a single row - columns A - H) each time it's selected and pastes the selected range to the next available row on the sheet named "List". 2 Questions: 1) I...
  16. H


    I have a sheet (sheet 1) that I will be putting a 3 digit number in one tab that will calculate in 2 other cells I want to run a macro that will read the row number and read the cell A, C, E and then go into the other sheet (sheet 2) and find those numbers that are in cell a and insert the...
  17. V

    VBA code to add blank row when change in data occurs in specific columns

    Hello, Sorry if this post has already been written before but I am very new to Macros and am having trouble finding a code that works the way I would like it. So I have a payroll report that I run all the time and I ran a simple macro to get the formatting down to which columns I need but I am...
  18. B

    Excel crashing when running .Delete

    I'm on Microsoft 365 for business with Excel version 2006 (Build 13001.20266) Excel is crashing when I run code with .Delete. Any idea how to get around this? I have some code that deletes sheets not listed in an array. This Example 1 code has worked fine in the past but started crashing excel...
  19. T

    VBA code to loop and extract data

    I have another sheet were a user selects a name. Is it possible to have a macro loop through the data and return the event type listed below the employee along with the date. This is just a snippet of the data. An employee will have multiple event types. I'm not sure if this is even possible...
  20. S

    Returning common substrings

    Hi everyone, First off, LOVE this forum. Has helped me a lot before. I am however feeling stuck this time around and haven't really found a good solution. I have a lot of rows with various product names, what I want to do is to go through the names and return some of the substrings in order to...

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