vba loop

  1. Z

    VBA Loop Cells.Replace Multiple Characters (Case Sensitive)

    Hello, I'm currently using the following code to remove accent characters from a Worksheet: Sub RemoveAccents() 'Replace Lowercase Cells.Replace What:="á", Replacement:="a" Cells.Replace What:="é", Replacement:="e" Cells.Replace What:="í", Replacement:="i" Cells.Replace...
  2. S

    Help with loops to create pivot tables and arrange graphs in different orders

    Hello, i'm looking for help with creating a loop for creating pivot tables and also some help in defining how graphs are arranged. The workbook i have works ok, however i am manually creating a pivot table for each Toy category in the data table. When more Toy categories are added i would like...
  3. I

    VBA Loop to go through all sheets. Then Copy a range and Paste it to Main sheet

    Hi Good People. I have an excel workbook with 5 different work sheets. First work sheet is the Master sheet and others are customer data sheets . I want a VBA loop to go through all 4 customer data sheets >> then copy a specific range in each individual sheets >> paste it to master sheet...
  4. J

    Loop Application.GetOpenFilename on MultiSelect:=True

    Hello VBA Guru's, I need help with my current code. I have a code that takes the file using Application.GetOpenFilename function. My code is working accordingly, But now I want to be able to pick multiple files using Application.GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:="Excel Files,*.xl*;*.xm*"...
  5. D

    VBA Loop to create Excel Sheet, save excel sheet to specific folder on computer and generate Outlook 365 Email with attached excel sheet.

    Hi All I am hoping you can assist in how i would be able to writeup a VBA macro code that can resolve the below issue. Summary: Looking to create a VBA macro that can check the vins in the attached sample excel sheet “MOND94 – BUGS CERT -Checklist” where it will identify each row through a VBA...
  6. Z

    Vba Code if info in cell go to the next one and write something loop

    Hello all, I have managed to arrange a report with multiple changing data. After i set a filter on column L on N/A(items not captured in the original formula) i need to check for comments in column K, if there is a comment(some cells are blank), i usually have one out of 3 names there, so it...
  7. R

    Skipping rows in loop

    I have a macro that renames files based on the contents of two ranges. i.e 'Column A' contains the original name and 'Column E' will be the new name. When I run the macro it crashes if I haven't renamed an item in the 'Column E'. Is there a way to skip a cell if it is the same in both ranges...
  8. R

    Stop macro with loop then resume

    Hi all, I have a macro that I am running to pull a series of data into excel from an internet based API, which is then dumped into my database for further use. The challenge I am facing is that pulling the data takes a few seconds, and I need to stop the macro between changing the date and...
  9. W


    I have a spreadsheet that I need to sum column L, if column J data is consecutive. If the reference is consecutive, they were most likely on the same order and I need to know the total of the order to compare to another spreadsheet. It would be nice if it went from A2 to the last column, but I...
  10. V

    VBA for looping GoalSeek based on If Then

    Hi Have been learning VBA for ~24 hrs, so apologies what may be a straightforward question, but I am trying to write a code for the following: I have the following rows of data in my sheet: Row 21 in my sheet is a row of binary flag that either equals 1 or 0 Row 35 is a row of input values...
  11. T

    Moving multiple records between worksheets

    I'm using the below to add data from a holding sheet(sheet2) to sheet1.The first record moves as planned. I need to run through all the records in sheet2 (not always the same number of rows) to sheet1. I've failed miserably with every "loop" "For...Next" etc. I've tried. I've only been able to...
  12. M

    Looping through a Column on One Sheet and Posting to Specific Cells on a Second Sheet

    I will try to simplify this problem so that maybe someone can provide an efficient solution. I am dealing with an accounting application that I created in Excel, and I cannot seem to get the data in the format that I need. The attached workbook is a simplified version of the application...
  13. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Copy data from One Sheet to Another as a Loop - Excel 2016

    Hello, I am working on a project that will be looking at a datasource and trying to match up Model ID's onto another sheet in the same workbook and then copying over the Model Name if it finds the value. If not, it will look to the lastrow of the 2nd sheet and add the New Model ID and Model...
  14. P

    VBA Loop through named Ranges - Copy paste as values one after the other

    I have a workbook with several sheets that I have specified ranges for starting in A3 (same on every sheet) through column Q (row count varies). I have a sheet in the workbook that has all of the named ranges listed out in column A. I would like to write a macro that will look on sheets "Ranges"...
  15. H

    Looping an existing sub

    Hey everyone. I used a youtube video to modify a sub to help me track sent packages. It works perfectly for the first tracking number. However, I'm a little confused as to how to make the sub loop correctly down the "A" column to show results in the "C" and "D" columns. In the actual file, I...
  16. J

    Multiple Variable For Loop

    Hello, I've written thefollowing code to look at each cell in column C of Sheet2 that equals each cellin column C of Sheet1. Sheet1 values will show up multiple times in Sheet2, soI want it to loop until either there aren't any instances of the values matchingand column G being blank, or it...
  17. B

    extracting letters from words with variable length and adding a string to the extracted letters

    for example: can a word in a cell "star" be extracted into another cell as "s.mp3,t.mp3,a.mp3,r.mp3"? the words can be a of varied length .. the final output can be concatenated .. but the issue is that the words can be of any length .. example - "ant" or "butterfly" or "enlightenment" .. i...
  18. Spotycus

    Help with a VBA Loop with Nested If statement

    Hello, I have a very large excel sheet that uses a lot of VLookups Nested inside of If Statements and the calculation speed is horrible. Can someone help provide me a better way via VBA to accomplish the same goal? I recorded a Macro and added the formulas that are currently in the excel...
  19. B

    For Loop keep resetting itself after 58 iterations

    Hi I am having a problem i have never seen before and cannot work out why. I've searched for an answer but i've had no luck. I have a table of data 57 columns wide. Columns 1 to 8 contain information such as name and date etc. Columns 9 to 57 show "production" numbers; each column represents a...
  20. E

    Loop with two statements

    Hello everyone! I have got a excel file that looks the one below: Now I need a loop that check each cell in Column "H", if there is two cells in column "H" that matches each other (in this case Cell 1 and Cell 6). Check in Column "i" if there is any data in any of these cells, remove the cell...

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