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  1. H

    Comparing Data from multiple spread-sheets and fish out wanted data into a separate spread-sheet organized per tab

    I have multiple tabs of data (named AB, BC, CD, EF, FG, GH, HI, IJ, JK, KL, LM, MN, NO, OP, PQ, QR, RS, ST, TU, UV, VW, WX, XY, YZ, Z00, Z01, Z02, Z03) in my "critical numbers spread-sheet" with wanted numbers per application identified in each tab but columns and rows are inconsistent. I have...
  2. S

    How to Copy Brand Name From Amazon Website.

    I'm a seller on Amazon. I get a list of top selling products weekly (webpage link). I want to get brand name of that product from amazon. Currently I Have to Do it Manually For Each and Every Product. Screenshot is attachment for reference purpose. Sample Link : Ikea Adde Chair White...
  3. H

    summarizing data from multiple tabs in Excel

    I have 28 tabs of data (named AB, BC, CD, EF, FG, GH, HI, IJ, JK, KL, LM, MN, NO, OP, PQ, QR, RS, ST, TU, UV, VW, WX, XY, YZ, Z00, Z01, Z02, Z03) in my spread-sheet with varying data (columns and rows are inconsistent) in each tab. I need a summary tab with count of each column per tab(only...
  4. A

    Combine select data from multiple sheets into one worksheet, possibly using VLOOKUP

    I've been having some trouble creating a consolidated orders list from multiple vendors into one masters orders list. I receive files from various vendors which means the data is not set up in the same order or even with the same headers. I need to create a master order list with the following...
  5. J

    VBA help - Code to update excel links when file path changes

    Hi all, I am really struggling to find an answer to my question so hoping someone here might be able to help. I have a set of Excel documents set up as a template for new jobs each time a new job comes in. When we get a new one in I copy and paste the "template" file and rename it as the new...
  6. 5

    Countifs code with a date range

    Hi All, I would like to run the below code four times with four different date ranges, 1. This month, 2. Last month, 3. Last quarter, 4. Previous quarter (the quarter prior to last quarter). I would like them NOT static, but rolling forward with time if possible, cheers. Private Sub...
  7. E

    VBA or Formula to create Master Sheet

    Hello, I have a workbook with 120 tabs. Each tab has a different different name, but each tab has values in cells w12, x12, y12, z12, aa12 that i would like to get. Essentially I am trying to create a summary sheet that has the sheet names in column A and then the corresponding values. it...
  8. J

    Update columns with summation based on criteria in multiple sheets

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is possible and I have limited knowledge of macros. Here is what I want to achieve: I have a Summary Sheet with a list of names and ID numbers vertically and each month of the year horizontally as columns - e.g Jul 2019, Aug 2019, and so on. I will then have a tab...
  9. R

    Unable to paste cell value in input box while triggering VBA script

    Hi All,:) I'm having a vba script wherein a pdf is being generated by providing account number through input box. I'm coping a cell value (account number), triggering the vba script through keyboard shortcut, a input box appear and now I'm supposed to paste that copied cell value into input...
  10. A

    string move from down cell to up beside exiting cell sting without change

    Hi All string move from down cell to up beside exiting cell sting without change <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 23624718, 23624719, 23624720, 23624721, 23624722, I need like thsi </tbody> <tbody> 23624718,23624719,23624720,23624721,23624722 Thank you All </tbody>
  11. F

    [VBA] How could I split data into multiple sheets by specific row number?

    Hi guys, I just got a bunch of data in the same column. For the row number below, those are not necessary for my further action. <tbody> 2 17 50 83 122 159 189 217 234 267 306 343 376 411 427 461 495 535 573 605 635 653 687 728 766 800...
  12. C

    Perform Lookup across the tabs using VBA

    I am facing an issue and don't know where to start from what i am going talk about consist of 4 worksheets. Sheet1 consist of following data Sheet2 consist of following data Sheet3 consist of following data And finally the Output sheet should look like I want to achieve this output...
  13. J

    Update column in worksheet based on criteria with data from another worksheet

    Hi there, I'd like help creating a macro that allows me to essentially copy and paste information from one worksheet to another based on criteria that will save a great amount of time were it done manually. In the main worksheet I have a column labelled 'Reference' and a column labelled...
  14. R

    VBA code for copying columns from one worksheet to another when source file is keeps changing

    I have to copy column A, C and D from source file (sheet name"Input") to column A,B and C in destination file (sheet "sections"). But the source file name keeps changing every time new data is recorded. Can i use workbooks(1) and workbooks(2) instead of specifying workbook name if these are the...
  15. C

    Display message based on cell value

    Hello - My worksheet has a set up in which users essentially put a value in column A, a value in column B, and then Column C = B-A. Each time a new value is calculated in column C, I want a message box to pop up - I need to it give one message if the value is < 8.0, and another message if the...
  16. D

    VBA - Save file - rename and move original file

    Hi All I am looking to see if you check and move an old file andrename it before overwriting it with the current file (archiving past reports whilemaintaining short cuts for those who need it). Save strings/path I can set upto a cell reference. I need help with looking for and moving old files...
  17. R

    Hide Another Workbook Worksheet

    Hello Everyone In A1 i have a path d\temp\action.xlsm Action.xlsm Workbook has a worksheet by the name of secret Right now in current open active workbook.. name sample.xlsm. i have a button. I want if i click on that button action.xslm worksheet would be hide. In simple i want to hide...
  18. A

    VBA MACRO TO Keep duplicates BASED ON CONDITION (Remove duplicate if the duplicate count of a particular id is greater 12 times

    In a sheet some 6000 rows are there. Id's are repetitive with different dates. I just want that macro will check the no. of repetition of each id and if the repetition is more than 12 times then it should delete the oldest date. (It means 12 times repetition is fine. If an id is repeated 13...
  19. J

    " Drop Down Lists in one worksheet - adding separate macros to each

    Hi there, I know very little about VBA, only starting using it this week by copying from Google, so my understanding of it is very small. I've been searching the net for a solution to my problem, however given my lack of understanding of VBA, have not been able to decipher solutions on Google...
  20. R

    Macro to paste contents to bottom of a growing list

    I want to copy the contents of cell A5 to the bottom of a list that begins at D10 of the same sheet and goes down that column as new values are added to the list. For example, if the list now extends to D18, I'd like the value currently in A5 to be pasted to cell D19. At a subsequent time I'll...

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