1. W

    VBA and Headache...

    Oh the headache this is causing... I am sure there is a geniously simple solution to this, but neither me (or google) have discovered it yet. (Google just doesn't understand the question I am asking it seems ) Here is the case: We are a bunch of people using an Excel macro file stored on a...
  2. J

    How many versions would you say is enough

    Hi, I was wondering if you would have any advice when it comes to save a new version of your workings. Lately, i have found myself saving a version after another making my folder looks very untidy. What would you advice to keep your versions nice and tidy? When do you decide a new version is...
  3. Richard Schollar

    Save Workspace

    I realise I am a little out of date Excel-wise as I have spent the last year and a half on Excel 2010 and found the Save Workspace feature incredibly useful (this after **** near 20 years of never having touched it before). As far as I can see it has been removed in later versions (I'm now...
  4. Q

    Comparing multiple versions of the same workbook and display results - advice

    We have a workbook with column A1:A100 containing different company names. B1:AA1 contains multiple products and services. Each company has the relevant data (versions, dates) filled in about each product or service. This could be in the form of a a number, text or date formatted cell...
  5. O

    Too many formulas, need a VBA solution for COUNTIFS

    I have a data feed that contains roughly 3500 rows. Columns are servername, OS, and multiple columns of software names. The data contains the version of software installed on each server. For example as below: <tbody> Servername OS Software1 Software2 Software3 server1 Windows Server 2008...
  6. baitmaster

    file corrupting when saved

    I have a large and complex file currently open and working. I've been saving regular versions v1.1, 1.2 etc throughout the day. When I attempt to reopen any of these I'm getting the error "we found a problem with some content in ..blah blah.. do you want to repair?". The repair tool doesn't work...
  7. J

    search multiple version of the same value

    I have a spread sheet that through out time (since 2002) people have entered part numbers into. i can do a count if function based on each different value. however, i want to be able to search for all versions at once. an example is one part number could be AD1234-cust and its entered that way...
  8. J

    2 versions of access installed

    Have 2 versions of Access installed on my computer. One of them is not working probably. Have created to open an access database. Unfortunately, it opens it with the access application that does not work. How can I setup that it opens with the access application that work. (It is not...
  9. A

    VBA to find the last occurrence of a word and select that word

    I am trying to use the Find function to find the last location that a word is used in column A. Below is my current code. I have tried various other versions and methods, but cannot seem to figure this out. Sub Find() Range("a10000").End(xlUp).Select Range("a:a").Find("Count").Select End...
  10. E

    Set Cell Colour without using Conditional Formatting

    I have been trying to use Conditional Formatting to colour cell and a Forum participant has helped me sort that out, now i have another issue, in that apparently the latest versions of Excel, and perhaps versions will not allow you to Record a Macro which uses Conditional Formatting...... so is...
  11. D

    Comparing two sets of two column and pull a value

    I have two sets of two columns, in column A I have an ID and in column B I have a version. I pulled another set of IDs and versions, column D has the ID and column E has the version. I need to compare these two sets of lists. I have to match up the IDs from A and D and then pull the...
  12. J

    Print Macro for multiple excel versions

    some years ago I put together a workbook that had a print macro/button. at the time we had computers running different versions of excel, and i had to account for both versions to make the print macro work. I am about to put out a workbook with a print button / macro to a group of people who...
  13. C


    This property issue when in use with Excel 2013/2016 has been discussed many times but there does not appear to be apublicised solution to the screen flicker that now occurs in these versions as opposed to Excel 2010. I am wondering how all those macros developed with Excel 2010 (or earlier)...
  14. K

    VBA/Macro to select specific worksheets and save them as separate files

    Hello - I have file that is saved as binary .xlsb and have several tabs. I need to be able to select just a few of the worksheets(tabs) and save them as separate versions. Anyone out there with a code that can assist? Thanks!
  15. T

    Connection string for all versions

    With regard to ADO, to guarantee it to work for all versions of Excel, late binding is used. However as for the following code, would it work for all versions of Excel? From my knowledge, there was something called Microsoft.Jet. strcon = "Provider = Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;" & _...
  16. F

    Problem at newer versions of excel

    I am facing a very weird problem. I have created a .xlsx file at excel 2007 and when I am trying to open it at newer versions of excel (tried 2010 and 2016) I get message that file is corrupted and repair removes much of my work in the file (conditional format formulas at half of sheets). The...
  17. J

    Delete previous versions of an excel

    I have some excels that are showing previous versions. Can these be deleted? Also, if I send those excels to another user, can they see the previous versions? I have search for anything explaining these versions but the info is not clear. Thanks in advance, Justin
  18. J

    Flag versions that are equal

    In my spreadsheet, column B contains part codes that repeat per how many versions I have. Column D contains the version. We have acquired a ton of duplicates and I would like to flag them in column E. Below is the result I am aiming for. Basically, if any of the versions are duplicate, flag...
  19. V

    Compare two versions of same workbook and see the difference in same format

    Hi I am trying to compare two versions of same workbook and I also found VBA that is showing cell wise differences of the sheets but it is giving in difference format. How can i see the differences between 2 versions of same workbook in same format. I mean same look like original workbooks...
  20. S

    Macros in Different versions of Excel

    Hello, I use multiple systems in my office, some of them have 2007, some have 2010, some with 2013 and one with 2016 Excel. I tried to find the Developer tab in all but i could find in 2010 and 2016 only. Second, I could find personal. xlsb file in 2016 only not in any other version. Could...

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