visible cells only

  1. P

    Select visible column data after AutoFilter

    I am using Excel 2010. How does one select the data in a column after it has been filtered with the help of AutoFilter? I would like to select the visible cells in Column F because the records that are filtered have to be in Blue Font and Bold. I have 30 odd columns and 412 rows of data and I...
  2. C

    Large document calculations

    I have a document with over 21,000 lines. The spreatsheet is totaling orders over the past year: each orange order amount and total charge is a hidden line and only the totals are visable, there could be 876 orders for oranges so when I copy and paste, all 876 lines plus the total (line I want)...
  3. F

    Copy and Paste Filtered lists - Visible cells only

    I maintain an add-in with handy macros that we use at work. I would like to add one for copy and pasting filtered lists on the same sheet, e.g. a filtered list in a2:c9 should be copied to g2:i9. Only visible cells should be copied. I know this can be accomplished by: 1: selecting the ‘paste-to’...
  4. S

    Expanding only visible groups

    I have a very large spreadsheet with several groups of rows. The level 1 row in each group contains location data for a cable. The level 2 children rows contain details for that cable. When I filter the spreadsheet based on a location, all of the cables that have that location are visible but...
  5. D

    Paste to visible cells only (without VBA or VLOOKUP)?

    Hi All, I've been trying to solve a long-standing bug bear that's got me stumped. To give an example: > In WorkbookA, A1 = "Customer A", B1 = 1000; A2 = "Customer B", B2 = 0; A3 = "Customer C", B3 = 500. Row 2 is hidden. > In WorkbookB, I have A1 = "Customer A", B1 = 1000; A2 = "Customer C"...
  6. H

    Copy and Paste Visible cells only top 10 filtered range

    Hi All, I need below requirement in order to complete my one macro. Let me explain in details with an example. I have data with lots of columns assume A to F. I would like to sort with total (Decending order) and if 'Zero' comes in any top 10 cells and then that row should not reflect for...
  7. T

    VBA Cycle a Value in a single specific Cell

    Hi All, New to this forum and to macros so bear with me... I am creating datasheets from a spread sheet, i already have a macro/vlookup combination set up so where i input a TAG into cell "AH2" it populates a number of datasheets and i can click a button that runs a macro to print out all...
  8. D

    VBA Loop Visible Cells Column, Copy left 7 digits

    Hi, I'm pretty new to VBA and desperately need help! I have to loop through a column of data, select only the visible cells in that column, extract the left seven characters then paste them into an external workbook I've already created. This data will be pasted on sheet2 of the external...
  9. Y

    Paste to Visible Cells only NOT WORKING

    My goal is to get all numbers that are negative in my A column to be positive. I filter column A to show only records with negative numbers (there are now hidden cells) (simple example, A2=-1 , A3=2, A4=-3, filter so I can now only see A2 and A4). I insert a column (B) and do "=abs(A1)" and...
  10. E

    Summing with Multiple Criteria --> Sum Changes with Filter

    I'm trying to find the visible sum of the QUANTITY of GOOD units that aren't DISPOSED yet. If I decide to filter any of the other columns, I want the sum to change accordingly since I'm looking for the visible sum. Range I want to sum: QUANTITY A2:A1000 Criteria: CONDITION & DISPOSAL DATE...
  11. S

    Automatically Updating Formulas

    I am trying to insert a string of formulas on a separate sheet from my data, ie standard deviation, median, mode, etc. I am trying to get the sheet of formulas (sheet 2) to update automatically given the data that is selected on sheet 1. Sheet 1 is filtered by categories allowing the user to...
  12. A

    Cut and paste only visible cells in filtered area

    I have a data of a large no. of rows with 5 columns. The last 2 columns are district and state. As it is an imported data, in some rows the data has shifted a column, i.e. the name of state is being shown in district column and name of district is being shown in the column to its left. I tried...
  13. N

    macro to transfer visible range from autofilter to array

    I have the code below to transfer the visible cells from a range in excel into an array. In this case, the non-filtered range is a11:a19. Applying the auto-filter, the visible rows become rows 11,12 and 14. However, running the macro below the textbox results include only the text in cells a11...
  14. already

    count visible cells only

    Hi I have a range that returns (lookup) data (text). I want to count only the cells that returns visible text in this range and not the cells with formulas. (the range is not filtered !) How can I do this? Thanks in advance Kind regards Al
  15. L

    Hiding rows and columns for copying

    I have a sheet with data, where I want to copy only visible cells to an new sheet. There are already hidden rows (through filtering), but I need to hide additional rows, as well as the columns I don't need. The reason I paste as picture is that I want the copied cells to look exactly like in...
  16. 9tanstaafl9

    Select the VISIBLE row above the selected cell?

    Hi all. I want to select the VISIBLE ROW above the currently selected cell. How do I do that? There are a variable number of hidden rows in between. I tried the macro recorder, but it was no use in this instance. Is there a sneaky way to do this? Actually, I know there is, I'm pretty sure...
  17. T

    Copying Subtotals to another column

    I have a huge 2007 worksheet that I have added subtotals to. I now want to copy the subtotal total line to another column. Basically when I am on level 2 of the subtotal line I want to see totals for column X and column Y on one line. I have tried to use the (F5) Visible Cells only feature and...

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