vlookup and if

  1. V

    Vlookup with and or if

    Hi, i am am trying to create a self populating document, but am struggling with a couple of lookups, I have about 4 different documents with around 20 tabs of info on each and tens of thousands of lines of data. main issue I have is trying to get a vlookup to find two different cell values and...
  2. E

    Help for formula to find Top 3 value in excel

    Dear Experts, I am facing problem to make summary sheet of top 3 value from large number of value of my excel sheet like- Sheet1 <tbody> Group Name Value 1 Nashid 200145 2 Kashem 188516 1 Jabed 184198 2 Rubel 172569 3 Romel 168251 1 Eman 156622 2 Hasin 152304 3 Nasim 136357...
  3. 1

    HELP!!! Vlookup and IF statement

    I have an issue that I cannot figure out. hopefully this description makes sense: This isnt working =IF(VLOOKUP(A2,[Sheet2.xlsx]Sheet1!$A:$C,3,0)>0,VLOOKUP(A2,[Sheet2.xlsx]Sheet1!$A:$C,3,0),vlookp(A2,[Sheet2.xlsx]Sheet1!$A:$B,2,0)) Sheet 1 <TBODY> ID Task 001 Task 002 x001 Expected...
  4. M

    Combine "IF" with "VLOOKUP"

    I currently have the following formula in cell (DH3) "=IFERROR(IF(DG3>0,CA3),"")" It is checking to see if a cell (DG3) has a price in it greater than 0. If it does then it produces the date that the price was produced from cell CA3. I would like for this cell to check a list of dates and if...
  5. cvincent

    How to INDEX and MATCH to return value from another table (Excel 2007)

    I need some assistance please with a table lookup, wherein I need to lookup the value in column 1, and the value in column 5, and find the match in another table. I think this would be an INDEX and/or MATCH, but I can't seem to get it to work. Any assistance would be much appreciated...
  6. A

    Find if have "gift set" in description, then put in the category "gift sets"

    Hye...i newbie here and really need helps from all the Guru here... i want to FIND in the description if have words GIFT SET in any place, then if have, then there go to category GIFT SETS..if no words gift set, then let it empty. i do this manually but i have 6000++ data and please,help me =D...
  7. J

    VLOOKUP for multiple strings help

    HelloEveryone,<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Need some help on something I've been working on and can’t seem to find a solution:<o:p></o:p> I'mtrying to extract owner name and address data for about 200 names from a sourcespreadsheet of ~200,000 names and addresses, imported from a comma-delimited...
  8. H

    vlookup from either of 2 worksheets

    My INPUT data is in 2 worksheets. Sheet1 & Sheet2. Output is Sheet3. In Sheet3, I want to perform vlookup & get data of Sheet1 IF EXISTING else data of Sheet2. Ex; Sheet1: A1=#N/A Sheet2: G1=500 Sheet3: B1=500 How to achieve?
  9. A

    Conditonal VLookup or IF function?

    Hi guys, Im pretty new to the whole vlookup functions of excel, so what im asking may not be achievable with that function in particular but its what i think is most accurate. I have a spreadsheet which i need to get data with a certain criteria off and onto another spreadsheet. A simplified...
  10. C

    Need Help using Vlookup and If together across multiple worksheets

    I have a new project at work that requires me to pull a 10 digit project code (alpha and numeric) from about 10 client worksheets (all worksheets are in the same format and code is found in Column C)and see if they match the project code listed in a system report (system report is in a different...
  11. A

    compare two sheets, with VBA

    hi, i am having two sheets in my excel, first sheet named sales, the other one named sent, in sheet sales i have all my data, column "B" is the Sku, and column "H" is qty. in sheet sent, there is a report what i get every morning from Qty that got changed, So i have there in column "A" the Sku...
  12. H

    If vlookup does not MATCH then ONLY get the column value

    I am having 2 workbook. I want to vlokkup / extract the relevant column values if Lookup_value DOES NOT MATCH. Ex: Workbook1 A1=PPP-00099 Workbook2 C1=PPP-00088 E1=786 In F1 (of Workbook2), answer would be 786 since C1 DOES NOT MATCH with A1. If matched, answer required="" (null). How to...
  13. J

    Using =IF(ISNA function with vlookup

    I am trying to use the =IF(ISNA function with vlookup to put the COST from sheet two on to sheet one based on the MFg#. As you can see Sheet two does not contain Mfg# 33331. My function does return a 0, but the My question is why does it return a 0 for the rows below it when in fact those Mfg#...
  14. S

    Extracting subdate for a group for every record separately

    Hello, This has been a problem for me for a while but so far I've managed to deal with it manually. I've a got the following table: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> COLUMN A COLUMN B Planned Delivery Date : 01-08-2012 x1 y1 Planned Delivery...
  15. S

    Help with Vlookup with nested if OR

    Please help, I need a vlookup up that if its one of 2 department numbers to look up by ID else lookup by department number. My attempt below. =IF(OR(B2=7,B2=9),VLOOKUP(Sheet1!A2,LOOKUP!$D$2:$E$9,2,VLOOKUP(Sheet1!B2,LOOKUP!$A$2:$B$10,2,0))) thank you for your help, Sharon
  16. J

    Need help with Excel formula to find a group of data and return a value in that data set.

    I have a fairly large spreadsheet with about 5,000 lines and 100+ columns. I've taken a small piece of it and posted below to give you the layout of the spreadsheet. Row 2 is a number assigned to each month over the next 10 years. What I'm trying to do is write a formula that will look...
  17. M

    Dynamic Vlookup

    Hello all, I am new to VBA and really trying to improve. I tried looking a solution up, but couldn't really find what I need. Can anyone help me? or have an idea would be great! I really appreciate it! I can't attach the xls, but here is how its presented: Column A has the daily dates, column D...
  18. K

    how to calculate prices

    Hello all I have an excel doc with a few fields already given for the prices of fuel on particular days. I need to generate a formula that will produce the fuel price for a particular transaction based on the type of fuel and the particular date.The prices change each week and there are three...
  19. A

    Creating a VLookUp Function in VBA

    Hi all, First time poster here, so please let me know If I'm leaving anything out. Im trying to write a code in vba in Excel 2010 that would incorporate the vlookup function in excel. My Data Looks like this: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 384pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0...
  20. J

    vlookup - Matching two cells?

    Is it possible to do the following? Worksheet1!A2 holds a text value Worksheet1!B2 holds a text value Worksheet2!D2 holds a text value Worksheet2!C2 holds a text value Is it possible to use vlookup to find a match for Worksheet1!B2 in Worksheet2!C2 where the combination of Worksheet1!A2...

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